The So-Called Story of Alqamah, Whose Mother was Displeased with Him

In the Name of Allaah…

The following fabricated story has been passed around in emails and is found on some websites that don’t seem too concerned about what is attributed to the Messenger of Allaah (may Allaah raise his rank and grant him peace):

Alqamah (radi Allahu anhu) was a very pious person. He spent his time in prayer and fasting. At the approach of death he was unable to proclaim the Kalima Shahada, in spite of repeated instruction by those present. Alqamah’s wife sent a messenger to Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) to inform him of Alqamah’s grave condition.

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) enquired whether the parents of Alqamah were alive. He was informed that Alqamah’s mother was alive. Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) asked the aged mother about Alqamah. She replied: ‘Alqamah is a very pious person. He passes his time in Salat and Saum. He performs Tahajjud, but he always disobeys me for the sake of his wife. I am, therefore, displeased with him.’

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: ‘It will be best for him if you forgive him.’ However, she refused. Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) ordered Bilal (radi Allahu anhu) to gather firewood. On hearing this order, Alqamah’s mother asked in consternation: ‘Will my child be burnt in the fire?’

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: ‘Yes! Compared to the punishment of Allah, our punishment is light. I take oath by Allah that as long as you remain displeased with him, neither his Salat nor his Sadaqah is accepted.’

The old lady said: ‘I make you and all people present witness that I have forgiven Alqamah.’ Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) addressing the gathering, said: ‘Go and see if the Kalima is on the tongue of Alqamah or not.’

After returning from Alqamah the people informed him that he was reciting the Kalima. Thus, he left this world with the Kalima on his lips. After burying Alqamah, Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: ‘The curse of Allah is on the one who causes difficulty to his mother. The curse of the angels and the curse of mankind be on him. Allah Ta’ala neither accepts his Fardh nor his Nafl Ibadat as long as he does not repent and obey his mother. He has to gain her pleasure as best as he can. Allah’s Pleasure depends on the mother’s pleasure and His Wrath is concealed in her wrath.’ [Ahmad]

This is a fabrication that was actually deleted from the Musnad of Imaam Ahmad by the author himself, since it was narrated by Faa’id ibn ‘Abdir-Rahmaan, an abandoned narrator.  So it is not correct to attribute it to Imaam Ahmad, as pointed out by Shaykh al-Albaanee in his Dha’eef at-Targheeb (2/144), and he referenced it for those who want more details about it to as-Silsilah ad-Dha’eefah (#3183), calling it dha’eef jiddan.  Other scholars listed it in their books warning against fabrications, like Ibn al-Jowzee in his al-Mowdhoo’aat.
it seems to be widespread on websites in both Arabic and English, those that don’t seem to care much about authenticity.  Furthermore, it is incorrect to narrate this story as a hadeeth under the pretense that it is about fadhaa’il al-a’maal (virtuous deeds), since there is a lot of meaning to the narration outside of that, and the permissibility of using such narrations just for admonishments does not include narrations that are severely weak or fabricated, as is the case here.
Furthermore, in the story are clear indications that it is not authentic, like the mention of a person not having his prayer or charity accepted whilst his mother is not pleased with him, or that the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhe wa sallam) was actually gathering firewood to burn him!  We seek refuge with Allaah!
So be warned, fear Allaah the One who puts people in the Hellfire because of lies on the Messenger (sallallaahu alayhe wa sallam), and warn those who have narrated this to you.  And Allaah knows best.
Written by: Moosaa Richardson
ST Archives: 4/13/2011

5 thoughts on “The So-Called Story of Alqamah, Whose Mother was Displeased with Him

  1. The majority of this story is found in the Urdu school books.
    It is in the Urdu school books (as part of the National Curriculum) taught in Pakistan.
    So anyone who went through the Pakistani education system will certainly know\heard this story. And Allaahu’Alam.

  2. As salaam u alikum
    in kashmir,our katheebs often mention it on pulpits.We people here are so much devoid of knowlege that we rely on these fabrications and leave the authentic ahaadeeth and athaar.May Allaah guide us

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullaah! Alhamdulillaah we in Nigeria have a strong, dedicated cycle of Sunni scholars who battle day and night to teach us not the only the Sunnah, but also the fabricated and weak reports in the Deen and how to identify and avoid them. We have since learnt about stories like these and their Weaknesses. Alhamdulillaah!
    However, we have been battling with the KHAWAARIJ in the last 5-6 years, the Sufis for decades, and now worst of all, the Shiites are gaining ground. We therefore need your Prayers and frequent talks on the Shiites or Shiah – related ‘shubuhahs’ and their clarfications. Alhamdulillaah I have been Visiting this site for almost a year now (and other Salafi Websites like […] Salafitalk, Shiah.Bs […] etc)…
    …Therefore, I always pray for you people and ask Allah subhaanahu wa Ta’aala to guide and protect you and us, and to increase us in knowledge, guidance, Ikhlaas and Wisdom to continue loving and protecting the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam.
    Baarakallaahu feekum. [comment abridged by admin]

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