List of Accepted Students at Imam University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1435-1436)

In the Name of Allaah…

Imam Muhammad ibn Su’ood Islaamic University in Riyadh has just published the list of accepted students from all over the world for the upcoming academic year: 1435-1436 (2014-2015).

The Admissions Department publicized a list of 240 242 (updated) international scholarships, which includes students from all around the world, among them:

  • 5 Americans
  • 5 Britons
  • 6 Filipinos
  • 4 Canadians
  • 5 French

Source: Official published list from the university (PDF) [UPDATED]

Contact Information for “Admissions” for Follow-up:

We pray that Allaah blesses them all and grants them success in their studies.

About studying at Imam University (click here)

*NOTE: Riyadh has recently had its area code changed. The old area code was 01. The new one is 011.

144 thoughts on “List of Accepted Students at Imam University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1435-1436)

  1. Assalamu alaikku yaa sheik i am firthous from srilankan i like too much studying in madinah becoz that’s very top islamic university plz help me how to apply in madinah tell me

    • Assalaamu Alaykum Akee

      How did you apply to the university? I attempted but my name is not on the list? Did you go in person? Did you do it online? May Allah accept and bless your studies

    • Assalamualaikum brother Michael Anthony Labrada. My name is Onais Mohsin. Alhumdulilllah I also got accepted along with the 4 brothers from America. Maybe we can communicate about the procedures required now that we are accepted. You can contact me on
      skype: onais.mohsin

        • السلام عليكم و رحمة الله
          New list came out and alhamdulilah my name was added ! I’m the fith American on the list can the other brothers add me on Skype inshaaAllah . ilir214

  2. Salamu alaykum ikhwan, does anyone know when the list for the second semester comes out Insha’allah?
    Jazakallaahu kkayran.

  3. السلام عليك أيا أخي الكريم، متى يطلع الفصل الثاني لأنه المنتظر؟
    يعينك الله عليه، وجزاك الله عنا خدمة للإسلام، أمين.
    السلام عليك ورحمة الله وبركاته.

  4. Assalaamu Alaykum Akhee,

    Could you please inform how to get follow up on a couple of applications to King Saud University?

  5. salamu alaikoem igwa i have one question

    is it true that there is coming a next list of the university in Riyadh, i heard that what i see now is the old list of 2014-2015 but there will come a new one,

    is this true? jazakamu allahu gairan

  6. As Salaam Alaikum Akhi,

    Alhamdulillah I was accepted. Can you tell me what the Imam University ID is for the Enjaz application?

    Has anyone else attempted to complete the enjaz by himself?

    JazakAllah Khair

  7. They added an extra name to the Americans. His name is Hassan abdullahi Warsame. Pleases add his name to this list.

    Note to admin: information is per student at the jamiah who picked up my acceptance letter, along with the other Americans. They informed him of this addition

  8. asalamualaykum! is this the last list of approved student for this coming school year or there is second phase? somebody told us that my brother’s name is included in the office admission bulletin board but unfortunately his name is not included here.

  9. Asalamualaykum, can anybody tell me i applied for the arabic program in june this year for which year my application will be considered.

      • I believe that they haven’t release it yet. We have a student in the jamiah frequently checking. Have you brothers received you acceptance letters?

        • Assalamu alaykum,

          your name seems familiar. Are you a student of knowledge? If so, please give me your email address so that you can refer some of my questions to the scholars. THEY ARE VEYR IMPORTANT: (short outline)
          1. Is it Kufr to be a referee in a football match which is haram?
          2. Are Haram contracts and rules Kufr?
          3. Are sport courts Taghut?

          • I am not a student of knowledge ahki. Nor do i have any connection with the Ulama. Im sorry. BarakAllahu feek

  10. akhee labrada, yes i got my acceptance letter alhamdulilah, can you keep us up to date when you hear somthing about the visa numbers. barakallahu feek

  11. does anyone know when the visa numbers came out last year for the fall semester? about what time and how long after the list was released?

  12. I will like to study Islam in Saudi Arabia, but most of the Universities there have age limit in their requirements, i am 36, what options du i have?


    • i am Bangladeshi. there is so many restrictions to send all documents to this reason please give an email for sending documents.

  13. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    A brother who studie in the (Imam Saud) University gave my documents to the director sinds December. I would like to know if I am accepted. I’m from Belgium. Can you give me a feedback please. أحسن الله إليكم

  14. asalamu alaikum. i live in the Gambia, i wanna know more details about your next admission please.

  15. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    I was wondering when the acceptance list for the Imaam Saud University is posted on the website for 2015-2016.

    جزاكم الله خيرا

  16. Assalam alaikum am very happy to be accepted at your univesity may the almigt Allah reward you. I ‘m also requesting for the acceptance letter
    jazaka llahu khairah

  17. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Are there any students of Belgium accepted for the University of Imaam Saud?
    If somebody found the link of the acceptance list, please send it by feedback.

    جزاكم الله خير

    • السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

      It will come soon in shaa Allah, we need to have patience.

      أحسن الله إليكم

  18. assalamualaykum iwant studying islamic abrod specialy in madina masha allah.. I’m filipino.. shiekh.. plzz help for registrd.. my tribe need a dahi.. shiekh help me.plz may bless us… insha allah..

  19. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Dear brother,
    do u have some update of the Acceptance list of Imam ibn Saud University 2015-2016 or should we have patience and wait for 2 weeks.

    Please let us know,

    أحسن الله إليكم

  20. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Any news about acceptance list University Imam Muhammad ibn Saud 2015-2016?

    جزاكم الله خير

  21. أبو أحمد

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Can u please give us more information of the new acceptancelist please for 2015-2016, the 1st semester started yesterday. Please give us a reply.

    أحسن الله إليكم

    • Assalamu Alaikom brother!
      How You understood 1st Semester Started??
      Admin Please answer us.. How Much we must wait else?
      waiting is HARD..

      • السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

        I know some Salafibrothers whom study in the Imam ibn Saud university. They started a week ago.

  22. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    Did the acceptance list came out yet? We are still waiting for the list. Do u have any information, please respond on my message.

    أحسن الله إليك

  23. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    When will the acceptance list been published please? بارك الله فيكم

    • Wa alaikum salaam warahmatulaahi wabarakaatuh.

      Sorry akhi, all I know is that they that they are waiting for names to return back from the ministry. No one here will know when the list will come out I think.

      We just have to wait

  24. Assalamu alaikum. Does anybady know when will the list of the accepted students of this academic year (2nd semester) be published? Has anyone mentioned any dates? Jazakumullahu khayran!

  25. Send request on my name and when the names come out i will inform you all ,and be informed that names are postponed becoz govt will accept the great number of students due to socio and geopolitical changes.

    • Salamu aleikum

      Who are the accepted students of UK, USA, The Netherlands and Belgium? Could you please give us information. Djazaaku Allah khayran

  26. assalamu alaikum I am Abubakar Ibrahim Adam from Nigeria pls brothers in Islam when did the admission list for 2015/2016 will out at imam ibn Muhammad saud university?

  27. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،

    Dear admin, do u have any information about the new acceptance list for 1436-1437 (2015-2016)? The Second Semester begins at 24 January 2016.
    Please let us know.

    أحسن الله إليكم

  28. Assalaamu alaikum Ikhwaan! Alhamdulilaah. SOME names of accepted students have arrived back from the ministry.

    New accepted students 2016 second semester.

    The names of SOME countries that have been seen so far are

    Some African countries
    Far east Asia
    Eastern European

    [message truncated by admin]

      • Wa alaikum salaam

        So far only far eastern European countries. Eg. kosova turkey

        I Dont know how to check for other countries, since only a few names have been seen, mostly east africa, east asia more names to follow inshaa allaah

          • Wa alaikum salaam brother I tried to put a comment on here but it didn’t go through.

            yes how will we contact each other so I may be able to tell you.

            As for applying you have to hand it in. That is what I knew. If there are new methods then I do not know about them.

  29. Assalaamalakum, Hayyk’Allah akhi al kareem, How do I apply for imam Saud I want to apply for the academic year of 2016/2017? Baraak’Allahu Feekum

  30. Assalamu alaikum is it true the admission list is out? if yes, which process shall I follow to see the admission list especially the Nigeria list? thanks

  31. السلام علیکم ورحمه الله وبرکاته

    Every Day I check that May Someone tell me positive About Accept Students list..
    But.. No Answers
    When Everday Is going Down
    My heart is twice going Down
    I really love to Study in KSA
    But What happened this year for Showing Accepted list

    Please Don’t down us After this

    If they Show it.. When
    this month or next or when

    I can’t to wait more
    because I waited arround 1.5 Year

    Please please please Answer

  32. I can’t put up that list I have no permission, it has just been seen by some students there.

    Brother from kosovo you will need to tell me your r name or you should provide a way for me to contact you

  33. pla

    salam my name is OUBO-GAOU ABDOU-RASSIDOU from Togo please can you check it for me whether am accepted or not

  34. Asalaamu alykum, Brothers inshaa Allaah the complete list shall come out. I was only informing you so you do not lose hope. Please wait for the university to compile all the names together and send it out. May Allaah make all of your affairs good for you all

  35. assalamualaykum warahmatullah admin,

    one of the brothers at the jamiah brought my passport number to a certain office a month ago (i forgot the name of the office in arabic) and they informed him that i have been accepted to the university and there just waiting for my visa to arrive from the ministry in shaa Allah. im currently lost at the moment and was wondering if you could give me some insight? im not sure exactly what step to take next. i heard the last list that madinah university dropped was actually for accepted students from the 2014-2015 school year and they are that backed up. does it look like the students who got accepted this year 2015-2016 arent going to be called for a while for there visas? it would be greatly appreciated akhi if you could ask for me. baarakAllahu feek.

    as well i forgot to mention i was accepted with Colombian nationality but i currently live in the states. My name on my passport is Jonathan Molano Rojas. jazakallah khair.

    • Wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. You need to check the mail at the address you used in your application. That is where the acceptance letter and visa authorization goes.

  36. Asalamu calekum brothers when it comes out the list of acceptance to the university of King bin saud.
    I from italy I apply the university 1.1.2015.
    My name is abdirahman Mohamed abukar plz answer
    Barakalahu fika.

  37. Alsalam alikum I want to know when the list of acceptance student of جامعة الاسلامية will be out from sierra leone

  38. السلام عليكم

    Dear Admin and Everyone if know about it!

    as I saw your comments.. It show the list will come out InShaAllah.. But I need to know is the list come out for this semester (2nd)?
    or the list will come out for next 1st semester?
    Answer me I need it.. If list didn’t come out within 1month.. I will cancel my Admission.. I mean Maybe I don’t come.. I Applied in 2014 but why must I waste more time for waiting and waiting.. this is not only me that waiting for these lists.. there are more.. why you playing with their hopes?
    Answer to All Students which waiting not only to me!
    جزاك الله خيرا

  39. I have been told by at least 2 actual attending students of Imaam Muhammad ibn Su”ood University or Imaam University in Riyaadh, capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; during my Umrah stay there in the Holy Lands of Makkah al Mukarramah and Madeenah al Munawwarah, that the university now accepts students through applications done in the internet. In fact one of the students informed me that now they only accept it through the internet. but it was also said it is not compete – allah A’lam
    So I would like to kindly ask the admin and other that can help to look for link to apply online, if possible. May Allah forgive us for our sins that we have committed and clean our sick and dead hearts Ameen Oh the one who answer supllications and showe us with the tremendous mercy that He has AMEEEN

  40. Accepted Americans:
    imraan Ahmed ibraheem
    Masood Kareem

    The above names are accepted students but the idaarah needs more information from them as requested from the wizaarah taleem.

    Please post your email address if you are one of the above individuals

  41. Assalamoalaikum
    Dear admin,
    I want to know the list of acceptance 2015 -1016.
    When will ministries issue the list of student of India?
    Please, tell me about it.

  42. As’alaykum. I want to ask.l apply at king saud since 2015 and when l check my application ils say as tour application is under proccess so what does it means please

  43. Assalam Aleikum.
    I greet in the name of Allah
    Am sincerely looking for sponsorship’s in your institution .How can you help me.Am kabuye Rashiidi a Ugandan by nationality .I hold Bachelor’s degree in education and I would like to to my masters in Arabic language. Pliz how can you help me to actualise my dream.

  44. Assalamu alikum WA rahmadullahi WA barakathuhu
    Sheik my name is Mohamed ayub
    Iam in India I want I studying .
    Usool deen so help me
    Assalamu alikum WA rahmadullahi WA barakathuhu

  45. As’alaykum akhy. I have applied in king saud since 2015 till now l din’t accept and before when l chek my application status show me as “Your application is under procces” now l want to check my application status the website say as an erro son please akhy can you direct me and what support to do because it long time

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