Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan on Statements of Yasir Qadhi

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Ever-Merciful…

Previously, we have highlighted the goal of Yasir Qadhi to replace the role of the scholars of Islaam in the lives of Muslims in the West with a band of entertainers called Almaghrib Institute. [See this.]

This bitter reality hit many of Almaghrib Institute’s supporters and sympathizers quite hard. While many have been turning in their “qabeelah” memberships, others remain loyal to this organization, despite the obvious direction taken by Yasir Qadhi and his associates to cut them off from Islaam’s scholars. After many years of gradual indoctrination, victims of this exclusive brand of hizbiyyah (partisanship) will not find it easy to step away, except for those whom Allaah blesses with guidance and stability.

Recently, the great senior scholar, Shaykh Saalih ibn Fowzaan al-Fowzaan (may Allaah preserve him) was asked about the words of Yasir Qadhi:

Virtuous shaykh -may Allaah give you success- there is a questioner from America who asks: There is a person in America who always says that the scholars in this land do not know the situation of the Muslims in America. Accordingly, we do not accept their verdicts. He repeats this often. What is your advice about this and what instructions do you offer?

His profound and insightful reply confirms the correctness of what Ahlus-Sunnah in the West have been saying about Yasir Qadhi for years! He replied:

They (the scholars) possess the knowledge that Allaah sent down, and they give verdicts about halaal and haraam, the halaal and the haraam in America and elsewhere, everywhere on earth. Haraam matters are impermissible in every place, and halaal matters are permissible in every place.

A scholar gives verdicts to anyone in the world, with beneficial knowledge.

This is takh-theel (leading people into forsaking the scholars). The one who says this kind of speech is leading the people into forsaking (the scholars). He wants to separate you from your scholars! Yes! So do not accept this speech from him.

Source: A question posed to the shaykh after his “Eghaathat al-Lahfaan” lesson on 1434-04-28. [Arabic audio file here]

For those who do not know: This is exactly what Yasir Qadhi teaches. [proof]

With these abundantly clear words coming from a major scholar of the Muslim Ummah like Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan (may Allaah preserve him), we pray that our brothers and sisters in Islaam who have been caught up in the AlMaghrib Institute trap can face the reality of what they have been involved in. We pray they will seek Allaah’s Assistance and remove themselves from harm’s way before the deal is sealed and they end up pinched off entirely from the scholars, and as a result, from the rest of the Ummah, and from the Islamic knowledge that they claim to seek after as well.

May Allaah save us and our brothers and sisters in Islaam from the schemes of Shaytaan and his allies. And Allaah knows best.

May Allaah raise the rank of our Messenger Muhammad and grant him and his family and Companions peace.

Written by: Moosaa Richardson

[More to come on this topic, in shaa’ Allaah…]

81 thoughts on “Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan on Statements of Yasir Qadhi

  1. I agree with Sheikh Yasir Qadhi. A scholar in Saudi Arabia who has never traveled to the west or lived among the people can in no way understand the needs of detailed problems in the west. A scholar may be able to say “halal – haraam” but sitting under a air conditioner giving a fatawa to address western problems, I do not see the practicality of this.

      • SubhanAllah how sad is dawoods comment. This is an example of a person who has been afflicted with the al magrib disease. Yasir qadhi does not call his students to the ulamah nor does he encourage them to attatch himself with them. If anything the ulamah are the ones who are most aware of people’s situations.
        People like yasir are better off left. Save yourselves as the salaf would not even listen to half a word of the people of desires.

      • Asalaamu alaykom w rahmatulahi w barakatu! Alhamdolilah for the guidance of Allah subhanahu w Taala. The problem with many of us today is submission to the truth and failing to realise that we are blind following. I am an ‘ex student’ of Almaghrib after several years of attending they never once taught me the priorities i.e aqeedah, the importance of WHO to seek knowledge from. All these celebrity shaykhs at almaghrib care about are their fans. They bring random topics and u go home confused after years still ignorant about who the scholars are and whats aqeedah. Reality is they become popular for the fact that they are celebrity shaykhs i.e u see their face in youtube and around the internet which They have no shame of doing. Please wake up almaghrib students and dont take so long to accept the truth as i did or u are just the spitting image if the ignorant at the time of the Prophet sall Allahu alayhi w sallam. When he spoke out, most people got angry and defensive. So my advise to Almaghrib students is whoever u seek knowledge from, do as Imam Bukhari did and learn who taught them their deen and what is their aqeedah coz end of day, the issue is not about the harshness of scholars and their student when they refute the people of bidah, the issue is an individuals aqeedah issues. So come back to Allah and surrender to Him alone, and the sunnah if His messenger and keep close to the scholars and their students. That is sufficient for u. If you inly knew. Asalaamu alaykom w tahmatullahi w barakatu

    • Jazaka Allahu Khair.

      For those still holding on, take in consideration the following points:

      1. There are many Quranic verses and ahadith about traveling to seek knowledge from the scholars. These apply throughout the ages “…and your Lord is never forgetful” (19:64). Why do these instructors discourage westerners from doing so?

      2. The scholars are inheritors of the Prophets and Allah commands us to ask the scholars when we don’t know. “…And your Lord is never forgetful” (19:64). Why do these instructors discourage westerners from doing so?

      3. These same instructors received their Islamic education in foreign lands. Why do these instructors discourage westerners from doing so?

      4. People would travel from different lands to visit the scholars and Imam of the past. This has been an Islamic tradition throughout the history of Islam. Why do these instructors discourage westerners from doing so?

      5. Could you imagine rejecting a fatwa from Imam Malik, ash-Shafi’ee or even the later scholars like al-Albaani or Ibn Baz because they “didn’t know the situation in the west”?! Well according to this understanding you would have had to.

      6. According to this perspective we should also publish new books on Fiqh, Aqeedah, Tafseer and all Islamic sciences as they need to be in with the times. As Imam Ahmad did not live in America, so we should not use his books of Fiqh. Ibn Khathir did not live in America, so we shouldn’t use his tafsir. Ibn Taymiyyah did not live in America, so we shouldn’t read his books in Aqeedah. May Allah protect us.

      7. Western academics and writers have acknowledged that the world is more interconnected than ever before. This is mainly due to technological advancement, mass media, tourism, etc, which makes it more like a “global village”. Thus, the argument that the scholar in the village wouldn’t know the situation in America is an exaggeration.

      8. The scholars are very clued up about what is taking place across the world, if you go to their offices or homes in Riyadh, Madinah etc. you’ll find them reading newspapers, listening to the radio etc. keeping up to date with what’s taking place across the world. While on the other hand, if you ask the average American or Brit about such issues they wouldn’t have a clue. So marginalizing the scholars in such a way is a pathetic and lame excuse to disconnect people from them.

      9. The instructors and Yasir Qadhi specifically commented on the Arab Springs and the Egyptian revolution. This is a complete contradiction to what they are calling towards. On the one hand, they say that the scholars in the Middle East shouldn’t be referred to in the West. But they have the audacity to dig their noses into matters of the Middle East.

      10. This in fact is the same call of Salman Awadh, Aidh Qarni and Safar al Hawali, who tried to disconnect the laymen from scholars like of Ibn Uthaymeen and Ibn Baz in the name of “Fiqh al-Waqee” or current affairs in the 90s.

      There are many other issues on this but time and space would not allow. Afwaan Akh Musa. Please amend where it’s necessary.

      The sad thing about all of this is, Yasir Qadhi hasn’t completed his transition. I fear that if he continues he’ll move towards interfaith relations and bringing together the different faiths, same sex marriages and other contemporary issues that Islam disapproves of. He may end us like Usama Hassan and others who walked down that road. May Allah protect us all.

      I hope this is sufficient to open up the eyes of the al Maghreb followers. I pray that Allah guides us all.
      Baraka Allahu feek.

      • Jazaak Allaahu khayran, Abaa Yusuf. May Allaah bless you for these beneficial comments and allow them to reach the hearts of our brothers and sisters being tested through Almaghrib Institute.

      • Asalamualaikum akhi,
        Believe it or not this has been the most eye opening and useful clarification on this topic. Many have tried to explain to me why to avoid AM but Ive never truly been convinced , but the evidences you have presented in such a wise manner has made me understand. JazakAllahukher!

      • To Allah belong the knowledge of everything.It is really pathetic to hear many brothers and sisters blind-folded and taken away from the Ulama. Yasir Qadhi erred in making such comments and he needs naseehah and a lot of caution for him to realize the damage he is doing to his followers.May Allah make him understand the truth that scholars like Uthaymin, bn Baz and their like hav toiled so much for the ummah to benefit and have benefited more than in him.He Yasir Qadhi also benefited from these scholars.

    • It’s as if Islam is totally different in the West than the East to these people.

      Yes, it’s not a condition that one has to live in a place to have knowledge of what occurs there. Yet it is a condition to speak with evidences in the deen, something Qadhi clearly doesn’t do.

      And what’s wrong with giving a fatwa with the air conditioning on? Is it haraam? If it is turned off then now we can accept the fatwaa? Or is this Qadhi and his blind followers’ sick way of mocking and biting the flesh of the true scholars?

    • It is really disrespectful comment to an Arabian scholar. Islam is one and unique. There is no Eastern Islam nor Western Islam either. All the basic teachings are equally applicable to the people all over the world regardless their color, nationality and culture. Yes, an exception could be made in some cases according to an individual, his situation, atmosphere and even according to the time and place. But it is not wise to say, a scholar of east is not able to advise for a case in the west. It indeed, creates division between the Muslims.

    • Asalamu aleykum dear brother Dawood reflect on what you are saying and ask yourself where are the al maghrib classes held? According to Yasir qadhi in university halls which sometimes cost them $20,000! To rent . And yes they are with air condition. So who is the one passing fatwas under air condition. And what is so detailed and complexed that the ulema won’t understand . A lot of people say that ” here there are issues that are complexed” can you name some or is it just that they are brain washing you with this kind of speech. I still haven’t met anyone who can explain to me what is so complex that we can’t go to the scholars ? Imagine you have a sickness that’s complicated and you decide to go to the nurse instead of the doctor. May Allah guide us Amin

    • May Allah have mercy. a Christian style belief system. May Allah give me the strength to avoid such beliefs. Guide me to the straight path, of the companions, those first three generations.

    • SubhnAllah…we shud be the people of سمعنا وأطعنا we hear and we obey..dis s how d sahabas were
      And not debate of what d scholars say…

    • Dawood the scholars are those who have spent their whole life studying the deen of Allah. It doesn’t matter where in the world they are located or have travelled to similarly like a medical dr who has spent his whole life diagnosing and treating the sick. Would you say that you don’t want to be treated for your illness by the best dr in China but would rather be treated by a college student from the West ? Undergo surgery by a student instead of a Dr? That student who has no experience will kill you or damage your body. So how is somone who is most distant from the guidance of Allah an his messenger going to guide the people and give advice about issues wherever they are happening without knowing what will save the people from the nar? That is the utmost foolish attack on the scholars i have heard of.

    • This is a prime example of the magic of mufti yasir qadi and almaghrib institute working on somebody. You could bring forward Every verse from the Quran and hadith from our Prophet peace be upon him and narrations from his companions to refute the likes of this fullish qadhi and his almaghrib institue kufr and this person will still defend the kufr and bidah that is coming out of these people’s mouths. Till the point that they make him enter into the hole of a lizzard! Dawood do you think the likes of his teacher Tony Blair has more understanding of issues in the West then a scholar who has inherited the teachings of Allah and His Messenger? This almaghrib institute can make open statments of kufr to you and you will fight and verbally attack anyone who brings forth the guidance of allah and his messenger upon the understanding of the companions to you eh?

    • Prophet said…..”Al Ulamaau warathathul ambiyaa”……………scholars are inheritors of prophets………………
      This is enough for you as a reply mr dawood……may Allah guide you

      • Wa ‘alayk as-salaam. I beg you with every amount of brotherly pleading that can be accomplished on this medium to leave him for the Sake of Allaah, seeking safety in your Religion from Allaah. Your claim which (whether you know it or not) only works to discredit knowledge taken from the scholars and their students in order to strengthen the foul agenda of Almaghrib and Yasir. Please, I beg you, think about what you tried to post. Ask yourself: If a group of people have an agenda to separate the Muslims from their scholars, how does that claim fit such an agenda? If you contemplate this point carefully, Awan, Allaah may guide you to a very alarming discovery. May Allaah allow us all to see past the games people play with our Religion. was-salaam

        • The same old claim – summarized: Students of knowledge with personal grudges extract verdicts from scholars to blast those they want to discredit.

          The subtle goal of the claim is to create an image of scholars and their students which any intellectual person would flee from. This creates an escape route for people of misguidance (who initiated the claim in the first place!) who have been identified and warned against. So the effect is 100% in line with the overall goals of Almaghrib, to discredit the scholars and remove them or minimize their role in the lives of the Muslims, the only way for them to freely spread whatever they wish.

          The reality: Alhamdulillaah, our scholars are not fools handing out verdicts for children to smash each other with. No one who has any clue about their lives, their integrity, their struggles, and their interaction with people would entertain such stupidity. And al-hamdulillaah, students dedicated to studying under them are nothing like the contrived scenario invented by deviants in order to run people away from what would expose what they are really doing! And al-hamdulillaah, Allaah will indeed preserve His Deen through the efforts of the scholars, keeping them uppermost in knowledge, dignity, piety, and guidance, and only those whom Allaah does not want any good for will keep away from all the safety and goodness they bring (by Allaah’s Permission).

  2. “The scholars don’t understand our situation” is the excuse I hear a lot of people giving when they study or work in mixed-gendered environments. [comment slightly edited by admin for general benefit]

  3. There are some of our teachers who claim that our situation differs from saudi and the scholars are not known to our socities but meanwhile they donot stop us from reading them.How should we approach them(they are upon salafiyyah alhamduliALLAAH)?

    • If your teacher is not actively connecting you to the scholars of Islaam and encouraging you to travel to learn from them or at least read their books, then it is time to find a new teacher. May Allaah give us better.

  4. As salaam walaykum Moosa what do you say to one who says yaasir qadhi or ali hassan al halabi and other than them their dawah hasn’t reached our community so why busy ourself with it or refute their mistakes, only clarify if it’s a need the masjid I attend the imam spreads this kalaam? Wallahu musta’yn

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. If your community is a village with no internet available, and most people remain in the village their entire lives, then I don’t see a problem with that, since there is no impending harm. However, if any of the Muslims access the internet sometimes, then there is a clear need to be warned of people who mislead the Muslims, and Allaah knows best.

      The scholars (and those who benefit from their insight) recognize the fitnah as it approaches, and thus they can save themselves and others from it, by Allaah’s Permission. The ignorant people only recognize fitnah as it leaves (i.e. after it has taken them in and harmed them).

  5. What I am unable to understand is, when Allaah Azzwajal has forbidden to split Islaam into groups and sects, why are those who call themselves scholars establish groups and rule the roost? Did the Sahabaas ‘The best of creatures’ (98:7) split our religion as most of the present day Shaykhs indulge in?

    There are many of the likes of Yaasir Qaadhi at Peace T.V. who display double standards. In fact, on 24/1/2014 Dr. Zakir Naik quotes the Vedas in Sanskrit about the birth of Rasoolullaahi Sallallaahu ‘laihiwa sallam and translates his date of birth as 12th Rabi ul Awwal.

    So woe to those who write the “scripture” with their own hands, then say, “This is from Allah ,” in order to exchange it for a small price. Woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn. 2:79

    The example of those who were entrusted with the Torah and then did not take it on is like that of a donkey who carries volumes [of books]. Wretched is the example of the people who deny the signs of Allah . And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people. 62:5

  6. In the name of Allaah the master of the day of Judgement.

    Simple as that

    They (the scholars) possess the knowledge that Allaah sent down, and they give verdicts about halaal and haraam, the halaal and the haraam in America and elsewhere, everywhere on earth. Haraam matters are impermissible in every place, and halaal matters are permissible in every place.

  7. Baarakallaahu feekum yaa Abal-‘Abbaas for this beneficial article.

    Allaahul-musta’aan, what’s feared for those deluded by Qadhi and al-Maghrib Institute is that by the time this speech of ‘Allaamah Saalih al-Fawzaan reaches them the damage is already done and it won’t bother them in the least. Qadhi has worked hard on severing the tie between the Muslims of the West and the’ Ulamaa of the Ummah. May Allaah guide him or break his back.

    I ask Allaah to grant us and the rest of the Muslims insight in our religion.

  8. Brother safar m. Kalid your right the scholars do cause a split, praiseworthy splitting, a split truth from falsehood,shirk from tawheed a split from the people of sunnah from people of bidah,a split of the beliver,from disbeliver. Allahu akbar for the scholars of the sunnah! [comment abridged by admin]

  9. So according to Dawood (above), Sheikh Saleh al Fawzan is not fit to give fatawa to people in America but “Sheikh” Yasir Qadhi is! Where did Qadhi go to acquire his Islamic knowledge in the first place? Wasn’t it the same scholars he now considers irrelevant? Since I’m from the UK and Qadhi is from America I’m going to apply his own principle and hereby declare him irrelevant!

    • “Where did Qadhi go to acquire his Islamic knowledge in the first place?”

      When I accompanied Yasir Qadhi in the Prophet’s masjid (may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace) once in about the year 1421, he gave me a tour of the study circles he was attending. As a relatively new student in Saudi Arabia, I noted that he preferred studying under young people. I learned from the experience and worried for myself that I might like to study under young people too so perhaps I could argue with them. I wanted to drink from the oceans, not the puddles, so I ignored Yasir’s selected study circles in Madeenah and attended the classes of Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan who was visiting at the time.

      While my interactions with Yasir Qadhi in Madeenah were limited to a couple visits in the beginning of my studies, I saw enough to know that he was very much into himself. What I see from him now is a clear indication that he did not gain steadfastness upon the truth from the senior scholars when he had the chance, and Allaah knows best. A more accurate personal illustration of how he was as a student narrated by our brother, Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis, a classmate of Yasir Qadhi, can be found here:

      I love Abu Hakeem for Allaah’s sake. While his degrees do not match up to Yasir’s, I prefer him over a thousand Yasir Qadhis, due to the firmness of his methodology which Allaah has blessed him with, and the quality of the benefit of what comes from him. And Allaah is his Haseeb, and we praise no one claiming it to be binding upon Allaah.

  10. Assalam Alaykum,
    The problem in the west which is being NOW propagated in the east, based on the Masonic Secular life in the West, is that ” Every human has a Tongue, CAN speak and give his opinion in anything including the Deen, even if his opinion is just a sort of MADNESS wa la Hawla Wa la Qouata Ella bellah.

    The one who will benefit from this article and this site will be the sincere TRUTH seeker ONLY. Others like the people of arguments and Jadal, will continue to wast our time in ignorant, arrogant and sophisticated comments and they even do not excel anything in their lives, but mind-less ignorant talks.

    May Allah reward our dear brother Moossa for his excellent efforts.

    The Only purpose for all most all these Maghreb Institute-similar institutes in the West and the Est as well is money making and Donia seeing. They, just, put the Islam cream (if we accept this term) on top of it, so they attract the files (Almasakeen, the hopeless ignorant youth and elders). Allah Almostaan. Jahils with jahils. I have been in the west and I have been trapped before in this traps, but Alhamdo lellah, Allah guided me out of their dilemma.

    For any one who will start arguing, I advice him to seek knowledge from True Islamic Scholars like Al-fawzan, Alrabee, Aljami, Aljaberi, … in all Islamic Land. in KSA, Yemen, Algeria, Egypt …etc. Alhamdo lellah, Sincere Scholars are still here in this present time and it is a great gift from Allah to us. And to LISTEN and READ and Stop talking for at least 10-15 years till he learns how to talk and what to say, in DEEN.

    Jazakum Allah khaira brother Moossa.
    Feel free to adjust any word my comment. (comment slightly abridged by admin)

  11. Salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

    Jazakallah Khayran for everything..

    I have one question, are you planing to spread some of this info on YouTube in audio form? Maby it would reach more people.


    Wa salamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu.

  12. “Let’s be pragmatic lets be realistic these shism these sects will remain no matter what we want so let’s try to do something that we all agree to and that’s make the world a better place let Allah be the the judge,let Allah be the judge”.. A snip taken from yasir qadhi lecture:Violence & hatred towards Shi’a ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi (speech starting at 10:07 sec .into youtube video..)

    He also says:”brothers and sisters no matter what we believe (I.e shism,Sufism,khurooj,grave worshipping)we can and we shouldall believe in that golden rule,the rule that our prophet Sallahu alayhi was salaam taught that Jesus Christ him self taught that every single prophet taught and that is we should treat others as we ourselves want to be treated that is the general rule that is the rule of mercy and compassion that is what Allah subhanuhu wa ta’ala and his messenger want for all of us wa jazakamuAllahu khairan wa Salaamu alaykum RahmatuAllahi wa Barakatuh” taken from lecture Violence & hatred towards Shi’a ~ Dr. Yasir Qadh speech beginning 11:40 …and this is just 2 statements from this lecture ikwaan it gets uglier than this May Allah bless us with Thabaat upon the book,sunnah and manhaj of the salaf….Ameen

  13. Those who use this excuse that the scholars don’t know the situation are those who usually want an excuse to follow their whims and desires whether it be in regard to the issue of the hijab, the beard, or anything else for which the verdict of halal and haram is clear and cannot be affected by space or time.
    This Yasir Qadhi only recently graduated and yet he goes about calling himself “Shaykh”; laa hawla wa la quwwata illa billah [comment slightly abridged by admin]

  14. As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

    I know of younger scholars in Saudi who recently gave lectures in the US, alhamdulillah Long before they came, they studied American society, so they could address the challenges there, masha’Allah. Sheikh al Albani wrote about how to deal with affairs in the west decades ago.This idea that the scholars in Saudi, and elsewhere, are ignorant of world affairs or what goes on in other countries is an age old fallacy that was usually propagated by organizations like ISNA, subhana’Allah. Why should we need to know how to deal with our homosexual neighbor? Why doesn’t he homosexual neighbor learn how to deal with a Muslim neighbor? May Allah correct him. Do they also advocate deciding when the Hajj starts, since that also comes from Saudi? Why do they have such animosity towards people who study and teach the Quran and Sunnah? Is this what we get from his free Madinah education?

    More importantly, if wisdom can only be gained by living in country, so he says, then why does Allah, subhana’wa ta’ala, describe the Quran and Sunnah as hikmah? La hawla wala quatta illah billah. The Quran and Sunnah are for all times and places, and are a guide to those who know the true value of these two blessed sources. Insha’Allah, one day he and his followers will learn this and will not have to be confused anymore.

    • Wa ‘alaykis-salaamu wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh. Your observations are beneficial, may Allaah bless you. However, regarding the last statement, “One day he and his followers will learn this…” Yasir knows what he is doing. He needs to fear Allaah and fear the Day he will face Allaah for all this intentional misguidance of the people. He has previously warned against some innovations and their people, refuting them with the knowledge he learned. Now he supports those same people and invites the Muslims to give all of the people of innovation the full rights of Islamic brotherhood! In my assessment, he is astray upon knowledge, not confused or ignorant of what is correct. And Allaah knows best.

  15. Salamu Alaykum,

    Brothers — I have a deep hatred for Yasir Qadhi. But perhaps what I will say is from doubts of shaytaan. I love my brothers on the sunnah so please read my words carefully, as I mean no disrespect.

    Walhamdulila the articles on are extremely beneficial. Very inspiring, thoughtful and unique in the english language. His transcripts on Ibn Umar following the sunnah, tafsir benefits are walhamdulila very lovely and unique.

    What strikes me is these post have only 1, 2 , 3 or 4 comments. Yet this one has 27. Im not saying this article Moosa posted is incorrect – rather it is needed.

    I just wish brothers would show just as much passion for the other articles as they do for this one. Generally speaking, most salafis know of Yasir qadhi’s deviance. But I’m sure alot do not know of the other stuff Moosa post. Wallahu alam. If Im wrong forgive me brothers. I dont mean any disrespect. I just feel we as salafis need to show more passion for other things as well. Again if Im wrong, forgive me. BarakAllah feek.

    • It’s natural that articles like this would stir up the emotions. Don’t read too much into it…brothers should stop busying themselves with eating/sleeping in favor of studying other Islamic sciences before they stop busying themselves with refutations. Did the Prophets not refute idol worship?

      • I’m not really sure where you are going with this. But I think what really had me perplexed is on many salafi sites this refutation was being posted, brothers now were updating statuses posting this link, calling for youtube, etc. Why doesn’t Moosa’s other articles get as much attention? His tafsir article on scholars being apart of authorities was very insightful. I’m not sure I saw that posted anywhere. I hope by Allah I am not being disrespectful, I just wish to offer nasihah for myself and others.

        • I see what you’re saying. I firmly believe and love the fact that refutations are from Islam, alhamdulilah. So I don’t think encouraging brothers to post other things should be done at the expense of the beneficial refutations. We should bring up the fact that brothers are not sharing enough other things at completely different occasions in my opinion, because acting like the mass sharing of this valuable refutation is a negative thing could be from shaitan.

          • Yes brother, as I stated this refutation was needed no doubt. I never said that refutations should come at expense of other articles. You hit the nail on the head when you said “We should bring up the fact that brothers are not sharing enough other things at completely different occasions in my opinion.” That was my point.

  16. Firstly, I would like to say that I personally do not agree with Yasir Qadhi. Like Sh. Fawzaan clearly stated, what’s halal is halal, what’s haram is haram, and that cannot be changed. Part of the beauty of the religion of Islam is that its teachings and rulings are timeless, and thus, moving from one land to another does not (and should not) change the rulings…

    The RULING does not change, but the way the ruling is presented has to be changed…

    I agree with you on Sh. Yasir’s statement being incorrect, but do not believe in your implied conclusion that AlMaghrib Institute is to be denounced altogether… [1,800 word comment abridged by admin]

    • 1) You may have a misunderstanding about the “timelessness” of Islaamic rulings. Fatwaas (which can be referred to as “Islamic rulings”) DO change from time to time and place to place, even from the same scholar. Allaah’s HUKM (which can also be called an “Islamic ruling”) does NOT change on an issue, that for example: Traveling is a concession which excuses one from fasting and allows the prayers to be combined. That’s Allaah’s HUKM always. But the concept of traveling may not be the same in various societies and in different time periods. This is called “URF”, which changes in different times and places. The same distance between Makkah and Jeddah exists today that there always was. However, according to the people’s “URF” today, it is an easy thirty-minute ride in a car, not considered traveling any more by the “URF”. This was NOT the point of contention.

      2) The importance of the scholar knowing the people’s condition and “URF” is essential. We do not differ with them in this either. However, to dismiss the senior scholars so easily, making a blanket statement about them, that they don’t know the people’s situation, is UNFOUNDED and AGENDA-BASED. It is pushed on people unknowingly, and the level of trust given to the Almaghrib instructors leads most of their victims into accepting it as a given. How can it be that the senior scholars NEVER know the situation of the people, and the Almaghrib instructors ALWAYS know it? Stop and think on this point. How did it become such a “GIVEN”? Can you recognize what is behind it?

      3) Yasir Qadhi is the Dean of Academic Affairs at Almaghrib Institute, and along with his partners, the “Grand-Daddy” (as they say) of Almaghrib, Waleed Basyouni and their founder Muhammad Shareef, they all collectively lead the people away from the scholars. As an organization, their goal is to get students to register for more of their own seminars, so they do not encourage their students to go study overseas under the scholars, not at all.

      Furthermore, clownish behavior unbefitting those who carry Allaah’s Religion has also been observed from a number of their instructors, like Kamal El Mekki, Abu Eesa Niamatullah, Riad Ouarzazi, etc. So our warnings against the harms of Almaghrib Institute is not solely because of the points of deviation of Yasir Qadhi. And Allaah knows best.

      • Would you agree that they are on the forefront of establishing/reviving the ikhwaani movement (or perhaps an intellectual upgrade of it) here in the US? I used to think that many of the ikhwaan were deeply rooted in the salafi minhaj except for their political aspirations. But I see now more than ever, that they will compromise anything and everything to achieve their desired goals (whether political or personal). May Allah protect the muslim Ummah and guide us on the straight path. wa Allahu ta’ala ‘alam.

      • As-Salaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu,

        Jazakallahu khayran, may Allah reward you for this beneficial addition to the article.

        If it is ok to add to your comment about trusting Yasir Qadhi and his ilk in point 2:

        I hope to note that his (and some of the others too) use of the english language is at a level far above the vast majority of his (their) audience, and if one pays close attention to what is actually said, what follows logically from what is said, and so on, then red flags surface all over the place. Sadly, many of those that I know to be smitten by Yasir Qadhi and the likes, speak English as a second language, or were born or raised in the US but are still quite young, with none of them having a good command of the English language in comparison. Combined with the trust you mention, and said instructors mixing in some authentic references, I believe a lot of people are swindled and deluded into giving Yasir Qadhi and others the benefit of the doubt. I cringe every time I hear or read something from Yasir Qadhi because it raises so much doubt in me (red flags so to speak), but I don’t have concrete knowledge to refute it.

        May Allah reward you for expending the efforts to call attention to this matter and for refuting the errors with vigor and evidence together. May Allah increase you in knowledge and may Allah protect you from any fitnah which may arise from the likes of these people. May Allah grant you the highest Jannah.

  17. As Salam walaykum maybe this link will help “Al-Imaam al-Bazzaar mentions the reason Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah focused more on writing about the matters of I’tiqaad than the matters of Fiqh” read this article it’s very beneficial and me personally that’s why I find myself enjoy reading the affairs of the i’tiqaad and ahlul bid’ah more so than other sciences not saying that I don’t study other sciences but just read what the shaykh says rahimuAllah

  18. I would also like to add that I am in no way saying that we should follow Yasir Qadhi and his rulings on issues (though I’ve never taken a seminar with him, I have heard of his stance on some issues which do make me entirely uncomfortable), something I hope was clearly shown in my response. We should stick firmly with the older, more learned scholars when it comes to fatwas…. [comment abridged by admin]

  19. salaam alaikum brother moosa.
    Where it says: “His profound in insightful reply confirms…”, I believe it should say: “His profound and insightful reply confirms…”

    A relevant hadith to the topic, which I have seen on many salafi websites:

    Ibn Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu alaihi wasallam) said: “Blessings are with your major ones (i.e. the senior scholars).” [Recorded by Ibn Hibbaan, al-Khateeb, al-Qadhaa’ee, and by Aboo Na’eem. al-Haakim said: ‘sahih’, according to the conditions of Bukhari]

    May Allah make us one of those who cling to the senior scholars of islam such as Sheikh Fowzaan (may Allah protect him).

  20. ################### (link removed by admin)

    Here is “Mr. Controversial” as Yasir Qadhi says about himself (you will find it in the lecture).

    Spreading more of his misguidance to the laymen. For example, he says; “the bulk of the Ummah are rightly-guided.” he explains that the deviant sects are the minority of this ummah.

  21. As-Salaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu,

    In listening to the link you provided to safeshare, found at the end of the sentence, “For those who do not know: This is exactly what Yasir Qadhi teaches,” near the end of the article, he references one #########, nephew of al-Fowzan, and tells a story in which they are in agreement on this matter. Can you please clarify if I heard the name correctly, and if so, is he someone from whom one can safely take knowledge? If he is reliable, did he indeed agree with Yasir Qadhi on this matter? Or could this be a story twisted to lend credence to his deviance?

    Please advise us on this issue if you are able.
    Jazakallahu khayran.

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. Akhee someone does not get counted from the scholars because he is the cousin of one of the scholars, or his son, or brother, etc. When a person is a reference point for the Muslims, a scholar they return to, because of firmly grounded knowledge that is recognizable, the scholars know and recognize him. Its that simple.

      I believe the one Yasir Qadhi is promoting as a scholar was one of the teachers in the IIASA institute in Virginia before it closed. He gives fatwaas in favor of demonstrations and resembles the political activists.

  22. As-Salaamu alaykum

    How to you reconcile the sheikhs (may Allaah preserve him) words above which sound like rulings are the same regardless of the time and place with this.
    From Ibn al-Qayyum’s “I`lam al Muwaqi`in” (supposedly, I have no idea how to confirm this):

    “This is pure understanding of the law. Whoever issues Fatawa to the people merely on the basis of what is transmitted in the texts despite differences in their customs, usages, times, places, conditions, and the special circumstances of their situations has gone astray and leads others astray. His crime against the religion is greater than the crime of a physician who gives people medical prescriptions without regard to the differences of their climes, norms, the times they live in, and their physical natures but merely in accord with what he finds written down in some medical book about people with similar anatomies. He is an ignorant physician, but the other is an ignorant Faqih but much more detrimental.

    • Wa ‘alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. We benefit from that the same thing that scholars have known for well over a thousand years – it is not permissible to give fatwaas that have relationships with customs without knowing the customs of the people of that time and place. Our scholars do not ignore the people’s customs or give fatwaas related to customs without knowing them! Subhaan Allaah! For the Almaghrib scheme to work, they rely on you accepting this without verification. They want you to believe the scholars of Islaam are a bunch of old disconnected people with their heads so buried in books they can’t see the world around them! Without saying that explicitly, it is the goal of the local vs. overseas scholar chatting going on in the Almaghrib “Qabeelat” networks of hizbiyyah. If you can be convinced that the scholars of Islaam are like that, you will naturally turn to the Western “scholars” like Yasir Qadhi and his Almaghrib entertainers who continually over-emphasize how well-connected they are to the people’s modern culture, even joking about football matches and television shows to cement their “connectivity”.

      A serious point for reflection for Almaghrib sympathizers: Why is that the scholars of Islaam are disqualified so easily based on the mere presumption that they are disconnected from the people’s customs and realities, because of their physical distance (from some lands). Yet, the same claimants against the scholars are *suddenly* fully capable of traveling to Malaysia or Australia to give lectures and answer the people’s questions and concerns there? What happened to the whole local vs. overseas scholar thing? Could it have something to do with 5-star hotels, guided tours, and all-expense-paid vacationing?

  23. Understanding the circumstances is one of the inputs of issuing of fatwa. How in the world it is possible for a scholar to write fatwa on an issue where he is unaware of the actual situation? …

    It is impossible to understand the life of North America without living here. [Comment abridged by admin]

    • This is the result of the trickery of Yasir Qadhi and Almaghrib Institute. Everyone should notice that those affected by their misguidance accept unfounded claims as ‘given’. Look how they seek to spread this concept that “scholars give fatwas on actually situations they are unaware of”. Their view of the scholars is merely based on false assumptions rooted in poor thoughts. They state unfounded claims with confidence, “It is impossible to understand the life of North America without living here.” This is falsehood. This is the con of Almaghrib Institute. It is the result of a decade of trickery and misinformation.

      They did not say this ten years ago when they began building their reputation. Now, after years of planted dissention and ill thoughts of the scholars, they have become bold and think they can actually dismiss the senior scholars of Islaam, under their manufactured clause: “They do not live in America.” This is a sickness that Muslims need to recognize and seek refuge with Allaah from. May Allaah rid us of the evil of Yasir Qadhi and his Almaghrib Institute. The matter is serious, and the need to be aware is dire.

    • If that is the case like what you just said brother adnan then why are all these ikwani pupets in america allwayse shouting from the mimbar about what’s going on in palestine, syria, iraq and so on every jumah. Politics. But then they disregard taking the fatwa from the scholars who are present in those lands about those situations over there. Wait; we are all here doing this in America?. The point is they are looking for excuseses/deceiving trickery to cut us off from the scholars. Why is it said that the scholars are unaware of the situation in America whilst you are acknowledging the technology and communication that we have now days. Maybe before ships, planes, cars, phones, electricity when communication was almost impossible to circulate the earth. But now you can communicate with some one who is on the moon. You might aswell go forward and say that the the quran is outdated then and that the sunnah no longer applies. That might be their plan for the future after they bury our heads that far down under the dirt. The question is why are we willing to go to the most uneducated ignorant un trustworthy person for our religious matters but the exact opposite for worldly matters. Now that’s silly!

  24. Hi I am new to many of these discussions as a revert and would like to learn more. I understand from this post that it is believed that Al Maghrib scholars are encouraging muslims to listen to them only, and not established scholars from Saudi Arabia or other places based on the idea that those scholars will not understand the situation of muslims in the west. Can someone please give a practical example of the implications of this, to take it out of the abstract. I think someone started to mention mixed gender work environments for example.

    • The clearest and most dangerous example I can think of right now which illustrates their ikhwani affiliation is the issue of involvement in the democratic political process. Democracy is against Islam. Muslims do not believe in the majority of the people having the right to legislate and change existing laws. The scholars warn against democracy as a system, and warn the Muslims against getting caught up in the non-Muslims’ political games. Here and there, is some special circumstances, a genuine fatwaa has been issued allowing the Muslims to vote in a certain election. The Almaghrib staff, like Waleed Basyouni for example, displeased with this, boldly claim scholarly consensus [!!] that everyday Muslims have the political right to vote for candidates in all democratic elections! This is sheer falsehood. This is lying on the scholars. So long as you keep to them and their circles, you never figure that out. They believe their ‘closeness’ to the situation entitles them to give such rulings in direct opposition to the speech of the scholars, and they even falsely narrate ‘ijmaa’ (consensus) over its permissibility. There are many other examples, and their evil ambitions are beginning to manifest more openly, so expect them to be documented and expounded upon further, in shaa’ Allaah.

  25. Shaikh Saleh Al-Fawzan (May Allah preserve him) said: “Do not accept THIS speech from him.”
    He did not say do not accept him as a whole.

    • WOW. So you would like to take this warning from a senior scholar as an actual endorsement for Yasir Qadhi for everything EXCEPT this? You think it means: “Do not accept THIS SPEECH, but accept everything else”? How deep is that Almaghrib upbringing and how filthy its effects on our youth! The shaykh’s words are clear, warning this Ummah from this kind of person, the full context not allowing for any such tainted conclusion: “This is takh-theel (leading people into forsaking the scholars). The one who says this kind of speech is leading the people into forsaking (the scholars). He wants to separate you from your scholars! Yes! So do not accept this speech from him.”

  26. As salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu,

    JazakAllahu Khairan for this Brother Moosa.

    This is precisely what is wrong with people who think that the senior scholars cannot pass verdicts when they themselves have never experienced living under the same circumstances such as in the West. My question to them is that with this logic you can collapse the entire sunnah of our prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam as he never saw any of the fitnah of our times. So does that mean we don’t adhere to what he commanded us with regards to homosexuality or any other promiscuous entity/act? As if these “scholars” are implying that the prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam did not complete his message or that his message was only meant for that time — a notion which many modernist “muslim” scholars preach and believe in today.

    The scholars of Saudi or any other piece of land who have strived to gain knowledge and Allah have made them steadfast on it, according to these folks, not have the necessary skill sets to give verdicts derived from the same sunnah that we all follow?

    Ironic is it not that Yasir Qadhi’s doctorate was based on Ibn Taymiyyah’s ( rahimahullah) refutation of the Greek Philosophy — a time period that the great Shaykh never lived in himself and yet was able to deconstruct and dismantle the entire philosophical premise by the help of Allah in a single book.

    Unfortunately, we indeed live in the times of great fitan and see many scholars who are leading people away from the haqq even if it is presented with authentic evidences just because of their limited understanding of the deen. I would like to remind myself first and foremost and the rest of the muslimeen of this hadeeth:

    Source: Sahih Bukhari, no. 100, kitaabul I’lm and Sahih Muslim, kitaabul i’lm, Book 48, Hadith 6971


    ‘Abdullah b. ‘Amr b. al-‘As reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying:

    “Verily, Allah does not take away knowledge by snatching it from the people but He takes away knowledge by taking away the scholars, so that when He leaves no learned person, people turn to the ignorant as their leaders; then they are asked to deliver religious verdicts and they deliver them without knowledge, they go astray, and lead others astray.”

    May Allah protect us from misguided individuals and keep us steadfast on the correct manhaj. Aameen. Wassalam.

  27. Al-salaamu alaikum wa rahmotulla wa brakatuh brothers and sisters, i noted a couple of comments on, ‘how could a sheikh in the middle east possibly know how to address western issues experienced by western muslims.’

    I am wester, im scottidh living in Australia, i reverted to Muslim 2yrs ago.

    Of course a sheikh can direct a western muslim because its Simple Follow the teachings of The Qur’an…It never changes… [comment abridged]


  28. How can a Scholar from overseas provide a fatwa for those in the west you ask? Simple… do what they have been doing for centuries …… RESEARCH! It is after all their responsibility, not to mention they have no obstacles given all the available technological mediums. Yasir Qhadi is not qualified to give a fatwa regardless of time or place. Its sad that those who take rulings/knowledge from him don’t know that he distances himself more and more each day that goes by from the Quran and Sunnah.

    Brothers and sisters save your money and learn from much more qualified individuals for free. Do not get caught up in the Almaghrib hype.

  29. As salaam u alaikum Was the Prophet Alayhis salaatu was salaam from the west? So why follow Islam at all? (If you use the shaitaan-inspired kalaam of Yasir Qaathi and his ilk).

  30. assalamu alaykum

    Things like this make me wonder why these people are interested in teachings from the sunnah of our beloved prophet, sallallahu alayhi wassalam, who never met an American in his life, possibly never met a gay person either. Wouldn’t their kalam prevent them from thinking it applies to them, or is their type of logic not that consistent? In all honesty I have to confess that I’m not an American. Maybe that is why I don’t get this, but it could also be that I don’t even want to understand this (lack of) reasoning.

  31. As Salaama Alaikum, may Allah guide us & preserve us in the state of Emaan til death takes us. May Allah forgive us for backbiting & protect us from misguidance. May the Most Merciful take away the pride and arrogance from our hearts & replace it with humility & love. If we truly humble ourselves before Allah, before opening to read the Noble Quran Allah will guide us. Whomever Allah guides non can lead astray.

    • Wa ‘alayk as-salaam. If we tried to use the prohibition of backbiting to protect those who twist the teachings of Islam (in a way that the scholars who upheld this Religion over the ages NEVER did), imagine the disastrous results: People would be able to change whatever they wished in the Islamic legislation, and we would all have to remain quiet and let that happen, as their personal honor would take precedence over the integrity of the Religion itself! We would end up like Christians, with a Religion nothing like that which its Messenger came with!

      The reality: Islam, its teachings, beliefs and methodology will be preserved by Allaah at the hands of whomever He enables to defend it, clarify it, and reject and refute those who attempt to change it. We are either with them, supporting them and defending the integrity of this Deen, or He will replace us with those who will do so. And Allaah knows best.

  32. Alhamdolillah. Na’m totally agree with this article without a doubt. Yasir Qadhi is a celebrity yet he allows the world to call him sheikh. Al-Maghrib are definitely not the strangers with their fame going viral and they are definitely not fit to give dawah. They are refuted as a protection for them so as not to increase in their spread of bidah. Try to understand this almaghrib students.

    I wasted many years and money at almaghrib institute and was so desparate to find out how to connect to the Scholars, why does it stop at you i.e Yasir Qadhi and the rest of them and why dont they ever recommend seeking knowledge directly from the scholars and WHY do you joke around in classes so much all in the presence of sisters while they are encouraged to cheer, giggle and watch you mess about?! This really brought me and my husband down a lot and we decided enough is enough.

    After accepting Salafiyyah as the truth, it’s hard to understand how we ever went to almaghrib institutes. Now we get to listen to scholars and their students LIVE and we have a better understanding of Islam and who the people of truth are.

    Since becoming Salafiyyah, we are always on guard with who we take knowledge from. We really do feel and live like the strangers now. Here is an excellent website to check out for scholars, speakers etc:

    May Allaah help us.

  33. Assalamualaikum Warahmatllah Wa Barakaatuhu
    Thank you for this article – I have heard about the refutation if Yasir Qadhi, but never understood the problem clearly until now. Alhamdullilah, I now see it.
    May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon us all.
    – A Sister Of Islam

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