Serious Errors of Yusuf Estes in Basic Muslim Creed

Yusuf Estes and the Quran

Version 2.0

Beware of the dangerous beliefs of Yusuf Estes!  He has been spreading statements of disbelief about the Quran over the past 10 years or so – unchecked!  He has openly propagated on Huda TV and other mediums:

  • What is in the mus-haf is not considered Quran.
  • The Mus-haf Represents the Real Quran in al-Lowh al-Mahfooth, like how paper money represents stored wealth.
  • The written Quran is similar to sheet music for Christian hymns.
  • The math-hab of the modern Raafidhah state of Iran, the Ja’fari math-hab, is a legitimate Islamic math-hab.
  • The word “Shiite” has a known linguistic basis, but we don’t know where we got the word “Sunni” from.
  • An Iranian Shiite Ayatollah is a “true scholar of Islam” (as he links his victims to the Ayatollah’s writings).
  • George Bush’s (illegal) invasion of Afghanistan was justified by the Quranic order for jihaad.

And other statements of disbelief and innovation, aiding various deviations of old, as well as some newly invented ones.

Statements of the Scholars

Shaykh ‘Ubayd ibn ‘Abdillaah al-Jaabiree, retired professor at the University of al-Madeenah, warned the Muslims from this man, saying, “He is either astray, leading others astray, or he has lost his mind.” [Source]

Shaykh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan Muhyiud-Deen, another retired professor at the same university, said, “He is astray, leading others, astray… he doesn’t know anything about Islaam… The shaytan has spoken upon his tongue…” [Source]

The Free E-Book

In this e-book prepared for free and unlimited distribution you can:

  • Read the actual statements of Yusuf Estes, word-for-word.
  • Compare between his corrupt teachings and the pure understanding of Islam from the Book, the Sunnah, and the imaams of the Salaf.
  • Find out what one of today’s scholars has said about him.
  • Learn how to respond to false claims about his teachings and this clarification.

Download the e-book now, and equip yourself with knowledge of Islam, so you don’t fall for one of the many calls to innovation:

An Important Clarification Regarding Statements of Disbelief and Opposition to Unanimously Accepted Muslim Beliefs Propagated by Yusuf Estes on Huda TV and Elsewhere

To help spread awareness of this extremely important topic amongst your brothers and sisters in Islaam:

  • Send this e-book to your contacts.
  • Mention this article or the website in a comment under every video of Yusuf Estes you see on YouTube or elsewhere.
  • Encourage your local masjid to have a few printed versions of it in the masjid library.
  • Print it yourself and make copies for the Muslims you know that do not use the internet often or at all.
  • Encourage your local Muslim chaplain to print it and distribute it to the inmates he works with.
  • Encourage all Islamic website admins to upload a copy of the e-book and make it available for download.

Ahlus-Sunnah need to be united in the face of this serious calamity.  A man has been spreading the beliefs of the Jahmiyyah Cult and worse amongst the ranks of the unsuspecting common Muslims.  The issue here is Islaam vs. kufr, and your help is needed.  Take a position for Allaah’s Sake alone, and help the Muslims shun obvious falsehood.

Be patient with the reactions of your brothers and sisters.  Spread the clarification as much as you can, and avoid debates and arguments.  For every person who will not leave their attachment to a personality for the ‘aqeedah of Ahlus-Sunnah, you will find others who will, so do not focus on those who insist on destroying themselves, rather work hard to reach the people who embrace guidance when it comes to them.

Important: Before using the ”Leave a Reply” feature below, make sure you’ve read the entire e-book, especially the last two appendices called: “20 Responses to 20 Honest Concerns” (p.59-64) and “20 Responses to 20 Dishonest Claims” (pp.65-72).

Concerns that are addressed there will not be approved below.  As a reminder of an essential principle in Islam (speaking only with knowledge), it is always important to read something entirely before commenting on it, especially a topic as important as this one.

If anyone honestly fears that Yusuf Estes has not been advised about this matter, then please be one more positive voice for change, and send him another copy personally to whatever email or contact information you have for him.  Ask him to purify his intentions, read it carefully, and act on it with things that are pleasing to Allaah.  We don’t want to get carried away defending an individual at the expense of our brothers and sisters not being able to distinguish between Islaam and disbelief!

Furthermore, while we do appreciate all the replies showing support and making du’aa’ for us and for Yusuf Estes (may Allaah guide him), comments that do not meet our requirements for comment approval will not be approved, and we seek your pardon and thank you for understanding.

62 thoughts on “Serious Errors of Yusuf Estes in Basic Muslim Creed

  1. BaarakAllahu feek for this tremendous work…the salaf at the era of Ahmad bin Hanbal were trialled with execution for believing the Quran was the Speech of Allah, uncreated (correct belief of Ahlus-Sunnah) and opposing the Jahmiyyah…we have it easy…so lets spread the Sunnah and expose the Bid’ah!

    • Nice encouragement akhee Zahoor. We should realize that the original heads of the Jahmiyyah were laymen with no Islaamic knowledge, Ja’d ibn Dirham and Jahm ibn Safwaan. They were both executed by the Muslim authorities for their apostasy in the beginning of the second century. While people may have assumed their beliefs were dead and buried, they re-appeared some 80 or 90 years later as the teachings of Bishr al-Mareesee, and this revived version of Jahm’s teachings only then reached the whole Ummah, and it was in the beginning of the third century when people of the Sunnah, scholars, students, and laymen alike, were persecuted, tortured, exiled, and even murdered because of this set of vile beliefs. It is absolutely not to be underestimated! Exactly, we have it easy – we can help clarify these issues through so many different mediums before these beliefs spread to the level they reached in history or even beyond that.

    • With an important reminder that the real issue here is not getting Yusuf Estes personally to retract or correct his beliefs or clarify “what he meant”. He, like the other millions of English-speaking Muslims, is welcome to read and benefit from the informative PDF and side with Ahlus-Sunnah, abandoning the beliefs of the Jahmiyyah. The Muslims have a right to the correct aqeedah, whether Yusuf Estes approves of the clarification or wants to benefit from it himself or not. While reaching out to an individual to guide him is from our Deen, at the same time we cannot delay educating the rest of the Muslims when issues are as serious as these – The Kufr of Jahmiyyah vs. Islam. (RE: All those who feel it is wrong to publish our clarification until Yusuf recognizes his errors!)

  2. Without notice, the article from the Iranian “Ayatollah Muhammad Hadi Marifat” was just removed from Yusuf Estes’ site “The Islam News Room”.

    UPDATE (09-01-2012): Yusuf Estes retracted his reference to the Iranian shiite article, whilst remaining silent about how he rejected the invitation to correct his errors of disbelief, further misled one of his latest victimes by lying on the scholars, claiming the “true scholars of Islam” say the Quran is only in recitation form, not in written form, quoting only the Iranian Ayatollah, which (quite sadly) never supported his false beliefs anyway.

    • Whats the meaning of ,La yamussuhu illal muthoharun. Is it you cant touch the mushaf unless you are clean,or the unclean heart wont get touched by the koran?
      And did koran exist before it was revealed to the prophet pbuh? And sure it exist with Allah,cause it is the kalamun qadim. Then the koran is in what form,is it the same as at present on papers,in cd’s or in the memory cards like in our mobile?

  3. “Yusuf Estes has retracted his error.” Honestly, after reading the PDF, he only removes the Iranian ayatollah article and counts THAT as the mistake. After inviting people to Shiite resources, the only clarification we get is: “We thank our brothers and sisters who pointed out some errors in the old article posted that was posted here – and have made the suggested corrections.” As if there was a typo and its been corrected. (UPDATED 09-01-2012)

  4. I am just wondering what should you tell the muslim who take knowledge from ### one of the Estes sites### since they have many articles of yusuf estes and his “tafsir” of the quran. Should I warn those muslim. Advise me inshaa Allaah! I dont want to say stay away from this and that without advice from someone who knows more then me in sha Allaah! [edited by admin]

    • Shaykh ‘Ubayd: “If this statement is established from that preacher, I warn the Muslims, men and women alike, from listening to him, as he is corrupt. He is either astray, leading others astray, or he has lost his mind.” (p.36, Statements of Disbelief and Opposition, PDF) And you have seen from the videos of Yusuf Estes, so many times, him repeating the same idea – The Quran is not written, its only in the Preserved Tablet, our mushafs are not Quran, you can’t touch Quran, you can’t see it, Quran is like paper money, etc. This is exactly what Shaykh ‘Ubayd was referring to.

  5. Assalamu Alaykum

    Dear Brother, I have much to say, but I will try to make it as short as possible. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to write this article to warm the Ummah of Rasoolullah (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) against such blatant deviations. I am not going to talk about Yusuf Estes. He has been dealt with amply in the article. But I am shocked and appalled-and I am writing this right now with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes-by certain people’s comments and questions supporting this man (May Allah guide him), after all the evidences shown to them from the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the Consensus of the Scholars ol Ahlul-Sunnah. That shows the extent of his influence on certain ignorant people and that should not be overlooked. May Allah guide them and Yusuf Estes so that they can rectify themselves and come to the fold of the True Islam as it was practiced by our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him), his companions, the taabi’een and continue to be practiced by all those who follow them in righteousness till these days of ours.

  6. JazakAllaahu khairun!

    May Allaah guide those upon misguidance to the right path through this noble effort and protect everyone from his calamitous beliefs ameen.
    Along with this book another aqueedah book that it important to read:
    “Foundations of the Sunnah” of Imaam Ahmed (can be bought in English)
    Translated and additional footnotes and chapters by Abu Iyaad Amjad ibn Muhammed Rafiq (May Allaah reward him).
    There is a heart rendering chapter on the Life and Trials of Imaam Ahmed and how he defended that the Qur’aan is not created and is the speech of Allaah. Also important chapters on the signs of Ahl us Sunnah and Ahl ul Bidah. This shows the extent to which the salaf strove and suffered greatly to protect the Qur’aan from innovated beliefs.
    BarakAllahu feekum.

  7. he released this statement: “We thank our brothers and sisters who pointed out some errors in the old article posted that was posted here – and have made the suggested corrections…”

    ADMIN: What error? And what corrections did he make for it? He’s still speaking but not saying anything. Every Muslim has made errors and corrected them sometime. That’s the nature of the human being. No one doubts that Yusuf Estes is a human being so as to need an ambigious confirmation that he made “some errors and corrected them”. His victims were being told to refer to the “true scholars of Islam” and he connected them to the aqeedah article of an ayatollah from the Shiite religion! This needs a little bit more than an acknowledgment that he’s human and makes mistakes. He can’t even seem to handle his error in this one point with responsibility and maturity, so what about the bigger issues in the PDF, the revivial of Jahmiyyah, filthy statements of tash-beeh, and the habitual speaking without knowledge about things way beyond his level…? Only the most fanatical follower would accept this as a “rectification”, as the average Muslims have intellects, wal-hamdulillaah, and they can see through these games.

    Its long overdue that the Muslims in the West stop letting these ignorant TV stars play games with their Religion!

  8. At over 70 years old (may Allah guide him), look at the childish manner in which he deals with a decade of false teachings about the Quran, he writes on his Islam News Room site today, “Yusuf Estes Exposes Bakkah (Makkah)” as a title to an article about the history of Makkah. Muslims OPEN YOUR EYES, the correct beliefs in Islam are a joke to him.

  9. Yusuf Estes tries to retract two of the errors:

    AND Huda TV Regional Direct of Egypt begins to take action… (JUST IN!)

    Update (5-26-2013): Sadly, he showed an inch of progress, and then backtracked for miles. A recent leaked video shows that he has gone back on any possible retraction, talking in circles, refusing to consider the written mushaf as the Quran, and further slandering his critic as a devil who thinks he’s doing something for Islam:

  10. This ebook must be sent to him. If I was making such mistakes I would expect from my fellow muslims to let me know and correct me so that I could do tawbah from them and place that on my own website. If it has not been sent to him, perhaps could send it.

  11. Al Humdulilah the Haqq is with you and regarding the evidences presented. It is from the right of the ummah to be warned against these deviated beliefs. May Allah guide us all Ameen.

  12. How did Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen repent from a serious mistake when speaking about Allaah? Learn how Allaah raises the status of those who do not care about their personal reputation when they have spoken wrongly about Allaah. See how a REAL MAN of this beautiful religion handled a harsh refutation written against him, one that openly and publicly corrected his error. (at the 1h 37m point)

    It didn’t harm his reputation, rather through his devout love for the truth and his lack of concern for saving his name or status, Allaah raised his status and placed love in the hearts of millions for him! What an imaam! What an example for us to follow when we fall into error! (For those who want to do more than make verbal claims of love for him… for those who want to actually follow his method of rectification…)

  13. smh. alhamdulillah. this is utterly ridiculous. I havent heard the brother say one thing incorrect outside of his southern texas jokes…

    ADMIN: We appreciate your visit and your comment. For the sake of Allah, READ the PDF, read the EXACT WORDS of Yusuf Estes, and what the scholars of Islam have said about those words of apostasy and those who spread them. May Allah show us the truth as truth and guide us to follow it, and may He show us falsehood as falsehood, and guide us away from it.

  14. As Sallaam Aalaykum,

    May Allah reward you for clarify the belief of Ahlus Sunnah, amen. One question: you mention Abu Usamah adh Dhahabi that he defends Yusuf Estes, can you kindly direct me towards where he said those words (video or article)?

  15. if your muslim brother commits an error just correct him in a nice way in the light of quran and sunnah. dont be happy in exposing him.

    • Beautiful reminder, may Allaah bless you. What you have mentioned is what every Muslim must strive to be upon when dealing with their brothers who fall into an error – sincere advice, seeking Allaah’s Face, with gentleness, based on evidence, while screening private sins. However, the placement of these beautiful words on this thread might indicate that you believe Yusuf Estes has simply comitted “an error”. Rather, he has numerous spread beliefs of apostasy (tash-beeh, jahmiyyah, horrific distortions of the Quran, etc.), unchecked for years, all over the world, to an audience of millions (as a proper reading of the PDF would support), with an open record of ignoring his mistakes and not clarifying anything, and he follows his normal way of refusing to acknowledge any errors, and begins requesting from his network to begin attacking and defaming those who wish to educate the Muslims and raise awareness about the issues and their importance. I wish the matter were as easy as one of our brothers committing an error. May Allaah bless you for the advice, and I hope you understand and see some benefit in this comment, and Allaah knows best.

    • I am happy with that kind of advice, Islam is a sane religion and love for peace. There must be an attitute of ,if i am wrong correct me,if you are wrong i’ll give u an advice if you let me. After all the prophet said, Addinunasihah.
      Brother yusoff estes is a muslim,why shun him like an infidel? That confuse me .

      • Thanks for your comments, Mohd. We wish that Yusuf would heed the advice given to him privately and openly, but its been six months since the clarifications have reached him, and he has chosen to sidestep and belittle the issues, claiming that he’s been misunderstood and lied upon. These are his choices. We have no control of them. One man’s refusal to correct his corrupt teachings do not put the Deen of Allaah on hold. The Deen of Allaah does not ever become someone’s personal playground for him to say whatever he wants about Allaah. The Muslims always have a right to have the clean and pure Islamic ‘Aqeedah distinuguished from the filth of the Jahmiyyah, Mushabbihah, Shee’ah, and other polluted belief systems, because as you said, “The Deen is naseehah.” May Allaah protect us all.

        • And we shun his teachings of disbelief because Islaam requires this of us. We hate those teachings like how we hate going into a fire. We hate and shun disbelief no matter who spreads it.

  16. As salam alaikum. Did’nt Yusuf Estes repented from these things?! He continues to give dawah and his organizers say he made mistakes but he corrected them. Please update your article with references to his retractions and dont deny a Muslims repentience. This is only fair.

    • Wa ‘alaykis-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi. Thank you for your comment. If you know of any specific retractions he has made, send them to us and we will be more than happy to help spread them. The only thing we know of to date is some ambigious apology for “a mistake” that remains unidentified to this date. The man has numerous violations of Islamic beliefs that are very serious, and they have been leading people astray worldwide for 10 years or so. “An apology” for “a mistake” (unspecified) does not accomplish anything. If he loves the truth, he will openly abandon his statements of apostasy and warn the people from his mistakes, seeking Allaah’s Pleasure. Follow the “Latest News” section of for more detailed follow-up information about this issue.

  17. as- salaamun alaikoum wa rahmatullaahi wa baaraketu
    May Allaah strenghten the Muslims upon the Haqq and following the Haqq and NOT following individuals or personalities to the exception of the Only one that can be blindly followed which is our Beloved Prophet sall Allaahu alayhi wa salaam. May Allaah bless those duat talibul ilm and scholars that protect this blessed dawa and May The Changer of Hearts keep our hearts firm upon His deen Ameen

  18. What is all of this bickering,when muslims should unify… Why cant we try to unite in one teaching of Prophet Mohamad… What brother Eusoff said is only a methaphore, understand by the elit among gods servant…

    • Thanks for visiting, Mohd. Actually, clarifying and purifying the correct Islamic beliefs could never be considered bickering and/or disunity. It was the very job of all the Messengers. It is the only way to establish true Muslim unity. Unity on false beliefs is a mere illusion and something that has always caused the disgrace and humiliation of the Muslims throughout history. Regarding the so-called “metaphor”, I’m not sure which of his many horrific violations of basic Muslim creed you are referring to, but clear violations of the Book and the Sunnah have always been rejected by the elite of Allaah’s servants, never understood, endorsed, and defended. As your concerned brother in Islaam, I humbly encourage you to read the PDF carefully. May Allaah bless you.

    • Assalaamu’alaykum Brother Mohd. May Allaah reward you for your concerns about the Muslim ummah and your encouragement towards unity. You are right when you say that we should unite following ‘one teaching’ of the Prophet Muhammad sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam. The Messenger sallAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam taught a single set of beliefs to his Companions which was conveyed to other Muslims over the centuries. The Companions, the best of the Muslims, never differed or argued about these basic beliefs and this it what united them – these are the beliefs we have to stick to. Please read the excerpt below for more on this

  19. I dont know what you people are talking about. I have watched Yusuf Estees lectures and have never noticed that there is anything wrong with his beliefs…

  20. Well, if you have any proof regarding his errors kindly share his video so we might know that…how can i trust your words?

  21. [1]…If you ask from some ulema or mufti they would retract from wasting time on finding mistakes…

    [2]…Second point is that anyone of you ever heard yusuf estes ever saying that he is a scholar? Never.He have never ever called himself a scholar… [long comment abridged by admin]

    • Thank you for visiting and posting your thoughts on this important topic.

      [1] Regarding your hypothetical idea about what scholars “would” do “if” we asked them, the response is very simple. I have asked a number of scholars about the mistakes of Yusuf Estes.
      — a) I asked the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Shaykh Abdul-’Azeez Aal Shaykh about his statements, “The Quran is not a book,” and, “The mushaf is not considered the Quran,” and he replied: “These are lies!” and he rejected the false ‘aqeedah of the Jahmiyyah with some of the same evidences we have provided. (unrecorded sitting in the Mufti’s house in Riyadh)
      — b) I asked Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan, member of the Permanent Committee of Senior Scholars about his rejection of love and hatred for the sake of Allah, and the shaykh affirmed the importance of love and hatred in Islam as one of the most basic and essential foundations of Islam. His public answer will be published here shortly, in shaa’ Allaah.
      — c) I asked Shakh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree, former professor at the Islamic University of al-Madeenah about his statements about the Quran, and he stated that he is either misguided and leading others astray, or he has lost his mind. His response was published with the original clarifications.
      — d) I asked Shaykh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan Muhyiud-Deen, retired professor and mufti at the Prophet’s masjid, about his denial of love and hatred in Islaam, and he too affirmed that Yusuf Estes is astray, leading others astray, adding that he does not know about Islaam, and that the Shaytan has spoken upon his tongue.
      — e) I have consulted a number of other scholars and recognized students of knowledge privately over the past year. Not one of them has even hinted they we may be wasting our time trying to find mistakes. Every last one of them has taken these issues very seriously.

      [2] As for the commonly expressed notion that “Yusuf Estes has never claimed to be a scholar,” then this is just simply not true. He has referred to himself directly as a scholar, he has approved of someone referring to him as a scholar as the most accurate introduction he has ever heard, and he even sat silently while a Huda TV co-star called him “the imam of America” on one of their public broadcasts! All of this is documented clearly and precisely here:

      But for the sake of argument, let’s say that Yusuf Estes is really a very humble man who has never claimed to be a scholar, and the incidents of him actually claiming and affirming scholarship for himself never really happened… OK, then we are left with another huge disaster – an ignorant person speaking about Allaah and His Religion way beyond his level of understanding.

      At the end of the day, we need to dispel these smokescreen attempts to divert people away from the issues – these teachings reach millions of people, and they are falsehood, many of them reaching the level of disbelief. Our Religion does not allow us to remain silent about such things. In fact, Muslims have been sharply admonished that if we remain silent in the face of the spread of evil, Allaah will disgrace us all with a broad punishment.

  22. What makes you different from the khawarij who were ready to spill the blood of Sayyidna Ali over differences in doctrine? [...] Let one scholar speak clearly why Yusuf Estes is considered wrong and then let all be content with that; leave him be and allow for him to repent. [Comment abridged by admin]

    • 1) What makes us different from the khawarij? That we do not fight the Muslims nor declare them to be disbelievers because of major sins (less than actual apostasy). Rather, we advise the Muslims and warn them against disbelief and those calling to it, asking Allaah to make us patient and firm upon that. Also, that we advise the Muslims to hear and obey their Muslim leaders in all permissible matters and not to rebel against them in words or deeds. And that we openly warn against the khawarij and their teachings (like this one for example).

      2) “Let one scholar speak clearly…” OK, here are two well-known scholars from the city of the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) for starters: Shaykh ‘Ubayd al-Jaabiree and Shaykh ‘Abdur-Rahmaan Muhyiud-Deen (may Allaah preserve them both). More statements from more scholars can be reviewed here.

      3) “Leave him be and allow for him to repent…” We have left him to repent for over a year now, and we will continue to leave him be and allow him to repent. If you mean do not continue to warn against the disbelief he continues to spread, then we are unable to oblige you in that.

      Our one simple request to you, dear brother, is that you please take the time to actually read what has been compiled on this topic. Many have commented with comments like yours, and we have repeated our simple advice so often – Please read and educate yourself. Many have thanked us for this patient advice after actually investing the time needed to read earnestly and learning of the atrocities that Yusuf Estes has been spreading over the last decade. May Allaah give you success.

  23. I have been reading the comments made against Sheikh Yusuf Estes. Many of the comments are malicious propaganda and base less… [abridged by admin]

    • Thanks for visiting, Farah. Everything we say here is documented with video and/or textual proof directly from Yusuf Estes. While many people similar to yourself started out with this kind of initial reaction, so many people have gone on to read and investigate for themselves, eventually overcoming their original state of denial, reaching sensible conclusions based on the actual teachings of Yusuf Estes. Our sincere advice to you – Take the time to read, investigate, verify, and look at his teachings and compare them to the teachings of Islaam.

      Quite honestly, when people say things like what you have said, it is blind love that does not tolerate criticism leading the way, not the moderate love that our Religion supports. Put this aside, and look at the issues objectively, asking Allaah alone for assistance.

      Also, you are welcome to provide one example (or more) of a “baseless” point of criticism, and we promise that anything we have claimed that is found to be baseless (or false) will be openly retracted and clarified in shaa’ Allaah. This is the duty of all Muslims, to say the truth when it is in our favor or against us. Perhaps, if you are unable to provide an example, you could give such serious issues the considration they truly deserve. May Allaah give you success.

  24. Baarak Allaahu feek akh Moosaa. Regarding the news that Terry Jones plans to burn the Mushaf, a prominent tweeter wrote: “#TerryJones will burn paper. #Environmentalists must protest. The #Quran is revelation, knowledge, wisdom, guidance. All fire proof.” What should we say about such a statement?

    • Al-hamdulillaah, every year the Kind Fahad Quran Complex in Madeenah, Saudi Arabia, prints about 10 million copies of the Quran and the translations of its meanings into dozens of languages. Their act is largely ineffective, it does not harm the image of Islam at all, and it probably works against them more than it works in their favor. Whenever there is a public “book burning” general interest is raised in that reading material. So since we cannot stop them through the authorities, then let the Muslims rejoice in replacing each copy they burn with 100 copies, as the general population of the non-Muslims becomes more and more interested in the Quran’s message! And Allaah knows best.

      While the non-Muslims who hate Islam burn copies of the Quran, and this does not really harm the image of the Religion, we need to focus on tazkiyyah and tarbiyyah (purifying and educating the ranks of the Muslims), so the Muslims can better represent their Religion. If anyone is harming the image of the Religion effectively, it is some of the Muslims themselves who do not realize the extent of the harm done through their bad examples as representatives of the Quran. May Allaah help us to focus on our priorities in da’wah – gaining knowledge of Islaam and acting upon that knowledge in an exemplary way, so that the light of Islaam shines through our personal examples.

      Muslims are required to take steps to keep the mushafs out of the hands of the non-Muslims who would try to belittle or degrade them. This is understood from the Prophet’s order (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) not to travel to the lands of the enemies of Islaam with the Quran (the written mushafs), fearing that they could get a hold of it. (Muslim #1869) Anyone who was negligent in this matter, allowing non-Muslim haters of Islaam to have access to copies of the Quran, or not doing what they could to secure the copies, is sinful and should repent to Allaah. Beyond that, Muslims have to be patient in the face of an evil matter like burning copies out of the Quran in disrespect. We are saddened that the message that could save these people is being degraded, however the situation may be beyond our control, with no legal way of stopping such an act, and Allaah does not burden us beyond our scope.

      Regarding the reference to the written Quran as paper, like “just paper” that means nothing, or implying that it is of little significance, or that we are not worried about it, then this is wrong. The Quran is the Speech of Allah, whether written in mushafs, memorized in hearts, or recited upon tongues. The mushaf must be honored and revered, and anyone who says the written mushaf is not really the Quran has opposed the consensus of Ahlus-Sunnah and spoken in accordance with the disbelief of the heretic Jahmiyyah Cults. Read this PDF for detailed proofs. And Allaah knows best.

  25. Dear admin, I never heard about Yusuf estes till I found his video a few days back and just type his name and found this website.
    I read the e-book and i’m worried about him and may Allah guide him.Have you ever met him face to face say do interact and show his mistakes maybe make an appointment if possible. Bring an Alim and shed some light to his error privately with him.I’m sorry for my bad English.

  26. Assalamu alaykum

    Is it permissible to say the likes of Yusuf Estes and Khalid Yasin are innovators? This isn’t tabdee right? because they were never known to be upon the Sunnah.

    Is my understanding correct. Baarakallahu Feek

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaam wa rahmatullaah. I understand that calling someone an “innovator” is the same as calling him a “mubatadi’”, and this is tabdee’. I do not know much about Khalid Yasin. Whether it is correct or not to label Estes an innovator, it is clear that he is very ignorant of the religion and he is leading people into some very dangerous beliefs. As our scholars have said, warning against him, “Astray, leading others astray…” And Allaah knows best.

  27. As Salaam Alaykom:

    This article makes me quite sad, but I do not dispute your assertions… [abridged by admin] Last night I listened to Yusuf Estes… on youtube and felt that from the Christian point of view he was correct. He seemed to back up his claims from the holy Qur’an also, and now that you say he is not a good Muslim, this makes me sad. I want to learn more about the Qur’an and Islam but it is difficult in my situation.

    Ma Salaama


    • Wa ‘alayk as-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. I actually never said he is “not a good Muslim”, however scholars of Islaam have identified his teachings as deviant and dangerous, and a number of them have called him “astray, leading others astray” and other things to warn people from his severe misrepresentations of Islaam. These warnings do not mean that everything he has ever said was erroneous. However, the seriousness of the mistakes in basic Muslim beliefs are sufficient to ask the Muslims to save themselves from misguidance and not listen to him. And Allaah knows best. May Allaah grant you and all of us knowledge of Islaam and stability upon it until death.

    • Numerous teachings which are extremely deviant, some of them outside of Islaam. For the sake of Allaah, take the time to read the PDF, and you may find it very helpful and enlightening. May Allaah give you success.

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