Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

In the Name of Allaah, the All-Merciful…


Al-Imaam Muhammad bin Su’ood Islaamic University (IMIU), or Imam University for short, opened with two colleges, the College of Arabic Studies and the College of Islaamic Law in 1953 in Riyadh. Since then, many colleges have been added, as well as branches in other cities. Similar to Al-Madeenah and Umm Al-Quraa, non-Arabic speakers have a chance to learn Arabic here from the beginning in an Arabic Language Institute designed specifically for them. They can then continue their studies in one of the colleges only if they qualify with at least an 80% level of achievement.


To be considered for admission, applicants must be 25 years old or younger with a high school diploma (at least 80% average or better). Their application must include photographs, copies of passport, birth and health certifictes, high school transcripts and a copy of the diploma, all verified by the Saudi Embassy of their country. A letter of “No Objection” from your government is also essential.  Further required are letters of recommendation from known Islamic organizations or personalities.


The school provides the students with a monthly stipend of SR 840 (about $225), a round-trip plane ticket yearly, discounted meals, and free housing (for single students only) with shared rooming, or discounted housing with unshared rooms (just under $1000 for the academic year) .

A single student should bring at least $2,000 to get by initially. After that, the monthly stipend may be sufficient for single students living in the dormitory. Married students who have children should expect their living expenses to be upwards of $12,000 yearly, depending on their standard of living, number of children, etc.


Here is the latest official application for admission, along with a complete list of required documents and conditions, translated into English:

Application and Conditions of Acceptance


You can write to the school at:

Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University (IMIU)
P.O. Box 5701
Riyaadh 11432
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Or you can call them at:
(011) 258-0000 (from America dial 011-966-11-258-0000) (new area code)

Or fax them at:
(011) 259-0271 (new area code)

Written by: Moosaa Richardson

Information reviewed and verified by: Qaasim Mutiva

IMPORTANT NOTICE: provides information about studying at Imaam University and other universities, however is not affiliated with any of the universities or their administrations.

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  1. Salam,
    What are the requirements for women? Are they the same as men? Would I be able to apply with my husband into the Islamic colleges of Imam Muhammad university?

    JazakAllah khair

          • Am in sierra leone (west africa) I want to enroll to muhamad bin university.when the application will start and when it will end.

          • salaam alaikom,I’m belong to the list accepted students this year 1434-1435h ,I follow up in saudi embassy but they said no visa received yet,so pls.I want to pursue my study asap,would you pls help me jazakomollah khayran katheera.wassalaam alaikom

          • Assalamu Alaykom, shaikh i am a filipino, is imiu accepting a high school which have no islamic subjects? though, they have only one subject (arabic).

          • I really want to apply the scholarship but i dont know were am i going to submit tthe applicationapplication

    • As salamo alaikum !
      Im an undergraduate student and i would like to have information regarding online studies for foreign women… im holding international certificates, O level and A level.. i would like to know the requirements. Please It will be a great help !!
      Jazak allah khair …

  2. wa alaykumus-salaam, many private teachers are available for working professionals of any age in saudi arabia, wal-hamdulillaah. i don’t know of any official arabic institutes though.

  3. Assalamu alaikum…i’m a Nigerian,i want will like to know when ummul qura are going to release the list of admission for this year

  4. Honorable guardian . I am a Bangladeshi. I want to know that When Will be Start application processing this year/2012? Thanks..

  5. Assalamu aleykom warahmatullahi wabarakatuh brother Moosaa.
    Do you know till which age you can search to Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    I couldn’t ask brother Abu Layth since it was hard to post any comment in his blog.


  6. assalamu alaykum when it will be release the result for student for this year in imam university in riyadh?

  7. salam alykum akhi!

    can you tell me the conditions of applying to this uni with afghan passport.
    bcz I studied at UK and I wana apply with afghan passport can my passport go with the GCSE grades ( from uk). bcz what the application farm wants is that the qualifications should be related to the passport (if you have afghan passport then your qualifications must be in accordance with the Afghan educational method, not GCSE grades achieved at uk) right?
    jazakumullah khair
    from Mohammed ayoub afghan

    • wa ‘alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. Perhaps one of our visitors with a similar background and experience could help you. I really don’t know, sorry.

  8. Assalamo Alikum
    i am a student from pakistan . I wish to do Mphill from any Saudi university or any arab country on scholarship basis . My Ba hons in islamic studies will be inshallah completed in 2013 so please advice me sthh and email me

  9. Assalamalaykum. Can anyone give me details about Princess Noura University? The Arabic course for non-native students? And I heard that, now we have to write a test called qiyas test. Is it necessary for a Non-Saudi like who did her high school from India?

  10. As Salamu alaikum … I’m an INDIAN and My age is 23 running , i just want to know whether i can get a chance to study in your UNIVERSITY . Waiting for your reply

    • Wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. We don’t have any universities, Muhammad. We just provide information about them, and you are free to contact them directly with any questions you may have.

  11. Dear Sir,
    At first Salam to you .I’m a Bangladeshi. I want to know how to i send my documents in imam university . Is it by post or email of university? Please ! help me.

    yours sincere

    • Hi,,
      Asala mualikum….Iam a student from Bangladesh,,,I want to get a scholarship In to study islam in Imam Muhammad bin said Islamic university ,,,,how can I apply?

    • Abdullah and Abdul-Quddus, wa alaykumaa salaam wa rahmatullaah, please read the article above which describes how to apply. May Allaah give you both success!

  12. Assalamou Alaikoum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatu Moosa,

    I just have 2 inquires about this Imam saud university.

    -I read on another site that to go to that particular school you have to send your application with a person residing in riyad?…Is this true and if not how do we go by submitting our application?

    -Also for imam saud university, When is the cut off date for applicants for the year of 2013-2014?

    Barrack Allahu Feek!

  13. Assalaamu alaikum. Can some one please let me know if a 34 year male has the chance to go to imaam saud’s university? And also y is the cut off age so young?

    • Wa alaykumus-salaamu, ABOVE: “To be considered for admission, applicants must be 25 years old or younger.” As for why this specific age limit, you’ll need to direct your question to the university directly. May Allaah bless you!

  14. Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Is there any possibility to get or buy the Imam Ibn Saud Arabic course books 1,2,3? I live in sweden. I looked everywhere but could´nt find them so im just asking. Jazakallahu Khayran. Any response will be appreciated.

  15. Asalam aleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,
    i want to know if there is an electronic mode of application to imam muhammad university,if so direct me to the site.i want to apply but am confused on how to send my application am from kenya.jazak allahu

  16. Assalaam Alaikum

    The first condition in the pdf text says that you should not be selected for another university in Saudi. Does that mean I should not apply to numerous places?

  17. asalam aleikum ya brother, am ugandan. can a person who didn’t do any arabic be admitted for that programme?[ arabic]. i’d wish to apply after my bachelors in ststistics insha Allah in 2016. asalaam aleikum.

  18. 1. Is there any other method to apply other than snail mail?
    2. The application form is the 1st page from the given pdf link right? It’s in arabic where can I get the english version? Is it the latest one?
    3. What I need to do is to fill the form, attach the required documents and post it to the university right?
    4. May I have the full address where my application should be sent such as which department etc.
    JazakaAllah Khayr

  19. As salaamu alykum warhmatullahi wabarakatu,

    Has there been any news updates on the opening of the womens section in Imaam University as of yet? Barak’Allaahu ‘Alayk.

  20. Asalam o alykum warahmatullah… i have completed f.s.c and done 2 yearz of almiyaat course with 94 and 92% respectively………. and i am 20 yearz old so can i take admission in imam university ???

  21. asalam o alykum w arahmatullah wabarakatu, i name is moussa i would to know if their is a way to come to learn about islamic in Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University.
    thank u.

  22. I was a Pastor converted to Islam.I desiring studying Arabic to be Muslim preacher.But need a scholarship,could I be assisted with that.I am from Liberia.Thanks

    • asalam alikum orahmatullah obraktu
      to all
      iam male afghanistan 12 class graduate and i wish to study computer scince how i can go there please help me
      this my emil address (imad_udeen -at- yahoo -dot- com)

  23. Slm brother.
    Could anybody please help me check if there are any zambian students accepted at imam muhammed bin saud university for 2012 2013.

    Barakallahu feekum

  24. Asalam alikum ,

    Ive got all my documents together except the one which asks for, a no objection letter from your government , I dont know how to attain this if theres anyone in the uk could you shed some light on how and where to obtain this from , Jazak Allah kher for any1s help. . . .

    • Assalamu Alaikum Bilal,
      you can get a letter of no objection by getting in contact with your local mp. if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact me h.qulatein @ gmail com

  25. salaam, for allah sake plz help me to sign for al imam. I REALLY WANT TO STUDY ARABIC AND QURAN.
    my email ### ALSO IF YOU KNOW SOME1 WHO is already studying there who can help me get in.
    i will be waiting a reply from my brothers n sisters from my ummah to help me. JAZKALLAHRAI.

  26. Is the addres listed in the article the same address to send the physical application to?

    Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University (IMIU)
    P.O. Box 5701
    Riyaadh 11432
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    • Please reply fast since I have to send the documents before december ends, and that is very soon. Everything else is ready, I just don’t know if this is the correct address!

  27. Assalaamu alaikum brother

    Do you have any idea of when the last application date is for acceptance in 2013? I’m very sorry if I ask a already asked question. I actually searched for it alot but I did not find it.

    Waffaqaka Allah and barakallahu feek for your efforts
    Your brother/
    Ibn Muhammad

    • No we don’t, we just provide information about some of the universities where you can study islam. Imam University does offer full scholarships for overseas students. Read the article to find out more.

  28. if a brother does get accepted and he later completes a phd in islamic law can he receive a job in this university or madinah university or um al qura university. Will he be allowed to teach there please give me info on this because this is what i want to to do one day inshallah please brother

  29. Akhi may Allah reward you for your time and effort. I have one last question. If I do get accepted inshallah. I plan to get a doctorate in sharia. My question is how will I find a job because my dream is to become an Islamic professor at a university inside the arab world will I get a job if I apply to this one or any other university in the kingdom

    • Assalamu alaikum…….I am INDIAN and my age 22 running ,i am want BA ARABIC COURSE your university ,pls give me advice and reply soon

      your sincerily

  30. can a student pursue his master and doctorate here if he has a BA from madinah university.
    Also will he have to pay tuition or will he have the same benefits

  31. Aslamun alaikun,i dont the actually time the result Will Be Release because I wish To Study In Imam Muhammad Saud University in Riyaadh to study Islamic law

  32. salam aleikum waramotulahi ,i like to study in saudi university , i am from nigeria, i so this your site on the internet . please i will i appreciate if you can send to my e-mail address, the link that i will be able to get reach to you and also to download your admission form, thanks, abdulbasit labaika

  33. As salamu alaykum,

    could you pleas help me find the following book, which I was told is being teached in arabic language faculties in Riadh, and is from known scholars of first generations:
    al-arabiya lin nashiyyin (العربية للناشئين)

    May Allah reward you. May Allah forgive you and have mercy on you. selam.

  34. assalamualaikum…sir now im doing my pg in hadeeth department,in darulhuda islamic university..i want do my higher education in your university,so sir can you tell me about the rules and regulations of the admission..this is my last year,,,

  35. assalaamu alaykum

    Is there elementary level in Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?
    I want my 14 years old brother to study there, if ALLAH’s will.

  36. Salam alaekun,please,I apply in jauaray this year,which year can I be consider for admission but I met all the requirementm,please help me to get this information

  37. Hello, I just turned 26 but I would like to apply and pursue my education is ISLAM. I am from Pakistan. I read that age requirement is 25! Do I still have a chance?

  38. “Assalamualaikum”
    Sir, I am Bangladeshi. I wish To Study In “Imam Muhammad Saud University” in Riyaadh to study ‘M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)’ Sir, How can I apply for this program in this university, Sir can you help me? At present my have International Passport, Complete 4 years B.Sc. in CSE program within CGPA 3.88 (Out of 4.00), 4 years Diploma in Engineering program CGPA 3.41 (Out of 4.00), S.S.C GPA 4.00 without 4th subject (Out of 5.00).

    • wa ‘alaykum salaam warahmatullaah wabarakaatuh
      You can as well try KFUPM ( though you may not be able to study Arabic/Islam in its religious department.

      baaraka Allaah feeka

  39. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi.Am from nigeria and almost through with ma 1st degree,I want to enrol in arabic school to learn arabic and islam in whole.I studied biochemistry but changing field for the sake of Allah.I checked your application form,but its not written in English and I cant read arabic.please can you send me a copy in english.shukran

  40. Salam alaikum
    Please I want to apply or send my documents to this university can I get de admission this July
    I hope to hear from you soon
    جزاكم أإله خيرا

  41. es Salamu alaikum can you tell me that when the answers come this year to Imam Saud University in Riyadh in 2013-2014 and which pages will be published Allah reward you

  42. Asalamu alaykum
    I am 16 years old I have recently finished my high school in London. I am prepared for college in my country however as I am a Hafiz-ul-Quran i would like to increase my knowledge about the dinn. At which age can I join Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic college?

  43. asalaam alaikum, am a young with 27 from Tanzania. I completed ordinary level at 2008. I was taken science combination. I would like to join to Imam Muhamed Bin Saudi Arabia Univesity {IMIU}. Allah bless u.

  44. Assalmwalaikum
    I am 18 years old . I have finished my high school in Saudi Arabia in an English medium school. I want to continue with islamic studies.
    Can I apply from Riyadh?

  45. Assalamu alaykum. My wife would like to study at the Uni, however the link the admin gave at the top comment doesn’t work. So can someone tell me how she can apply if the application is different from the application form above?

  46. Asalam o Alaikum (Warah ma tullah e Wa Baraka),

    Res Sir,
    I have done Masters in Islamic Education, gaining 60% marks, I am part of Pakistan Meteorological Department, Quetta since 2005. It is my desire to avail free scholarship from any university of Saudi Arabia. Because I love very much Madinah and Makka due to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

  47. I Just Finished High school This June. Is It To Late To Apply. I Been Looking At This University For So Many Years

  48. Assalamu alaykum,
    Can the Admin or anyone that is aware confirm that the Application form posted in the article is still the latest and most up to date. I intend to apply using that form and It would be a terrible shame if I was rejected on the basis of an outdated Application form. Also does the form have to be completed in Arabic?
    Baarakallahu Feek.

  49. salam aleykum i am from azerbaijan i want to know when Imam University in Riyad will announce list of Accepted Students at Imam University in Riyadh for the year 2013?

  50. Asalamwalaikum
    I wanted to ask what the process is for doing one’s masters degree at this university. A close friend of mine will be finishing his bachelor’s degree in Hadith from the International Islamic University in Bangladesh soon and he wants to go further in his education

    • Dear Sir or Madam;
      Am Zambian still interested in education at 41. Despite financial hiccups, I have studied double degree at bachelor in Criminology and International Relations. Where and how within Saudi Arabia could I be part of the scholars at masters in the above mentioned fields.
      Please, help me.I thank you

  51. assalamu alaikkum va rahmathullah…..
    i am from india. i am 20 years old. i am intrseted in learning arabic language with stipend in imam muhammed ibn saud university riyadh. can u give me the details about the admission time, required documents, for the academic year 2014-2015.

    • If your name is on the list and you have not received a letter in the mail, then contact the Saudi Embassy in your country and enquire about how to obtain your entry visa and plane tickets. May Allaah give you success.

  52. as salamu alaykum a name came out similar to my name and i am also from the UK and , the name that came out was hussnan hussnain can you double check please if that was my name or not. if you can send me the passport number would be great so that i confirm

  53. Assalamu alaikum i am from nigeria and i want to appy for hte nex acadamic year 2014-2015 in sha’allah. My question is that is there any diffrent between madina university and al’imam university of riyad in terms of reqwarement?

  54. I would like to know the address to send all my documents at Imam Muhammad bin saud islamic university. salamou aleikoum

  55. salamun alykum
    sir i am from afghanistan saudi arabia announced 200 scholarship for undergraduate and post graduate students and send our diploma and other papers to riyadh. Still we are waiting for our list of annoucment. Can you hepl us sir and other thing when saudi univerties start their studies

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. This sounds like a special case, for which you would need to contact the specific government representatives in charge of that program. May Allaah bless you.

  56. Asalamu ‘Alaikum,
    I was wondering if a person applies now and gets accepted when will they start & are the lectures delivered In Arabic or English?
    Jazak’ Allah

  57. Assalumu’Alaykum
    I am alhamdilah a brother that got accepted in the second semester, I was told I had to wait for the acceptance letter, h do I get a hold of it? what should I do as I am not in Riyadh to get it?
    JazakAllahu Khairan

  58. Ws bro thanks you have to search the website most of your time or write me your number i will call you. For me there is another teacher who is in the university and he knows any time we receive that letter

  59. As Salamu Alaikum,
    I’ve checked the latest admission form (in Arabic), it now requires the potential student to be at least 17 years old. The issue is I’m still 16, but am completing grade 12. I will be 17 by the time the academic year begins in October, but when I apply I’ll still be 16. Am I allowed to apply?

  60. I applied the Imam Muhammed Ibn Saud University to PHD, I choose two subject Sociology or Islamic Finance, But I dont know arabic langugae, Can they accapte my aplication. ıf they can, Will ı study there arabic or english?

    Yours Sincerely

  61. I am a Liberia student,i want to express my candid love anticipation at your noble University.I am kindly asking you to send me the application requirements for 2014/2015.In Shaa Allah i will be going to Saud in the next two weeks and I also like to have interview at your noble please help me with the requirements.

  62. As salaam walaykum Once we have all our documents do we send it? Or is it a electronic upload like medina BarakAllahu feekum

  63. sallam allaykom
    i got mu acceptation from imam Mohammad university in reyaz three month ago
    i went to the embassy of Saudi Arabia but they told me bring your visa number from
    your university now i wish you to sent me my visa number as soon as possible
    thanks ……….
    name Asadullah.sroosh
    f/name Bazaar
    looking for your message …………………..

  64. Dear sir…
    First of all Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullah..I would like To Ask regarding this Madrasah Islamic if any posible for me to study in your Jamiah and how can i apply..
    Im Abdul jalil frome Philippines 31 years old and married already. I study Before in Islamic As a Memorizing Quraan (Tahfizul quraan). Im here now In riyadh for Work.. i realy want and i wish to study in Islamic Arabic Knowledge

  65. Dear Sir,

    I am Farhana Alam a Bangladeshi National, living here in Riyadh with my parents. I am graduated higher secondary school from Bangladesh International School in Riyadh, K.S.A, placed A grade. I am interested to study in IMIU. Can I request for study in IMIU with schlorship ?

    With best regards,

  66. sir ,
    kindly i want to know about upcoming admission in Phd (HR)
    i belong to Pakistan ,my husband is working in Riyad , i have completed my coursework of MS currently working on my thesis .Kindly guide me how i can get admission in PHD Human Resource .

  67. I want to apply for BA in Islamic sharia,for 2014-2015 session.
    How to do that. And also my passport is in process,so how to apply now? I need details regaring applying and also how and where to post my application. I am from India.please help.

    Jazak allah

  68. Pls I want to know if there is any 1 year Arabic or islamic course for high school leavers this year thank you

  69. As Salam alaikum ,

    Does UQU accept women having children?How do women manage studies along with their children?

    JazakAllah hu khayr

  70. salaamuna alaikum warahmatullah?i applied to Amira Nur University last year and since then i havent heard any information concerning their admission so i wanted a help from any brother or sister who have gotten information about the university.W/S

  71. I am from Bangladseh. I want to get admit into Islamic studies. Can I apply for scholarship ?……..

  72. I am Pakistani. Now i have completed my highschool certificates How can i applyto this university. Kindly reply me. Jazak Allah

  73. assalam o alaikum!!!
    I am a student in Umm AL Qura university Makkah!! I finished my diploma in arabic language a week ago and 1 really want to study Arabic linguistics further.
    How can I apply? Do I have to come to the univerity?
    I would love to apply.

    • assalamualaykum warahmatulllah . bro you have finished a2year course in ma`hd .i want to know from you that how u applied in uqu and how the admission process is there. please help me in this matter by providing information

  74. Assalaamu alaikum. Can some one please let me know if a 34 year male has the chance to go to imaam saud’s university? And also y is the cut off age so young?

    • Assalaamu alaikum. Can some one please let me know if a 26 year male has the chance to go to imaam saud’s university? And also y is the cut off age so young?

  75. Assalam’Alykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

    Please can you tell me whether sisters can study here or not?
    And kindly provide us with the list of Universities in Saudi Arabia for Female.
    It’s very important. BarakAllaho feekum.

  76. Assalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu,

    Dear Respected Brothers,

    I would like to know, is it possible to transfer into The Imaam Saud Islaamic University?

    Jazaakum Allaahu Khairan

  77. assalamu alaikum.
    I want to know if you can pursue an engineering degree after finishing the arabic language course at imam university.

  78. I want to know how to get in with the application for new student for scholarshipwards into your university. My brother Abdoulie Ahmad Janneh wanted to apply but I cannot enter you application box for details. Tel me how can I apply please.

  79. Salaam alaikum dear admin
    What do you advise someone who are accepted in the university al imaam and in madinah ?
    Which university should he go ? Or which is better ?

    • this would be a good question to answer inshaAllah. I heard imam has the best arabic program and sharia program, but i heard madinah has the best hadith program. Allahu alim.

  80. Assalamualaykum, this is fakhrul isam, my wife is studayet on saudi govt. school. she graduated last year with (97.5%) how she can apply on your university?


  82. Translation
    es Salamu alaykum brother a chance to have published the names of Imam Saud University accepted for this year 2014 2015 or when they go Muden

  83. Salam alaykum, brothers where can I find the link for the accepted list for imam saud from the united kingdom students 2014 – 2015?Or is it even out yet if not when if anyone knows. Jazakallaahu kkayran

  84. Hello i want to tell you I want to go to qe Saudia to study after i can be studied in people knowing about Allaah qiero well i my din well please soi of Spanish nationality


  86. Asalaamu alaikum
    jazakhAllah kheiron for proving more information for us to study islam,
    it is mentioned as a requirement that we must not be accepted from any other scholarship from another university in saudi arabia,
    is then not possible for me to apply for mutliple scholarships at once, in case i get accepted from two universities ?
    please reply asap
    barakhAllahuu feekum

  87. Assalamau alaikum
    I am 34yrs from nigeria need to apply for phd in any of biological sciences or hydrobiology.pls can you help.
    Jazakallahu bi khair

  88. asslamu allaikum bro , I have sended an admission form with documents to the university by speed post which went on 5-8-14. so my application would be considered for next year or not? or i should send new application again?

  89. Assalamau alaikum,
    Please inform me..
    what is the system of application in Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?
    for example:by Online or by Post or by Mail?

  90. Aselamu aleykum , i am an ethiopian muslim girl and i am accepted in mahdenur islamic school to learn grade 12th, and i want to learn in islamic univeristy , i am 18 years old ,i can read and comminicate in arebic languadge , i cant pay to study abroad ,can i get scholarship please? I want to learn in any islamic university ,jezakumullah

  91. السلام عليكم
    I want to take Admission at Imam Muhammad ibn Su’ood Islamic University for learning about Ql Quran and Hadis Properly so how will i get change to study at IMAM.
    whould you mind please inform me. جزاك الله خيرا

  92. Asalam Alaykum Waramatullai Wabarakaatu Please My Age is 28years now Please I want to study in eny University in saud is till posible for me Asalam Alaykum

  93. Salam My name is Ilir sheraj ,I’m 25 years old.I did BSc from turkey. I want to apply in your university,Is there any way I can apply online or plz tell me how to apply there jazzakAllahu khairn

  94. Assalam Alaykum Waramatullahi Wabarakaatu. Plaese Sir I want to Request for Admission Form in Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University. Plaese I need it Sir. Tank you sir. Assalam alaykum

  95. Assalamo Alaikom w.w. do you have an email? so we could send our application form and all the requirements needed. hoping for a positive response. Shukran

  96. assalamu alaikum muhtaram,

    i want to know that which of the last application date of madina university in 2014-15 season and 2015-16 season. plz help me.

  97. Are there any accomodations for a husband and wife who would like to study at imaam muhammad university with one child? My husband and I would like to apply but arent sure how it would work out with our child.


  99. asalaamu calaykum IMAM MOHAMED BINU SAUD university special admins …
    i am going to kindly request to give me free scholarship because .. i was seeking for free scholarship in saudi arabia until i graduated …so plz help me ,, alah will help you insha alah

    • Wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. I don’t believe any university officials visit this site, and Allaah knows best. Try contacting the university directly.

  100. Assalamualykum akhi,
    I am saudi resident from India can u say me the procedure for me to apply in the imam university??

  101. Assalamua`likum. I`m Anayet ,from Bangladesh.I`ve completed LL.M. I want to do Mphil on Islamic law!Could you give me such opportunity? Please advice me in detail.

  102. A. Akm; sir hru? Sir i have equivalent masters degree of arabic and islamiyat by madrassa in riyadh. I want job in this university can u give me a chance in this university I am fresh about teaching job I am very depressed about teaching job in riyadh because no one can give me a chance because of my fresh experience. I want to teach recite quran, and hadees. Can I ask you one question this university women are pakistani female student or only saudis women??? Or childrens study too????

  103. can anyone pls tell me are there any classes of arabic for females? i mean any programs for female foreigners in this university? let me know i want to take admission

  104. Asalam u Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allahi Wa Barkathu!
    My name is Ishfaq Ahmad Malik. i have completed my post graduation in Information Technology.My age is 25 years.Now i want to read islam at university of madina and want to go for dawah.
    for that what is the procedure for application.

    i have a problem that i donot have money. i belong to poor family

  105. As Salamu Alaykum Brother,
    My name is Yusuf from Philippines 23 of the age I,am reverted Islam since Dec. 30, 2013 alhamdulillah I am interesting to enter in this Islamic University of Imam to study anyone can help? inshaallah,,
    May allah Bless us….!!!

  106. Dear All,


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: provides information about studying at Imaam University and other universities, however is not affiliated with any of the universities or their administrations.

    Please understand that our noble brother Moosa Richardson (May Allah preserve him) is a very busy student of knowledge. It is IMPOSSIBLE for him to take care ALL of us.

    Anyone wish to study in this university should read through the Question & Answers section on the official website before any questions and annoyance and troubles on others, even you CLAIM you do not know Arabic, when there are dictionaries online available:

    The Official website regarding Admission to the Sharia Institute for Non-Saudis:

    The Official electronic system for Admission to the Sharia Institute for Non-Saudis:

    Arabic-English Dictionary:

    A Warning to those who call people “Madkhalee” or “Jaamee” and wish to study in this blessed University:

    Allah knows best

    May Allah grant us success. May Allah protect our brother Moosa Richardson and all of those who are sincere to His religion.


    • Please forgive me for such hastiness. After attempting to register an application on the electronic gate aforementioned, it is found that the electronic gate requires the applicant to be either a Saudi citizen or non-Saudi resident from a Saudi mother, thus it may not be applicable for non-Saudi in general.

      It is noticed that the Sharia institutes’ students do receive monthly stipend.

      It is also noticed that the application form (Latest-Imam-University-Application-Conditions-of-Acceptance.pdf) as provided by the admin on thus website is an application to the Arabic Institute and not the Sharia Institute.

      You may learn more about different programs at the University here in English:

      Yet an English admission gate for non-Saudi is not found on the official currently as opposite to the Islamic University in Madinah. And Allah knows best.

      I hereby request all of you to pardon and to understand the danger of publishing any materials with hastiness.

      I ask Allah to forgive us and grant us success.

  107. As salamu alaykum my dear brother, I am From INDIA, right now 24 years and Done with my M.B.A (masters degree) i want to apply to either to Umul Qura or Madinah University so When can I apply or Better to Go there itself to medinah and apply there ? getting very confused. please provide the necessary information and is it essential that first we have to learn arabic ?

    Jazakallah Khair

  108. Assalamualaikum. I had a question regarding the minimum grade required. Im from Calgary, Alberta and it says that the grade has to be b level or 80 percent. I have a 73 percent average from high school which is considered “B level” in calgary. So does this qualify?

  109. As-salamualikum, Its Mahfuz from Bangladesh, I want to know about the semester of IMIU. I mean is it possible to apply any time to IMIU?

  110. Dear Sir,
    Hope you will be fine.
    I am recently moved from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. I want to take admission in 6 month Arabic language course. Kindly provide me all the information regarding fee, timing of classes, admission starting date of course.

  111. Assalamu alaikum my name osman Ali Yusuf from Nigeria. And I want be one of the students of this university pls help me. How I can’t apply the admission into…
    ???pls pls help me…

  112. assalamualaikum…..i only have high certificate…i dont have diploma…iam 19years old….can i aplly for this university?

  113. Assalam O Alikum
    Hope you will be fine
    Respected sir,
    I am graduated in Arabic literature from Inter National Islami University islamabad…Now i want to apply in MS Arabic Literature/ Translation.
    please guide me How i can apply.
    Waiting for ur Reply

  114. i am a graduate of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies first class division from N[geria,how do i apply for my Masters degree.thanks

  115. Assalaam alaykum akhi. I hope you are you well. Do you have any information concerning study Sharia at Imam University through distance education while being a resident in Saudi? Do you know if it is possible to apply with university certifiicates?

    JazaakAllah khayran

  116. I am trying to call all the contact numbers on Ummul Qura’s website and the application form but the numbers are not going through. I tried sending them message but the messages are bouncing back, telling me delivery email failed. The same thing to Al-madinah Islamic University. Can you please give me the real contacts?
    Maa Salam

    • There mail boxes is filled and they did not removing the old messages that why the message did not delivering . By the way Where are you from and have you applied to Madinah university.

  117. Assalamualaikum, to whom it may concern. First of all, my name is Salman and I am from Malaysia. I would like to know are the steps for me to apply to Imam Muhammad University similar to this one? Or is there any difference?

    Jazak Allahu Khyran.

  118. Assalamoaoaikum. I’m from pakistan. I cam here for job but I want to continue my study in imam univrsty. I have shahadat ul almia from wefaq ul madares Pakistan. If I can continue my study so how I tak admission in university.
    I want sharia programs.
    Jazakallah .

  119. Asala Mu.Alikum
    I am Abdul Basit from kashmir india i am20 a years old man I am under Graduate I can learn Islamic Study in This University now Iwant to apply.

  120. Asslamu alaikum Warahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
    I have graduated from Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Nigeria from Islamic Studies department and would like to further in Imam Muhammad Saud Islamic University.
    What are the procedures i need follow.
    Jazakumullahu Khairan

  121. asalam alykum my name is najim Ibrahim from Kenya my age is 23 I want join our University can I apply now by using this Emil address given here?

  122. E selamu alejkum
    I’m from macedonia and i want to learn in this university I in this year will finish the high school and how can i apply in this university i want to study in islamic knowledge I’m 18 years

  123. Assalam U alikum
    Is there scholarship for international undergraduate students. If have please send me the link of how to apply.

  124. assaleikum,brother i sent all requirements documents but i didn’t put application form because i didn’t find it,i attached my documents with small in wich i wrote my full address:e i be accepted?

  125. by the way- you are doing a good job in trying to help these brothers apply to this university.

    Jazaaakallaaahu Khairan

  126. Salam alaekum ‘ pls i have islamic education diplomain amadu bello university .sir can i apply for degree.

  127. salamun alaykum warahmotulahi wabarakatu,am from Nigeria,i graduated this year but am 16years of age,i will be 17 by January 25 next year.can I apply since the course will start next year?

  128. I want to apply in this course please inform me when will be applyed the form for admission with fixed date
    I’m from India

  129. Asalamu Alykum Dear Admin,
    Jakallahu Kheiran for you information, i want to study the Islamic Studies. can shed-light of, how can i apply it?
    through online or submitting the documents to the university directly?

  130. Salam alaykum. I submitted my application for Higher Diploma of Institute of Arabic language non Arabic speaking for admission this year. All the required documents were submitted will other requested papers and documents. But i have not receive the reply till now. pls help me to know my fate quickly. Ma’salan.

  131. I’m Abdul Hameed from Nigeria. please for Allah’s sake, I will like to be a student of Jam’iyatul Imam Muhammad bin Said. Jazakumullahu khairan.

  132. I want to get admission in imam university in the technology department in of mechanical engineering. So how can apply

  133. Salam
    I am from Mauritania I just finish the Quran I am a Hafidth al Quran and need to start university course what do I need to do ?

  134. I am living in pakistan and interested to take admission in Ph.D in law, please provide information about admission procedure

  135. Sir! i want to know how to apply Imam University for Masters in islamic studies or arabic language…. as i have done my B.Com from Pakistan…
    Also want to know about fee structure..

  136. assalamu alaykum.
    please can i use my waec certificate as my secondary school certificate.
    and if i use it, are they going to use my waec gpa or my high school transcript gpa?

  137. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi wabarkathu.
    Dear Admin Sir. Before getting the admission confirmation Saudi Embassy will not attest any documents here so firstly can we submit the with other requirements except it…….?

  138. Assalamwalaikum warahmutulahi warbarakatauhu ….
    Sir i want to do Islamic Banking Course in your University please let us know how to apply and register myself with your proper requirements . i have done 10+2 from commerce stream and i am an Indian

  139. Assalamu alaikum i am Abdullahi Rabiu Zangina from Nigeria i was in university of qassim last year in the month of Rajab before Ramadan i submitted my documents but don’t know what is going on about acceptance could you able to inform me about it , may Allah make with those studying in the university Amin!Amin!!Amin !!! Thanks be to Almighty Allah

  140. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatu, i write to enquire if your university offers PhD in Islamic studies. If candidates of phD can be allowed to write his thesis in English language as i am not AArabic speaking and want to use this opportunity of my program to study AArabic language because an Islamic studies teacher without Arabic language is incomplete, as he can not freely and conveniently refer to the original sources of Islam, but relies on second hand translated materials that are some times not reliable. This is my deficiency, pls kindly assist me with useful information.

  141. assalamu alaikum wa rahmatu llaah. I would like to know when will be the release of the names of acceptance for 2017. jazaa kumullaah.

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