Arabic Language Scholarships Available at King Saud University in Riyadh (2015-2016)

In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful…

The Arabic Linguistics Institute at King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has recently announced the dates for scholarship courses for the next academic year (2015-2016). Interested candidates should apply online before October 24, 2014.

The scholarships available are:

  • Master of Arts in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers (only for male students at the Department of Applied Linguistics)
  • Higher diploma in education in teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers (only for male students at the Department of Applied Linguistics
  • Higher diploma of Arabic language training for non-native speakers (only for male students during their service at the Teacher Training Department).
  • Diploma in Arabic language for non-native speakers for this diploma (for males and females, through the Department of Language and Culture).

The application must be submitted through the following link:

For more information:

Contact Information:

King Saud University
P. O. BOX 2454, Riyadh 11451
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Secretary: +966 1 4670888
Fax: +966 1 4677580

Our source of information:

150 thoughts on “Arabic Language Scholarships Available at King Saud University in Riyadh (2015-2016)

  1. Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. BaarakAllaahu feek. With regards to the requirements, are you aware of what the university means by ‘must be a full time student?’

      • Assalamu alaikum, please I need admission for masters degree programs in Arabic language at any Saudi Arabia universities together with scholarship. what are the procedure . Help in Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala’s sake.

  2. Do you know of any distant learning courses (i.e. over internet international) for Arabic from such an institute and if you have contact with the heads etc, please could you make such a suggestion? It isn’t viable for most of us to travel to KSA full time to study as much as we would love to live in Darul Islam.

  3. assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatahu . I am noshad alam from Nepal. i want to admit your univercity for arabic lengauge deploma coarse so please guide me what i do

  4. السلام عليكم
    Are these courses restricted to those who already know the arsbic language n desire to continue their studies so that make become qualified to teach or does it also apply to those who wish to just learn arabic?

  5. assalaam alaikum,

    are these scholarships only for students who are already in the university or are they for anyone? It doesn’t really seem clear to me.

  6. Assalamualaikum .
    I’m intersted study in Arabic Language, should I change the language of all admission in English or Arabic?

    Thank you.

    • Assalamualaikum .
      I am Mohammad Golam Sorowar .I live in Bangladesh
      I’m more interested study The Holly Quaran
      so i wanna a scholarship to study the holly Quaran

    • salam alaikunm please i am from Nigeria i want to study arabic in saudi please what can i do and want you to help me

      • Assalam alaykum,i am Umar AbdurRahman from Nigeria.I want to study arabic to teach my muslim brothers.Pls help me.

  7. Assalam u alykum

    i have sanad of khassa and now i am student of darja khamisa i want to study in jamia haza please help me. can i study in that university?

  8. assalaamu alaykum please is it possible for a british citizen to do BSc or MSc in engineering after the arabic diploma at the university?

    • With respect to Brother Musa, it is unlikely that your questions will be answered here. You could call the uni, email them or write a letter or at least go on their forum. Brother Musa has much to do so please, I doubt it will get answered.
      If British citizens can study at the uni anyway, then I don’t see why not. If they cannot study, then I would doubnt it,

  9. assalam… in applying i think i made an error… my names are Adeyemi Qudus Ajibade but when asked for arabic its only qudus that was translated to arabic.. can this be corrected or its a safe thing to leave… Please reply as this is very important to me

  10. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته my

    name is Temam Hassen from Riyadh.i live in saudi arabia on nationality Ethiopian.I graduation in chemistry field on July 17,2010 and obtained B.Ed._Degree.i interested study in arebic language and islamic(sheria) educations. please help me. thanks

  11. Assalamualaikum.
    I would like to inquire if mature students like me (I’m 55 yrs old )can be accepted into the university to take the Diploma in Arabic language.What are the entry requirements?
    I would also like to know of any formal or informal school for me to further my Islamic knowledge especially teaching the Salafi manhaj.preferably the institution should be in Makkah or Madinah.

    Jazak Allah Khair.

  12. As’salaamu alaikum…

    Please brother I need help, I applied for university of Madina 2015/2016, can I still apply this Arabic course??? Please I need instructions…

    (Baarakal-lahu feekum)

  13. Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathahu.. I am from India. Myself and my husband are very much interested in learning the language of Quran. We are trying to apply for the same in university where Arabic is taken for non-arabic speakers. My problem is “my age is over 25 years” but my hubby ‘s age is 24. Is there any university open for teaching Arabic for non-native Arab to learn Arabic language?. Please mention with the last date to apply for . And age restriction details.
    Jazak all hu khair

  14. i have completd the application but the last stage doesnt give any information that you have successfully applied who can help

  15. Salamu alaikn,I’m Rabiu Idris who filled the form but without transcript,becouse it is late,is it possible for me to get admission so that for me to provide it subsequently after admission.

  16. Asslamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuho.

    Im am Farhan Monib Somirado from Philippines, i like to study in university of qassim , please help me how to enroll in the university. Allah guide us !! thank you very much ,,

  17. Assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakato..

    I’m Mohammad Faisal Usman from Philippines. Dear Brothers, Do we still have a chance to apply the Arabic Language Scholarships 2015-2016? Barakallaho feekom..

  18. Sallam alaikum, Please, what is the web site?,when it is proper time to apply? Hope the scholarship also available to international students who wiling to lear Arabic language,thanks may Allah reward you all(Ameen).

  19. Asalamu alaikum brothers in Islam.
    My son study hiefs at darool uloom in new castle south africa.What requierments must he have to study abroad.

  20. I really want to study Arabic language because I’m Muslim Masha Allah. Now I’m at Shenyang, China. Please can you help me applied now, because the date of application is over. Please help me I didn’t know on time.

    • please search in google by keywod “non-native arabic king saud” and then translate to your language.

  21. As-Salam Alaikum Warahomtullah,am alumni of Darul Bayan at Lagos Nigeria, as graduate student of 2014,i inteded to further more but the main broblem is sponsorer, and this is the overall problem to 80% student in my country,but can i do,who to help.

    • pls my name is farouk musah i want to no the closing date for the appliction form please i am appling please tell us by the close of january 2015

  22. Do you please have a one year professional programmes in Arabic language for non native speakers. If yes what is the procedure for applying for it?

    • Wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. We are not the admission board. This is a website that provides information about universities in Saudi Arabia, that’s all. Please contact the school directly using the information provided in the article above.

  23. Assalaamu alaikum,..
    My name is oumar barry,i live in sierra leone,i really want to knw more about islam,so am looking for a scholarship to study in saudy,i realy need it,.

  24. As-Salam alykum warahmatullah. My name is AHMAD I’m from T’chad as my country I graduated from Madrasat thanawiya and I want to continue with my Studies at Imam University. pls hw can I get the form and informations on it.(Fa Jazakumu llahu khyran)

  25. I have compeleted alim arabic from the univercity of luckhnow I want to take admission in madina univercity what to do taking admission in it

  26. As i am umar muhammad i finishing my arbic islamic diploma cost college of arbic studies abuja pls i neen assistan for colarshim in islamic university of madina to studies arbic langues in sha allah u wasalam

  27. Assalam alaikum,my name is nurudeen adebisi from Nigeria ,please I really want to study Arabic in Saudi being a person who is very interested to about his religion.Please help assist me

  28. as salamu alaikum my name is saikou jimbara from the gsmbia and i want to arabic k.s.u but i dont know how to apply ….

  29. Assalmu alikum wrahmathullahi wabarqakathuhu
    Iam abid vn from india,kerala,Now iam studying for MA(master degree) in Arabic Language and Litterature ,I will be compleat my course with in 2 moths(till August),Can i get any help to apply for higher study in Arabic with schoolership,Please informe that how can i apply for your course?

  30. asalamualaikum wrwb.I’m Abuammar Adem Mohammad from Ethiopia.I have been graduated from the university with B.A degree in Educational planning and management.with CGPA of 3.46 .I have learnt many Islamic books on the local can I get the chance of scholarship in Makkah.

  31. I’m Tanzanian man I’m imereg I want scholarship of Islamic low I’m spkng Arabic and kiswahili shukran ndugu zangi

    This is my number

  32. Assalamualeykum wa rehmatuallahi wa barakatu !!!!!!!
    i’m najeem momin from india.I want to come over their on scholarship basic pzzz inform me when scholarship form will be out… because I really need to scholarship. And most important think is how can i got the scholarship for saudi arabia. But now i’m doing the T Y Bcom.

  33. As-salamualikum, This is Mohammed Mahfuzur Rahman from Bangladesh. I want to know about the next admission year. Please inform me about the next semester or admission year.

    thank you sir

  34. asselamualikum
    Iam ebrahim from Ethiopia Ihave bachler dgree in arabic language from I.U.Africa in sudan . Iteach now arabic language in wollo university in ethiopia but iwant up grade in arabic .so I went to apply for higher study in this language with scolarship . please inform that how can apply for your course.

  35. Asalam Alaekum, Uthman Mukaram is my name from Nigeria. I want to ask about the undergraduate or Diploma programme of non Arabic speaking for 2016/2017 ??? when is the portal would be available on the internet to fill the form as the form has been out by this time last year for 2015/2016 session.

    Jazakumu Lahu Khaeran.

  36. Asalam Alaeku,I come across this your site and am very interesting in the programs. So how will I apply for?

  37. asalam o alikum,
    i am from pakistan. i am very much intrested to learn arabic language can you help me for get admission on scholarship program
    i am facing some problems to submet a application
    1-link is not open
    if it possible plz send me your best answer by main i am waiting.
    best regards
    fakhar abbas

  38. Assalam Alaikum. I am interested in studying Arabic language in this reputable university. I’ve tried to submit my application but I find it very difficult. I obviously need your assistance. Thank you.

    • Mansha Allah haha jazaakum ALLAHU khyra am so great ful for yr services pliz continue with that heart salaam,am interestrd to join please direct me

  39. Salam alekum please I need the application form attached with the needs and conditions.jazakumullahu khayran

  40. It’s been so long that I’ve been trying applications but I’ve not been considered. please be my guide to secure one.

  41. salam alykm am Yaseen John from Malawi,i have been looking for a place to learn the islamic studeis much more arabic language coarses,please i need your help

  42. salam alykm am a from Malawi being looking for place to learn islamic studies much more arabic language coarses i want the informetion to apply for the coarse,please help me

  43. As salammualaikum. I needed to apply the Arabic language courses.
    Please I need your help.

  44. Assalamu Alaykom
    A woman who is very interested to apply on this course please help me to avail this program.This is exactly what we need in our country here in Philippines for dawah purposes.
    May Allah help us ameen…

  45. Assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathahu. I am Md. Delwar Hossain from Bangladesh.I am interested in studying Arabic language can you help me for get admission on scholarship program. Thank you sir.

  46. Salamu Alaykum, I’m Hannatu Abba Kura from Nigeria I will lyk to Study Arabic Language Courses in any of your University for Scholarship please how do I get the admission thank you

  47. Assalamu aleikum

    My name is rayaan & I live in Pakistan
    I want to addmitions in madeenah university for learn Arabi language.
    But I don’t know how that tha possible
    please help me & give me information for addmitions
    Jazaak ALLAHU khaira

  48. hello sir/ madam,,,,,,,,
    i am ahmed ceesay how can i know if i am acceted scholaship at your university, islamic university in madeenah,

    thank you sukrrang.

  49. I’m a Muslim leaving in USA & would like to apply for scholarship to come to study Arabic. I can read properly the Quran without knowing the meaning until I look at the English verses. So please help how to apply

  50. Assalamu ‘alaykum. I am a Nigerian with BAED ISLAMIC STUDIES and I am interested in studying Arabic course please help me out.
    Jazaakumullaahu khayr.

  51. Assalamu alaikum, please I need admission for masters degree programs in Arabic language at any Saudi Arabia universities together with scholarship. what are the procedure . Help in Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala’s sake.

  52. السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته I wish to join your programme to notify me on the email whenever their is opportunity for next one admission form so you may notify to this email جزاكم الله خير الجزاء الأوفى

  53. Assalamualaykum wa rahmatullah, what options and programmes are offered in Saudi in terms of degrees in the islamic sciences for speakers of Arabic (females), and does a degree in London allow one to apply for a master’s in any of these university’s in either qism lughat 3arabiyyah or sharee3ah. Jazakumullahu Khayran.

  54. I am Hindu by birth but I like islam.i am.highly qualified and lawyer in apex court in india.i want join Islamic studies if scholarship is available. I want to know islam and want serve islam.

  55. As salamu alaykum, could someone direct me to a good university that would accept a female student who has no mahram preferably in an islamic country I. E saudi egypt ect to study the quran indepth aswell as to learn quranic arabic?

  56. Dear sir /ma,

    I will like to get admission from your reputable instutitiom of learning an arabic language for better knowledge in the reg lion becos am a christian from the background and which I have converted to muslim now .please I will be glad if I can get application forms for this .

    Best regards


  57. salaam pls need your female university for degree I finish my sanawy I need your help to attend one of your female university for degree pls I’m waiting your feed back thanks.

  58. Please I want to learn Quran and Islamic law in your school but I don’t have anybody to help me get so please can I apply the scholarship?

  59. I really need help to study the Quran and Arabic language fiqh and the hadith’s and the Islamic laws

    • Salam alaykum waramantulah wabarakatu, I wish to be a student in jamiatikum and I like to study sheriat law inna laha yuhinul Abdul mankanal Abdul yuhinul akhihi ma salam

  60. asalamu allaykum
    ALLHAHMDULILAH for every thing.
    whats good that the king denoted us this golden opportunity we have to respect him.
    my name is roble ahmed iidle
    Somali Student …
    studying ADMAS university year one for IT department of Telecommunications
    but am very interesting to became one of the world Arabic speakers .
    am 19-20 years old
    and my secondary certificate is Excellent with A grade.
    concluding am very glad to see this post due the loving selection of the Arabic Specialized. .
    i hope to get full moments in regard..
    am waiting 4your email..
    allhamdulilah and all praise for allah…
    yours faithful
    Roble Ahmed

  61. Assalamualaikum,
    Please I need admission for degree program in Arabic language at any Saudi Arabia university together with scholarship what are the procedures.Please help in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta`ala.

  62. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته i am from ethiopia I need to Islamic university. inridd. I need language Arabic please

  63. asalamu allaykum
    i am a married woman with one son, is it possible to study phd in arabic or phd in Islamic law with full scholarship your university ?

  64. Assalàmu’alykum. I am a South African citizen, 52years old and I’m humbly requesting sponsorship to study (Alim) course in Saudi. Allah Almighty will reward you in abbundence Insha’Allah. Shukran Jazeelan. Wassalàmu’alakum.

  65. As salaamu alaykum warahmatullohi wabarokatuhu am habeebullah ismaheel from nigeria,I’m haafidhul Qur’an but the problem i have is that how to speak arabic that’s why i need your help please help me for Allah sake.

  66. assalamu alaikum my name is ibrahim isah Muhammad pleas how do i get scholarship in this university i need your may almihty help us ameen

    your brother in islam from nigeria

  67. How will I apply Arabic Language Scholarship for undergraduate. Using my first semester result . Guide me please.

  68. My name is Abdullahi Ali, i am Somalian and i live in Mogadishu-Somalia, and i am very interested in learning in Saudi Arabia.

  69. Asallam alaykum i am from nigeria i we like to be your student in riyadh and i wont u to do it for the all mayte allahu i we expete the answer thanks u

  70. I am frm Nigeria, I av shahadat thanawiy and B.A in linguistic, please for whom might give me reliable information, am willing to be a student in this school to do my in Arabic or at least degree in Arabic. Please how do I go about that? Imformation needed includes; the time of application, what are requirements for both and undergraduate programs, then how do I apply. Jazaakumullahu

  71. assalamu alaikum i am from nigeri plz help me,i like to be your student in riyadh,and i wont u to do it for the all mayte Allah i will the expete the answer thank u.

  72. Slm alaikum…I am from Nigeria…nd I pass out thanawiyy bi modrasat nahdotil islamiyat ikotun…nd I nid ur assistant through cumin ova there…may Almighty Allah assist u as u’re assistin unknownin person……jazaka llahu…

  73. ASalam alaykum my name is abdush Shakur miftah I live in Nigeria i like to study at Saudi arabia I have just finished my idaadiyat at madrast ul muhammadiyah here in Nigeria, Thant you.

    • Assalam Aleikum .
      Am Kabuye Rashiidi a Ugandan by nationality aged 31 a product of Islamic university in Uganda and I hold Bachelor’s degree in education specialized in Arabic language and Islam. I would like to helped to actualise my dream of doing masters in Arabic language in the university of madinah.please how can be helped to actualise my dream and Uganda as a country to benefit from me.sincerely I wait for your positive response as you persue the interest of Islam in the world. Truly we thank you for your good services you render to people with out discrimination. May the Almighty Allah reward you richly and your final destination be Firidaus “ALLAHUMMA AMEEN”.

  74. Assalam Aleikum
    Is there any opportunity of scholarships for those who want to study abroad .I have a degree in education but I would like to do my masters in Arabic language. Please how best can you help me.
    Says kabuye Rashiidi a Ugandan by nationality and a product of Islamic university in Uganda.

  75. السلام عليكم.
    I am Nasihul Ameen, from India – Kerala. I Would like to Study English and Arabic Translation Diploma Course In King Saud University. I’d love to study in Arabia. Can you tell me how much to study there?

  76. Assalamllah aleakum, please kindly informed me for God sake. My name is Kamal from Nigeria I need scholarship & admission vto learn Arabic language in Saudi am linguist in English language B.A degree

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