AlMaghrib Institute and Kamal el-Mekki Still Using Magic Openly to Sell Tickets to their Events

 In the Name of Allaah, the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful…

After being exposed last year for using actual magic tricks (like levitation) to promote their expensive seminars and events, AlMaghrib Institute removed their official trailer called “Magic Tricks by Kamal el-Mekki”, not to repent, but to HIDE from criticism until the controversy died down. Their magician, “Shaykh” Kamal el-Mekki was exposed for promoting the magic of Criss Angel and Dynamo as perfectly halaal entertainment in events organized by Green Lane Masjid (Birmingham, UK), where he actually said:

I can show you every one of their tricks, how they do it, and every one of them has an explanation.

This was stated, word-for-word, in an interview conducted by Green Lane Masjid and uploaded on their official YouTube Channel. (Transcript)

Kamal el-Mekki boasts about how he knows all of the magic of some of the world's top illusionists, like Criss Angel and Dynamo.

Kamal el-Mekki claims to know all of the magic of some of the world’s top illusionists, like Criss Angel and Dynamo.

After this blatant promotion of magic reached the world and was exposed, Green Lane Masjid imam, Abu Usamah At-Thahabi, gave an entire Friday sermon against magic, accepting blame on behalf of the masjid’s administration for hosting someone who would promote magic. While the khutbah was tainted with demonization of the critics of the magic they promoted, unnecessary screening of the identity of the magician they hosted, and claiming that Green Lane had no prior knowledge of his connection to magic, a stance against magic did manage to reach the people. (Review: Advice to the Muslims of Green Lane Masjid)

With an issue this clear, including one of the things that nullifies a person’s Islaam entirely, magic, people may assume that “Kamal el-Mekki and AlMaghrib Institute must have repented by now.”

They Have Not Repented – The Proof

The proof that they were just hiding and waiting for the controversy to die down, and that they planned to continue to promote illusionary magic as a legitimate da’wah technique, is that AlMaghrib Institute has just recently re-launched its campaign to promote Kamal el-Mekki’s illusionary magic, using the same four-minute promotional video of magic tricks found on both their official YouTube Channel and their own website:

Magician Kamal el-Mekki performs levitation and two other magic tricks in this official Almaghrib trailer.

Magician Kamal el-Mekki performs levitation and two other magic tricks in this official 2011 AlMaghrib Institute trailer on YouTube. (Screenshot taken Shawwaal 17, 1434, or Aug.24, 2013.)

Above it can be seen that the official AlMaghrib trailer on YouTube is still there, yet the small symbol right before the word “Shahadah…” in the title means that the video is unlisted, viewable only to those who have the link.

What’s behind that? Late last year, after Muslims raised their voices about kufr (disbelief) being promoted as a legitimate da’wah tool, the video became heavily “disliked” by the YouTube community. The video, originally uploaded in 2011, began to draw a lot of heat from the Muslims who knew their Religion, and the usual “LOL so funny sheikh, how did you do that” comments became overtaken by educational information about the Islamic ruling on magic. The numerous comments of Islamic advice and warnings against magic led them to remove all the comments and classify the video as “private”, no longer showing up in the normal YouTube search results.

Someone might say: “See, basically they removed it, because they have repented.”

Not so. They have only tried to conceal it from criticism and controversy, yet keep it viewable to the unsuspecting youth who register for their courses, as their own website still promotes this video and links to it:

AlMaghrib Institute continues to use Kamal el-Mekki's magic tricks to promote their $145 seminars. (Aug.24, 2013)

AlMaghrib Institute still uses Kamal el-Mekki’s magic tricks to promote their $145 seminars. Screenshot taken Shawwaal 17, 1434 (Aug.24, 2013)

Muslims, Don’t be Fooled by AlMaghrib Institute!

With another upcoming seminar by magician Kamal el-Mekki, AlMaghrib Institute again tries to lure in unsuspecting Muslims who have an extra $145 to spend on their weekend entertainment.

After careful consideration of their activities and direction over the years, it can be identified that AlMaghrib Institute is a money-making scheme that preys on the ignorance of the Western audience. They have found young Muslims disconnected from Islamic knowledge and Muslim scholars, and instead of assisting them to get connected to the scholars of Islaam, they seek to exploit this weakness for profit. This is clearly the case with an individual like Yasir Qadhi leading the institute academically and designing and supervising its curriculum. On AlMaghrib Institute’s official website, as of today:

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is the Dean of Academic Affairs at AlMaghrib Institute, the man behind the curriculum.

Yasir Qadhi has been plotting for years to separate the Western Muslims from their scholars, replacing them with a band of entertaining story tellers, comedians, magicians, and propped up academics like those at AlMaghrib Institute. While teaching his students to resist the “imposed” fatwas of the traditional Muslim scholars “who are not fully aware of the reality of life in the West,” he can be found on the TV channel of Yusuf Estes, asking the American Muslims to do everything in their ability to promote that man and his channel. (What’s wrong with Yusuf Estes?)

Muslims in the West, Wake Up!

Quite simply, you will never learn real Islaam from a magician. A magician will never aid this Religion. He would only deceive you, confuse you, and lead you astray. Don’t squander the precious guidance given to you by your Lord!

I urgently beg my brothers and sisters to ask for Allaah’s Help in learning Islaam from its proper sources! Ask Him to give you success in learning Islaam from the Quran and Sunnah, as understood and taught by upright, qualified, traditional scholars of Islaam. Ask Him to give you refuge from anyone who would try to swindle you out of your money while leading you astray.

May Allaah give you success.

And Allaah knows best. May Allaah raise the rank of His final Prophet Muhammad, and grant him peace.

Written by: Moosaa Richardson


Shaykh Ibn Baaz on the Kufr (Apostasy) of Illusionary Magic

The Permanent Committee for Fatwaa in Saudi Arabia on Illusionary Magic

A Refutation of Kamal el-Mekki’s Attempt to Legitimize Magic
Amjad Rafiq

Promotion of Illusionary Magic as Halaal, Boasting about Knowing the Secrets of Some of the World’s Top Illusionists, Ridiculing Muslims who Forbid this Evil
Kamal el-Mekki


54 thoughts on “AlMaghrib Institute and Kamal el-Mekki Still Using Magic Openly to Sell Tickets to their Events

  1. May Allaah reward our brother Moosaa with every good in this life and the next for once again exposing al-Maghrib’s deviance and wicked plots to misguide the Muslims here in the West.

    One very important point Moosaa mentioned is that al-Maghrib prey upon the ignorance and weakness of the general Muslim folk, mainly the youth, here in the lands of the non-Muslims. It is upon them to aid these lost souls and connect them back to the Inheritors of the Prophets, yet instead they take advantage of them and push them further into misguidance.

    Does not Yasir Qadhi and co fear Allaah? Have they forgotten that they will one day stand before their Lord, responsible for all of these poor souls they took astray?

    Hence why Shaykh Rabee’ bin Haadee al-Madkhalee (may Allaah preserve him and prolong his life in defence of the Truth) has said many times before, that warning from the people of misguidance and innovation is in reality of rahmah (mercy) for them! Because warning against this individual and his wickedness means less people will follow him, therefore on the Day of Judgement when he is brought before Allaah, he will have less followers and in turn less sins to be accounted for.

    May Allaah grant the Muslims understanding of their religion and may He protect us and our families from all forms of misguidance and trials.

  2. Waleed Basyouni, Vice President of Almaghrib Institute, tweets in response to this article: “Can u stop this nonsense kufir stuff. If you do not like his or Almaghrib style, go to someone els. keep it simple” PATHETIC. The Muslims are demanding Almaghrib stop promoting illusionary magic as a dawah tool, which Kamal el-Mekki is SO ready to perform anyway, and the company’s VP acts like its a “style” choice!

    • Every Muslim is displeased with his company’s da’wah that includes promoting courses with magic tricks. We are the ones asking AlMaghrib Institute to “stop this nonsense kufr stuff” — How is that turned back on us!? That is ridiculous.

    • Agreed, it was never once about favoring someone’s certain “style” in giving da’wah. Rather, it was about the Truth, and clarifying it. The Truth should never have to be sacrificed, ever, not to opinions, to personalities, and definitely not to “styles.”

      Sh. Ibn Baaz: “…it is all kufr (apostasy), all of their magic is kufr, whether it is done through Satanic acts that harm the people, or through illusions..”

      The Scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah and their students sometimes refrain from issuing a verdict, fearing that maybe, just maybe on the Day of Judgment they will held accountable for misguiding just one person.

      Imagine the many Almaghrib are responsible for, Allahul-Musta’an.

  3. Maybe we’re not understanding the video? These ‘magic’ or tricks, he’s showing the illusions many magicians use (not using black magic). I think the essence of that is not to promote it… [truncated by admin]

    • Hashmi, thank you for visiting and commenting, and we apologize for deleting part of your comment, however we are afraid of meeting Allaah after publishing what would lead people into justifying illusionary magic in Islaam. As the scholars of Islaam have observed, there are two main types of magic described in the Quran: Genuine sorcery and illusionary magic. While some scholars dispute over the issue of illusionary magic and whether it takes one outside of Islam or not, they do not say that illusionary magic is halaal and OK to be used as a da’wah tool. This is something invented by Kamal el-Mekki, and Islam requires us to reject this from him. We ask you to spend a few minutes reading this article, and let us know if it has provided you with more insight into the issue or not. Thanks, and may Allaah reward you.

      • Also, don’t the scholars say the falsehood of the outcome proves the falsehood of the position? The end result is that people are being told it is NO PROBLEM to go and watch a Criss Angel (or Dynamo) magic show. Is there any Muslim who would accept this kind of falsehood? Can you even imagine a Muslim family sitting in the audience of a magic show?!

        • Excellent point, dear visitor, may Allaah bless you. The repugnant result of following those teachings is that Muslims would go to magic shows, and even bring a magician to the masjid to entertain the children on the ‘Eed days for example. One of the tricks illusionary magicians commonly do is placing people in a box and apparently cutting them in half with a saw, seperating the parts, and then putting them back together again. Could you imagine this in the house of Allaah? According to the fatwa of Kamal el-Mekki, nothing prevents this.

  4. In Almaghrib’s video “Magic Tricks by Shaykh Kamal el-Mekki” at about :50 he actually says, “You’ve probably been to a magician’s show, you’ve seen optical illusions…” Why would he think that Muslims would go to magician shows?! He is speaking to Muslims in the video. [link removed by admin]

    • Later in the same video he said: “So did you really believe that I levitated, when you saw that clip? Of course I did! No, OK, I didn’t.” He does not seem to care at all about honesty. This is what happens when people get carried away in excessive joking and trickery.

  5. Jazaakum Allaahu khayran. Two quick points:

    1) Please do not post links to Kamal el-Mekki’s magic tricks, not the levitation, not the cooking with dog feces, not even ripping up the phone book. We are warning against him and his magic, and we do not wish to link people to that nonsense.

    2) Be careful because your sworn enemy is very crafty. Think carefully before trying to learn the secret behind illusionary magic tricks! Has Iblees tricked you into learning magic?! Of course, we would not approve any comment trying to explain magic tricks in shaa’ Allaah, especially attempts to defend the practice of illusionary magic as a da’wah tool.

  6. As Salaam Alaykum, may Allah reward you with good and increase His bounties upon you.

    I would like to make a note, bi’ithnillah.

    You said:

    “(…)”pretending” that Green Lane had no prior knowledge of his connection to magic (…)”

    Akh, you only demonstrate in your pdf that GLM “could” make a research prior to invite that man, but you did not demonstrate they “had” real knowledge. It is a huge difference.

    HayakAllah wa jazaka allah khayran.

      • So people don’t get the wrong idea, we know for sure that they knew about his magic during and after his visit, as they asked him to perform a trick, and recorded his disgusting fatwaa in favor of illusionary magic, saying its halaal to attend magicians’ shows, boasting that he knows all the tricks of Criss Angel and Dynamo, etc. The big question is: WHAT DID THEY DO after knowing clearly about his stance on magic? They laughed at his antics, said nothing against him, and even uploaded his fatwaa and endorsement of illusionary magic to their YouTube Channel.

        Are we REALLY going to believe that “HAD THEY KNOWN” he was connected to illusionary magic they would not have brought him?

        The proof is in what they did once they clearly knew he was declaring magic permissible and mocking people who would forbid it. Only after the “butchers” (as Abu Usamah referred to them) warned against this promotion of kufr did they begin to act, only once it became an international issue. People who defend GLM in falsehood: Fear Allaah and wake up. (not directed at Umm Uthman, to be clear)

    • Dear brother Usman, Thank you for visiting and commenting. We apologize for removing most of your comment, but we are trying to fear the standing in front of our Lord and we don’t know how we would defend ourselves in front of Allaah publishing arguments in favor of a dangerous issue like illusionary magic. We can see that you are genuinely convinced and well-versed in Kamal el-Mekki’s arguments about illusionary magic not being genuine sorcery, and thus halaal. We hope you might give the scholars of Islam a chance to explain the issue to you, and ask Allaah to show you what is right. But please do read these two brief articles, seeking guidance from Allaah alone:

      Shaykh Ibn Baaz on the Kufr (Apostasy) of Illusionary Magic

      The Permanent Committee for Fatwaa in Saudi Arabia on Illusionary Magic

    • Do not continue to cooperate on sin and transgression, Allah strictly forbids this!

      Save your arguments about science and magnets, reasons and explanations, hand movements and distractions, as the magicians of Pharoah’s court were skilled illusionists whose magic is described in the Quran as illusionary tricks played on people’s eyes. Passages describing their sticks and ropes “AS IF they were snakes moving about” show that they employed illusionary tricks, not genuine sorcery, yet Allah still declared them disbelieving magicians, and concluded that the magician will never succeed, no matter what path he takes!

      Above is from an excellent advice to al-Maghrib supporters which I received it by email two days ago.

  7. Jazak Allah khair for the advice. I ask Allah to witness that I have recieved it and read it. Magic is very dangerous in every form and disguise it takes and one of shaytaans tricks to lure us into accepting it as “entertainment” and make believe. As such can be seen these days advertised through television to movies as harry potter where children are brainwashed into magic and such tv shows. May Allah keep us firm upon the rope of Allah and protect us from the plots of shaytan.

  8. Assalamu alaykum… I don’t understand how you can slander your brother(Kamal El Mekki) like this. Only because he said he can do magician tricks? And what? Is this Haram? [long email truncated by admin]

    • wa ‘alayk as-salaam. Thank you for visiting and commenting. May Allaah give us success in attaining His Pleasure alone. There is no slander in what we have written. What we have written here is documented and verifiable. Slander is a serious crime, a major sin in Islaam. Accusing Muslims of slander falsely is slander itself, so repent to Allaah, and be more careful in the future. May Allaah be gracious with you and guide you to what is better.

      If you are honestly asking if magicians’ tricks are haraam, then YES, they are, by clear textual evidences in the Quran. Read the passages about the illusionary magic tricks of Pharoah’s magicians (20:64-76, 26:38-51), asking Allaah the One who turns the hearts, to make the truth clear to you, and if the truth is with the scholars of Islam and not with Kamal el-Mekki, that He gives you the sincerity and courage needed to leave Kamal el-Mekki’s teachings. May Allaah give you success.

      • Reading all these replies is very interesting, and educational. SubhanAllah!! I hope people can appreciate some of the very helpful responses here and think over the issue carefully. May Allah reward you generously for giving us a chance to express our concerns and ask about what we don’t understand.

    • Why is it that you truncated every post trying of somewhat defending Kamal El Mekki? What he did is wrong and everyone understand this, but it seems to me that you allow him to be slandered… [TRUNCATED by admin!]

      • Because, Abdisalan -may Allaah give you better- :

        1) This is not an “open” forum, it is moderated to ensure it does not allow the spread of harm to the Religion of Islaam.
        2) Defending or promoting a man who declares illusionary magic to be perfectly halaal is a great harm to the Muslims.
        3) Defending or promoting a man who wishes to perform magic tricks at Islamic conferences is a great harm.
        4) Defending a man who openly announces that he knows all the magic tricks of Criss Angel and Dynamo is a great harm.
        5) Defending a man who subtly invites his audience to learn from him the magic of Criss Angel and Dynamo is an extremely great harm.

        These are facts, based on clear statements directly from the man’s mouth. He himself does not deny any of this. Please note that it is highly unjust in Islaam to accuse Muslims of slander when they warn their brothers and sisters of seriously harmful matters like these. Warning against evil is not slander, yet it IS slander to accuse people of things they have not done (like you accusing people of slandering Mekki just now). Reflect, put your emotions aside, and ask for Allaah’s Assistance in sorting matters out with justice. And thank Allaah for a brother in Islaam who would prevent your harmful speech from reaching others, saving you from some serious accountability in front of Allaah! May Allaah give you success.

  9. Assalamu alaykum. May Allah reward you with good Moosa. And may Allah keep us firm upon His religion. Moosa if you don’t mind, can you clarify/correct something for me insha’Allah ; there’s 3 types of magic – 1)physical, that causes harm, this is shirk and kufr as assistance of jinn is used. Then there’s 2)illusionary, no doubt that’s kufr, and is it shirk or does it become shirk when shayateen are used? And there’s 3) sleight of hand tricks – is this kufr or just haram? JazakAllahu khayran

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi. Some scholars have classified magic into as many as ten categories. However, the magic mentioned in the Book of Allaah is of two types – genuine sorcery and illusionary magic. Elementary sleight of hand tricks are the madkhal (the door) through which people who wish to practice and promote illusionary magic (and perhaps genuine sorcery eventually) come through.

      For example, making a coin “disappear” by diverting a child’s attention and then pretending to pull it out of his ear may seem like a harmless and even pleasant way of amusing a child, however, where is this leading you and that child? Consider that the one who promotes this concept that he calls “simple explainable sleight of hand tricks” eventually will have you sitting in front of a shaytan like Criss Angel. Kamal el-Mekki is not attempting to simply justify card tricks and sleight of hand magic. That’s the setup, the “diversion” in his bigger trick (the magic of rhetoric) of getting Muslims to accept magicians who cut people in half, walk on fire, levitate, read your mind, etc.

      • This is so true! O Allah protect us! The beginning is like Elmekki swallowing a grape saying he made it disappear. Its the primer! He’s setting the stage for Muslims to accept illussions. Then maybe a card trick, or ripping a phone book in half. Then…then…then… until you are online trying to learn how some serious magician like Dynamo floated into the sky or walked on the River Thames, then the Shaitan got you actually LEARNING MAGIC!! JazakAllaha khair for opening our eyes!

  10. It is enough of a proof against an organization that its followers are trained to view warnings against clear evil such as magic as “slander”.

    • Yusuf, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have sent you a response by email. May Allaah make us from those who truly follow the manhaj of the likes of Shaykhs Ibn Baaz, Ibn ‘Uthaymeen, and Al-Albaanee, in truth, not the innovated manhaj of jokes, comedy, stories, magic, and personality attachments embodied in the Almaghrib marketing scheme.

  11. I have really benefitted from this article, jazakumullahu khair. I’m warning all my sisters in Qabeelat Safa and those I met in Qabeelat Haqq. I wish some of them will wake up. Some of them have already spoke about me cause I’m not with them anymore. I advised some of them to read the truth about Kamal Elmekki and Walid Basyouni and they started treating me like an enemy instantly without even listening.

  12. salaam alaikoum wa rahmatullaahi wa baaraketu Ustaad Moosaa Jazaak Allaahu khayra for the clarification.
    Allaahul-Mustaan its very sad to read how people attack those that follow the Truth. May Allaah keep us firm and upright upon Siraatul-Mustaqeem Ameen

  13. Assalamu ‘Alaykum,

    I know sh Kamal el-Mekki personally. I have spent just over a year with him in the city where I am residing. I have been to his house on numerous occasions. The magic he is saying is the visual tricks not the actual black magic of those who do shirk with Allah عز و جل. Also people like Chris Angel, David Cooperfield and David Blaine use visual tricks and NOT real black magic. [Message abridged by admin]

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaam. Sulaiman, you are obviously quite convinced in Kamal el-Mekki’s opinion. I’d like to make a simple request of you – that you do an honest review of the Quranic accounts of the magicians of Pharoah’s court, who were using illusionary magic, as Allaah Himself has said ( فإذا حبالهم وعصيهم يخيل إليه من سحرهم أنها تسعى ), which means that their “snakes” were nothing but optical illusions [20:66]. Note that Allaah did not say their staffs and ropes actually became snakes, as He described Moosaa’s staff ( فإذا هي حية تسعى ), “It suddenly became a real snake slithering about” [20:20], The magicians’ illusions were not even moving in reality, since Allaah said that they were made to seem that they were slithering about! Rather, they merely played illusionary tricks on the people’s eyes, as Allaah described: ( سحروا أعين الناس ), meaning: “They tricked the people’s eyes with (illusionary) magic” [7:116]. This is what the scholars of Islaam categorize as sihr at-takhyeel or khayaalee ( سحر التخييل أو السحر الخيالي ). This is real sihr (magic) in the Book of Allaah. The illusionary magicians of Pharoah’s court were disbelievers akhee, by Quranic text. Please invest the time to learn about this essential issue from the scholars of Islaam, and leave the magicians and their justification of their magic for the sake of Allaah. ( ولا يفلح الساحرون ) “Magicians never succeed” [10:77]

      Here, you have sought to defend a magician, and by Allaah’s Permission, you have actually provided further convincing proof of el-Mekki’s evil! What Muslim would think the magic of those shayaateen you mentioned (Criss Angel, Copperfield, Blaine!) is a permissible thing to be involved in!? Subhaan Allaah, what deception! ( ولا يفلح الساحر حيث أتى ) “A magician will not succeed no matter what approach he takes!” [20:69]

      Since you have been to el-Mekki’s house (and may continue to visit him), then I need to remind you further to refrain from eating that magician’s food, since he cooks with dog feces, as he has claimed himself and shown in his own videos. No “LOL”s and no “ROFL”s, just: We seek refuge with Allaah from being deceived and harmed by Shayaateen.

      Fear Allaah, dear brother, repent to Him alone from defending pure falsehood, I promise you will find Him All-Forgiving and Merciful to those who repent! (Please read the translations of the scholars’ words on illusionary magic in the links provided above at the end of the article – very enlightening!)

      • thanks a lot brother for clarifying the deviant manhaj of such people,
        i was a fan of alkauthar and al maghrib so called stars but all praise is due to Allah who saved me from their misguidance,
        I have a question which is regarding food which i was planning to attend their course of fiqh of food and clothing but Alhamdulillah Allah created such a situation that i could not attend
        so the question is are we allowed to eat veg or non veg at KFC, MacD, Pizza hut ,dominos and other similar restaurant in non muslim country.

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. Warning your brothers and sisters from harmful matters for the Sake of Allaah is an excellent act of worship. Allaah says (what means): “The believers, both male and female, are allies to one another, they order goodness, forbid evil…” [9:71] And He says, what means, “Let there be from you a group that invites to righteousness, orders good, and forbids evil. Such are the successful ones.” [3:104] And the Prophet (may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace) said, what means, “Whoever of you sees an evil thing, let him change it with his hand (when in authority). If he is incapable of that, then let him change it with his tongue…” [Muslim]

      Illusionary magic is a clear munkar (evil) in Islaam.
      Promoting magic tricks as da’wah tools is a heinous innovation and munkar.
      Defending this approach or demanding that people remain silent about it is another clear munkar.
      Demonizing those who warn against these matters is another munkar.
      Promoting a methodology of jokes in da’wah is a serious munkar that leads to many other evils.
      The presence of a Dean of Academic Affairs who builds bridges with the Shee’ah and Soofees and cuts the people off from their scholars is a huge munkar.
      The whole approach of replacing the real scholars of Islam with a group of young “entertainers” is a monstrous evil that opens the doors for so many other evils.
      The development and fostering of a cult-like loyalty to a group upon the above mentioned matters is another serious evil.

      Warning your brothers and sisters in Islaam from this group and all of its evil is a great display of love and concern. “The Deen is Naseehah.” We hope you would purify your intention and warn your brothers and sisters in Islaam from this group and its evils. And yes, there is great reward with Allaah, and yes, it is an act of ‘ebaadah, as calling to the Path of Allaah is one of the greatest kinds of ‘ebaadah, and calling to the Path of Allaah is not accomplished without inviting to the Straight Path and warning from crooked paths of misguidance. May Allaah grant you success and bless you.

      • I agree with the points you made, I ask Allah AlHaleem, to guide us and you and all Muslims away from all misguidances, to correct understanding if the Quran and sunnah. May Allah, All wahid, All ahead , Assamad, Allathi lam yalid was lam yoolad was lam yakun kahu kufuwan ahead, make the truth clear and make it rise, and make us accept it. indeed Allah us able to do all things.

  14. Salam. This is an issue of serious concern. It seems people like Kamal and Estes have a hidden agenda to mislead the people by their oratory skills. May Allah guide them and protect us from evil.

    • Aameen. Khalid, it seems to be that preachers in the West gain an audience and become popular, and then instead of helping their followers get connected to the scholars of Islam and thus – true knowledge, they enjoy being the reference point themselves, and basically take the place of the scholars among their followers, in their circles. Then, just as the Prophet (may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace) predicted, they give fatwaas based out of ignorance, whilst they are misguided themselves, leading others into misguidance.

      اتَّخَذَ النَّاسُ رُؤوسًا جُهَّالًا، فَسُئِلُوا فَأَفْتَوْا بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ، فَضَلُّوا وَأَضَلُّوا
      “…The people would take ignorant people as their (religious) leaders, and they would be asked and respond with fatwaas without knowledge, going astray themselves, leading others astray.”
      [Bukhari & Muslim]

      How else did the magic of Pharaoh’s magicians become perfectly halaal?
      How else did Marijuana become permissible for medical purposes? [clarified here]
      How else did the majority of the Muslims (even when they are misguided) become the yardstick by which to judge others’ guidance? [clarified here]
      How else did the Ja’fari math-hab of the Iranian Raafidhah become a perfectly legitimate math-hab? [clarified here]

      We ask Allaah to wake our brothers and sisters up to these plots, and to open their eyes to the games of these unworthy and incapable “replacements” for the scholars of Islam.

  15. …common sense should inform you that your local shaykh understands your situation and would be in a better position to give you relevant advice than “OUR SCHOLARS”. living several miles away east… [comment abridged by admin]

    • Salim, thanks for visiting and commenting. May Allaah bless you. I think it would be very helpful to ponder over this point carefully, and perhaps there will be a lot of good in it: The more deserving of any two scholars – equally qualified – to give a fatwaa about a specific situation is the one who has more knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the situation, absolutely true. So for a fatwa about life in America, yes, the more deserving of two equally qualified scholars is the one who knows more about the dynamics of American culture in many but not all cases. BUT, here’s the game-changing question for you, and for all of our brothers and sisters being misled by the Almaghrib scheme as well:

      Why do we believe that Yasir Qadhi is on the level of the scholars of Islam?

      Scholarship, real scholarship, is tangible. It is recognizable. Specifically, scholars recognize it. Scholars are recognized by each other. They refer to each other’s books. They refer to each other’s fatwaas. They mention each other. Scholars are recognized amongst each other. While it is possible for one scholar here and there to not know about another one specifically, yet as a body of people of knowledge they know and recognize each other in general. Which scholars (not TV personalities or political activists) know of and recommend Yasir Qadhi? Then, which scholars tell us that Yasir is enough for us in America, and we should ask him instead of asking the scholars of Islam? Of course, I am not asking about Almaghrib employees like Waleed Basyouni or Muhammad Alshareef. I am asking about real scholars of Islam who are recognized by the scholars.

      Pondering over this point specifically, with sincerity to Allaah, seeking to follow what is correct, is key. I ask Allaah to give you success.

  16. Assalam alaikum ustaadh. We ask Allah to aid and reward you with youre dawah efforts.

    This is sort of a personal question, but youre advice would be greatly appreciated. I will try and keep it as short but as sufficient as possible.

    In regards to magic of seperating husband and wife……

    Basically, 2 days ago, me and my wife returned from Morocco where we stayed in a private villa for a week. Now from yday, she has been acting very weird, showing from her actions and speech that she no longer wishes to be my wife, being repelled by me everytime shes near me.

    Now I can assure you 100 percent that before yesterday, wallahi there hasnr been any problems and shes never showed any behaviour like such. It was like a complete change of personality, hence my concern that it could be magic since before yesterday and our whole stay on holiday was enjoyed by both of us and we were very happy witheachother and this was like such throughout our years of marriage.

    What would you advice me with ustaadh because the way its heading its almost certain it will lead to a divorce?

    Baarakallahu feek.

    • Wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. This case sounds like the effects of magic, whether through a potion of sarf, or a word of nameemah, intended to set a happy couple against each other and ruin their marriage. Seek refuge with Allaah alone from the magic, understanding firmly that the One you are seeking refuge with is more powerful than any magical spell or harm from His Creation. Beg Him to remove what is harming your marriage. Read Quran upon your wife, and ask her as well to seek refuge with Allaah from the mischief of those who intend harm. Read the Statement of Allaah, with firm conviction in its truth: فَيَتَعَلَّمُونَ مِنْهُما مَا يُفَرِّقُونَ بِهِ بَيْنَ الْمَرْءِ وَزَوْجِهِ وَما هُمْ بِضارِّينَ بِهِ مِنْ أَحَدٍ إِلاَّ بِإِذْنِ اللَّهِ which means “And they learn from those two (angels) what would separate a man from his wife, yet they would not be able to harm anyone at all with that, except by the Permission of Allaah” [2:102]. Counter the filth of kufr and magic with the purity of towheed and drawing near to Allaah, and you will be successful. May Allaah grant you success.

        • You normally would not be able to know for sure, unless the magician admitted it to you. Otherwise, there are just indicators. Personal desires changing completely can be the same thing as magic, meaning: That is the effect of the magic spell. Magic is called sihr in Arabic which indicates things that are hidden and difficult to detect. Whether it is magic or not (whatever the cause), turning back to Allaah and asking Him alone is the solution. May Allaah rectify your affairs.

  17. Assalamualaikum Wa Rah’matullaahi wa Barakaatu Very beneficial advice by our brother Moosa and i ask Allaah to grant the brother and the ones affiliated with the Daw’ah of Salafiyyah success and protect them from every harm

    Sincerely yours
    Riasat Faruque
    A brother from Bangladesh

  18. I am glad I came across this article.

    I have had my first experience with Al Maghrib institute back in 2009 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and it was a huge disappointment: from the way they try to promote their seminars by misleading people, to the way some of their instructors conduct their seminars.

    I have sent then an email with my feedback and concern about the seminar but they never responded to me. However they kept bombarding me with their email promotions, and started having calls to my landline automatically with the instructor’s voice promoting the course.

    I have called and mails them numerously to ask them to remove me from the list.

    They kept telling me that the branch I was trying to reach is from the US and was separate from the one n Canada yet the number that displayed on my phone was from them. This has been going on for over 6 years until last year when I threatened them to formally complain to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

    That took 24 hours from the to respond to me and indicate they have removed my name.

    I am not trying to create a Fitna by writing this, however I felt compelled to share my stories as their courses were expensive. I don’t know how much they cost now, but back then I spent close to $500 for 3 of us for a 2 day Seminar.

    They are money-driven. I have been very disappointed in them.

    I have never attended their seminar even on the Free Friday evenings prior to the Seminar starting as it is always a way for them to mislead people into registering but falsely promoting the course…

    May Allah guide us. It is very dangerous nowadays for Muslims to know the truth from falsehood. I pray Allah to help us in the path that pleases him. [message slightly truncated by admin]

  19. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu,

    I recently heard that believing in magic is haraam and it causes one to exit Islaam. Can you clarify what type of belief in magic causes you to nullify your Islaam? Is this simply believing that magic exists, or is it a different belief? I’m both confused and worried for my Islaam and I need some clarification.

    • Wa ‘alayk as-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.

      [A] From one angle, it is obligatory to “believe in” magic. This means: to believe in its existence and its impact by the Permission of Allaah.

      [B] From another angle, it is haraam to “believe in” magic. This means: Learning it, using it, hiring its practitioners, or teaching it.

      The distinction is very important, because whoever does not believe in the existence of magic is a disbeliever, having rejected realities described in the Quran and authentic Sunnah; yet whoever believes in magic, according to the second meaning (meaning B above) has left Islam and is a disbeliever.

      And Allaah knows best.

  20. Completely irrelevant to magic, but does the story of ‘Umar radhiallaahu anhu burying his daughter alive have any basis to it?

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