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Umm Al-Quraa University
A Virtual Tour

A Student's Dorm Room.jpg

The 'Arabic Language Institute.jpg

'Arabic Language Institute.jpg

The College of Social Sciences.jpg

A View from the Cafeteria.jpg

The UQU Clinic.jpg

A Gate with a Little Tiny Padlock.jpg

The Library.jpg

A Dorm Room.jpg

Student Affairs Building.jpg

The Arabic Language Institute.jpg

Some Trees on Campus.jpg

One of the Main Gates.jpg

A Parking Lot Near the University.jpg

The Main Gate with the Arabic Language Institute Just Inside.jpg

The University is at the end of this road.jpg

The Aboo Bakr Dormitory for Students.jpg

An Example of Off-Campus Housing.jpg

This road goes from the dorm to the Haram.jpg

An Actual Classroom in the Language Institute.jpg

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