10 FAQs About Studying at Umm al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

In the Name of Allaah, the All-Merciful, may His Salaah and Salaam be upon His final Messenger Muhammad, to proceed…

The following frequently asked questions are answered in this article:

  • I’m over 25 years old. Is it possible for me to be accepted?
  • How can they put an age limit on seeking Islaamic knowledge!?
  • I have a family and I would want them to live with me during my studies. Is that possible?
  • What is the difference between Umm Al-Quraa University and the Islamic University of Al-Madeenah?
  • I heard that Umm Al-Qura University does not allow non-Saudi students into any of the colleges. Is that true?
  • What is the best way to submit an application?
  • Is it a must to include pictures in my application?
  • Can women study at Umm Al-Qura University?
  • As a female student, can I bring my uncle or grandfather to live with me in Makkah to fulfill the condition of having a male relative with me?
  • Can you please give me special consideration for acceptance?

QUESTION #1: I’m over 25 years old. Is it possible for me to be accepted?

ANSWER: The university has changed the age limit to 23, and they apply this as a real condition.  Meaning: Applicants over 23 are simply not eligible for acceptance.

QUESTION #2: How can they put an age limit on seeking Islaamic knowledge!?

ANSWER: They are not putting an age limit on seeking knowledge!  They are simply making decisions about who gets a full scholarship at their university.  The scholarship includes 100% paid tuition, free housing, free air travel, a monthly stipend, and other benefits.  The financial value of a scholarship can be anywhere from about $20,000 (for a two-year stay) to up to $100,000 or more (for those who continue their studies).

Statistically, older students do not stay – they have family members to look after, businesses, positions in communities, health problems, and it is difficult to return to the classroom atmosphere after being away from it for so many years. Our brothers in the administration have a budget to look after and they are responsible for their decisions. You yourself would probably set an age limit if you worked in the same position, and Allaah knows best. By no means are they saying those over 23 are not fit to study Islaam, rather they are simply making decisions about who receives their scholarships.

QUESTION #3: I have a family and I would want them to live with me during my studies. Is that possible?

ANSWER: Yes, it is possible, but very difficult. The following affairs will help:

  • Seeking Allaah’s Assistance
  • Being patient
  • Leaving your family behind at first
  • Making important contacts once you get here
  • Having marketable skills before you come

It is a tremendously difficult thing to bring any family member to stay with you. The more children you have, and the older they are, the more difficult it gets. Many students have discontinued their studies because of the hardships they faced in bringing their families. However, many succeeded as well, and we thank Allaah for that.

QUESTION #4: What is the difference between Umm Al-Quraa University and the Islamic University of Al-Madeenah?

ANSWER: Umm Al-Quraa is a general university where students major in Dentistry, History, Sciences, Mathematics, and Islaamic Sciences as well. However, it was not designed just for Islaamic Studies as is the case with Al-Madeenah, hence the name, the Islaamic University. The vast majority of Umm Al-Quraa’s students are Saudis, and it was not designed to bring in the number of students from outside the Kingdom like Al-Madeenah. The ‘Arabic Language Institute of Umm Al-Quraa University was an addition for non-Saudis, following the example of the Islaamic University. The programs are completely different. Many students feel that, even though Al-Madeenah is a better place to study Islam overall, the language program in Makkah may be stronger.

QUESTION #5: I heard that Umm Al-Qura University does not allow non-Saudi students into any of the colleges. Is that true?

ANSWER: This is not true. It is true that there are very few students from the West studying in the colleges now. The seats for non-Saudis are very limited indeed, so only the students with the best grades from the Arabic Language Institute get in. The university has laid down a condition that must be met by students who wish to study in the colleges. They must have an overall mumtaaz or jayyid jiddan (80% or higher) average for the length of their studies at the Arabic Institute.

UPDATE: There are many more Western students now enrolled in the colleges now, al-hamdulillaah. Please ask Allaah to guide them, grant them success in their studies, and keep them firm.

QUESTION #6: What is the best way to submit an application?

ANSWER: Make copies of your completed application, and use all known ways – Visit the university and submit it personally, give a copy to a current student or faculty member who agrees to submit it for you, send one by mail, and try submitting one at the Saudi Embassy of your country.

QUESTION #7: I don’t believe that pictures are permissible. Is it a must to include pictures in my application?

ANSWER: Although I am with you in this belief, if you want to study in Umm Al-Quraa, they require that you submit pictures with your application. They will not review an application with any missing conditions, like pictures. If you get here, sadly, you will be asked to submit many more pictures for various reasons. So it is just the beginning of the battle.

QUESTION #8: Can women study at Umm Al-Qura University?

ANSWER: Umm Al-Qura University has a huge women’s campus where students can comfortably relax their hijaab and attend their classes with no men anywhere around. The programs are all the same, in fact they recieve the same monthly stipend. This provides a great oppurtunity for young couples who have no children to study together at Umm Al-Quraa. Our sisters in the West really need good role models, so if you are able to assist your wife, sister, or daughter in studying at Umm Al-Quraa, it would be a great benefit to the Muslims of the West, in shaa’ Allaah. Female applicants must provide proof of a male family member’s residence in Makkah or apply along with their spouses or brothers (applications must be submitted together).

QUESTION #9: As a female student, can I bring my uncle or grandfather to live with me in Makkah to fulfill the condition of having a male relative with me?

ANSWER: No. Female applicants can only be considered if they prove that they already have a male relative legally residing in Makkah at the time of the application, or if they apply along with their brothers or husbands.

QUESTION #10: Can you please give me special consideration for acceptance because of…?

ANSWER: This is the most common request we get.  This website provides information about studying at Umm al-Qura University and elsewhere.  Requests directed to the administrations of the schools must be sent to the respective schools, not to Bakkah.net.  May Allaah give you success.

Written by: Moosaa Richardson

337 thoughts on “10 FAQs About Studying at Umm al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

  1. Baarak allaahu feek, may Allah aid and grant those who apply with sincere intentions, success and beneficial knowledge. and may Allah bless us with acceptance as He has blessed those before us, aameen.

    As a reminder to all those who want to apply, take the asbab (means), place your complete trust in Allah and be patient, surely His promise is true.

    Shaykh al-Uthaymeen said: ‘when Allah knows that there is any good in a person’s heart, He gives him all good.’

    Jazak allahu khayran.

    • Asalam Walakium rahmatulahi wa barakatu ,
      I am trying to apply for university in mecca and radiyal in sha Allah can you asist me,
      Barakallah feekym may allah reward you amin

  2. wa ‘alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. She should enquire at the Dean’s office (‘Ameed of the Arabic Language Institute) about the possibility of sitting in as a “listener” (mustami’ah). May Allaah give us and her success.

  3. Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatuh..

    I have the following question:

    According to the statement above, “Female applicants must provide proof of a male family member’s residence in Makkah or apply along with their spouses or brothers (applications must be submitted together)”.

    Now I’m interested to know if I can apply to the Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers if one of my brothers travel with me and leave me there and later he comes back to his country? I am not married yet and I already have a bachelor alhamdulillah..

    PS: I am from a latin american country..

    Jazak Allah khair..


    • wa ‘alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Again, the stipulations of the university are that a female applicant either have a male family member already living in Makkah, or they apply along with their husband or brother. The situation you mentioned clearly does not meet the current requirements. May Allaah bless you.

  4. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    Do you guys have any info regarding the list of umm al qura for 2011-2012? I know they don’t publish it online but I was wondering if maybe you could find out just the western students who were accepted and post them here?

    • wa alaykas-salaam wa rahmatullaah. I have no information, sorry. I have heard that some students have received their acceptance letters in the mail for this year. Perhaps some other students may have some names and they could share it.

  5. As-Asalam ‘Alayk,

    I am a graduate of Islamic Studies, married with children. I want to pursue a postgraduate course on Islamic Jurispudence. Which university can I apply to in Saudi?how do I go about the process?What will it cost to be enrolled for the programme?What the financial assistance is available to international students like me?

    Please, I await your response anxiously.
    Jazakallahu khayran.

    • wa alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah, scholarships at Umm al-Quraa are only given to non-Saudis who are non-Arabs and need to begin their studies with Arabic, and they are under 23 years old. There are government exchange programs that go on, as well as tuition based Masters programs at night. The latter requires you to already be a legal resident of Saudi Arabia, which is the difficult part. (Please do not ask me how to get legal residency status in KSA!) I believe you pay 18k-20k RIYALS per year at UQU (roughly $4-5k). There are likely other opportunities as well, but these are the ones I know of. May Allaah bless you!

    • Applications for the 2012-2013 school year (next year) are currently being collected at the university for another month or two (until Dec.-Jan, maybe later). They do not generally announce a deadline. Applications received after this will be considered for the 2013-2014 school year.

      • Assalaamu’Alaikum wa rahamtullaah, when is the deadline for 2012 intakes? Also, what month does the course start for 2012 students? Lastly, if you are living in the West and want to study Shariah do you have to apply to the Arabic Institute for non-native speakers first? JazakAllaahu Khairan.

        • wa ‘alaykis-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. I don’t know of a set deadline for applications. Of course, at this time, applications are being accepted for the 2013-2014 school year. At some time in the middle of the school year, they will meet to review the applications. After that time, the applications will be consdiered for 2014-2015.

          Non-Arabs from outside of Saudi Arabia (from the West or anywhere else) can only apply to the Arabic Language Institute, and they can go from their to study various Islaamic disciplines.

          • Salam

            I just wanted to understand this better, so if I am a non-arab and non-saudi and live in the west (Canada) and I will be graduating from high school next year and want to get in when do I have to apply if I graduate and get my diploma in June of 2014? And also if insh Allah I do get accepted would I be going with the others as a group?

  6. As salam alaikum warahmatullah wabarakaatuhu.
    How do I go about sending my application together with the neccessary criteria required of me through the mail? If I am going to need the universities email addresses into which my application would be submitted, please give them to me.
    Moreso, If I am not privileged to have my application verified and submitted through the Saudi embassy of my country, would my application not be possible or welcomed, if fortunately I am able to send it through the mail?
    Jazakumullahu khairan Aamin.

    • wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. This is the address you can use to send your application by mail:

      Umm AL-Qura University
      Arabic Language Institute
      P.O. Box 3712
      Makkah, Saudi Arabia 21955

      Email: instarab@uqu.edu.sa

      I don’t know the answer to your last question. May Allaah bless you.

  7. asalamu-alyakum

    i was trying to find an application form for the university of al-imaam but could not find it is it possible that u can send me the link please that would be great. an dose this uni pay for the tution fee or do we?


  8. Bismillaah.

    As Salaamu Alaykum. May Allaah reward the admin for assisting us with beneficial information about the studying in Saudi and the likes, Ameen. I have a question about possible classes taking place in Makkah for English speaking families. I currently live about an hour from Makkah and am interested in my family and I participating in beneficial duroos, such as Arabic, Aqeedah and Qur’an, bithnillaah. Any information would be grately appreciated.

    Barak Allaahu Feekum.

  9. Thank you so much for answering my question.
    One more thing is that I want you to give me the mail address of IUM aswell. Would the application form downloaded be submitted together with the required criteria? I really want to know because it wasn’t listed among the required criteria for admission. Thanks jazakallahu khairan.

    • Wa alaykumus-salaam. Non-Saudis who have graduated from IUM (Islaamic University of Madeenah) have a chance to apply for graduate studies there. It is very difficult for students who have a BA from another university however. (I hope I’ve understood your question!)

  10. Asalam Alaikum, thanks for your reply. But I would like to throw more light on my question for better understanding. A person who had passed out from islamic school (i.e almarihalatu_athanawiyah) quite a long is now a graduate(physics_electronics). But he wants to broad his knowledge in islaam. Is it possible for him to study islaam or physics in IUM through scholarship programme or other means?

    • Wa alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. I don’t know of any Physics program at IUM, maybe you mean Umm al-Qura. It would be possible through a government exchange program or a waasitah. But that is beyond the focus of our website and the information we offer. You could apply to study Islam at either of them through the normal means, so long as you meet the requirements.

  11. if i dont have a high school diploma and iam international student and want to study in saudi arabia is there a chance that i can study there

  12. asalam alaykoom
    I was accepted in 2009 to umm-al-qura but I could’nt make it. The following year I went but they told me I have to reapply, I did so however to no avail. I would like to reapply again so can I post you my application? if you email me your number and post address

    • wa alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. I’m sorry but we do not accept applications on behalf of any of the universities featured here. We only provide information.

  13. assalamu alaikum
    I’ve been searching for info regarding the accepted students for this year (for Umm al-Qura) and when and where it’s beeing published. Can you please answer this question!?

    • Wa alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi. We don’t have any news about accepted students – When and where will that be published? Let’s just say – its complicated. We don’t know, but when information becomes available, we will post it here, in shaa’ Allaah.

    • Arsalamu allikum waramatulahe taerla wabarakator.

      I just want to no if i am amoung the assepteded student in the university of umul ul qura in the 2011 and 2012 applicant…please let me no?

  14. Salaam Alaykum wa rahmahtullah I found out through a lecturer at the uni that my name is on the list that went to Riyadh from umm al qura what are my chances of being accepted bearing in mind that I am an English revert but over the age limit by a few years?

    Barikallah fikum

    • Wa alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Abu AbdilKareem, if that’s true then continue contacting the lecturer at the university to ask about your status, and to request him to follow up for you. From what we know, age limits are absolute, and even if students over the age limit are accepted they could not be issued student visas, and Allaah knows best.

      • Salaam Alaykum wa rahmahtullahi wa barakatu. JazkAllahu khair that is similar to what he mentioned regarding the age limit, that they had sent the documents to Riyadh but were concerned about my age. Alhamdulillah.

        If by the will of Allah one was accepted in to the university, what are some of the specific difficulties in bringing a family as you mentioned it is extremely difficult? What is the situation for children’s schooling is it possible to enroll them in the tahfeedh schools in Makkah? and also if ones wife was also accepted would this make the process easier?

      • Salaam alaykum

        Just an update. I received info today that I have been rejected by issuing authority in Riyadh and it will not issue visas to people over 25 even if the university has accepted you. May Allah help us older students to find a place to study.

        • wa alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. We’re very sorry to hear that. May Allaah provide you with something better. We appreciate that you shared this with us, may Allaah bless you.

  15. As salamu alaikum dear brothers
    I have a question for you especially to students of Umm ul Qura University and Imam Saud Islamic University: In the department of “Contemporary Doctrine” for students of Imam Saud University and department “Aqueeda” for Umm ul Qura students, is what is taught comparative religions?

  16. Assalaamu Alaikum Rahmatullahi Wa baraktuh, Ramadan Mubarak

    I would like to study in Saudi Arabia at Umm Al Qura InshaALLAH. I am 23 years of age, but my husband is 36 and he would apply along with me InshaALLAH. He is working right now in the US, but would be willing to give it up for me to go to school in Saudi. So my question is basically is there a chance in this if he is 36 and I am 23 InshaALLAH????? We wouldn’t need to stay on campus either, for we have two small children and would have the means InshaALLAH. Any advice would be helpful……..

    Wa alaikum As Salam

    • Wa ‘alaykis-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. May Allaah bless you and your family. The situation you described does not meet the requirements for acceptability, sorry. At 36, your husband is beyond the age limit, and you would need a qualifying mahram to apply with you. If he should find employment at a company in Makkah, then you would be able to apply, since you could show legal documents that prove you already have a male mahram living in Makkah. May Allaah give you success.

  17. Assalamu ‘aleykom akhee Moosaa ahsanallaahu ileyk. I just have a question and hope to get some responed from u or someone who knows the answer to this question?
    I know that the age limits to apply to ummul quraa is 23 yrs old, what if a wife and husband applies to ummul qura together and the husband is over 23 but not the wife? Is there any chance to be accepted in ummul qura?

    • wa ‘alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. People over the age limit are not eligible. If the husband does not qualify, then the wife does not qualify as she would have no mahram with her if she were accepted. May Allaah grant you success.

      • Assalamualaikum , Im from chennai, india im currently studying B.A islamic studies in preston international college and I want to continue further..my brother is in madina university and is he enough to fulfill the condition of mahram. Will I be getting job there after this degree or can I study the same there ???

  18. Asalaamu’alaykum if a student is accepted into Umm-al-Qura from the uk and completes the arabic course can they then go on to study any subject for example could they study biochemistry or are them courses just for saudi nationals jzkallahu khair

    • Wa ‘alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. He may only study in one of two faculties: the Faculty of Sharee’ah (Fiqh), or the Faculty of Da’wah (Aqeedah, Hadeeth, Quran). It may be possible to get into the Faculty of Arabic Language as well. The other faculties are not given as options to the best of my knowledge.

  19. Wa Alaykum Assalaam Wa Rahmatullaah,

    They will receive an acceptance letter insha’Allah. All the letters have been prepared and sent out. But I would assume that you must inquire after a specific name, not too sure they hand out the list. Perhaps someone else knows.

    And Allah knows best.

  20. asalam aleykum,
    is it a must to translate all documents for purpose of application,which documents need translation to arabic?please help i want to apply to the arabic language institute,am from kenya.

  21. assalamu alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

    i am planning to apply at umm al-qura with my brother…inshaallah…
    but i observe that you only mention about western women are accepted…
    is it possible for us to be accepted even if we are filipinos?

    • i still have another question…
      i will apply for arabic language but my brother will apply for islamic shariah, is it possible for us to be accepted?
      where i can get the application form for islamic shariah?

      • At Umm al-Quraa, I don’t know of any way for a non-Saudi to apply directly for a college program like Sharee’ah, except through governments exchange programs, which are extremely rare. To my knowledge, for non-Saudis, applications are only accepted at the Arabic Language Program, not the colleges/faculties directly.

    • wa alaykumus-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. Anyone whose native language is not Arabic is welcome to apply from any non-Arab country. You are deemed a native speaker or not by your high school (secondary school) papers. If they are in Arabic, you are Arab (and thus do not qualify). May Allaah grant you success.

  22. Assalamu ‘Alaykom..

    How can i contact those current students in Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud University? Pls. Help me.. I don’t knw where should I send my paperworks.. I hope anyone can help me..

    Allah bless us all..

  23. As-salam aleykum warahmatullah wabaraqatuhu.
    Pls Brothers, I want to ask how possibly one can contact the already accepted students at Umm-alqura, for incase the admission list is out for this year, so to enquire about it. OR do you have any Information about the list and when or where it will be released/posted.

  24. As-Salamu alaikum,

    Ik have a question. Im 21 years old and my husband is 25 and i have a child.
    Is it possible for me to study at Umm Al Qura?
    BarakAllahoe fieki

  25. Asalamu alaykum,
    Akhi, do you no of any other Islamic universities or institutions that one can apply for after completing, A-levels and GCSE’s other than Madina and Umm Al Qura.

    • wa alaykis-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. Sorry, but those “student contact” emails from the old site (bakkah.net without the “/en”) are not active anymore.

        • Students who begin their studies in the Masters program actually sign an agreement that if they are requested they will deliver lectures to BA students in university courses. It is not very common, but it happens. So sure, as a student finishes the PhD program, there is a stronger likelihood of teaching either part-time while he completes his own studies, or even full-time after his studies are over. Many if not most of the current professors were students of the same universities previously.

    • If you are asking about the Arabic Language Institute at UQU, they do not announce an official date for that, but they have their annual meeting to review applications at about this time, somewhere between the Fall and Spring semesters. That’s for the coming Fall of 2013-2014 Once that meeting is finished, any applications submitted will be considered for the 2014-2015 academic year.

  26. aselamualykum i am studying Arabic in Addis Ababa university, and i will be graduated on June 2013 INSH’ALAH with BA in Arabic language and communication and also i am proud of being the first batch in the history of AAU and Ethiopia as well. so i want to proceed MA in your university. how can i apply for? and how is the chance to get your scholarship? thanks!!!!

    • wa alaykas-salaam, congratulations and may Allah bless you. In Makkah, the only way to enroll is (a) by applying as a non-Arab and working through the Arabic language and BA programs, (b) by already having a sponsor in Saudi Arabia who will allow you to study at the MA program in the evenings, with tuition rates at about SR 20k a year, or (c) by being involved in a government exchange program through a major university in your country,

  27. If I applied to this university or the one in madinah in June 2013 how will I know that I will get accepted for the 2014-2015 school year like how do they accept people is it by school grades or those who go for interviews or the grades

    • UQU considers a number of factors, like overall GPA (grade point average, from your complete high school transcripts), age, and recommendations. 10 years ago, GPA accounted for 50% of the application’s score when they reviewed them. I don’t know if this has changed or not. Other factors vary from year to year, like other students on the waiting list form the previous year, royal orders and intercessions, or an especially large or small number of applicants from the same country the same year.

      This is about Umm al-Qura, and perhaps someone else can help you with information about Madeenah.

      • So this year I am about to graduate but I don’t know about my grades what If I graduated and applied this year with a 3.1 overall gpa do you think I have a high chance or low chance. By the way I am 17

      • Asalamu alaykum
        I have another question would it be better to go to the university itself or just do it online like madinah university. I am going to make umrah this year inshallah I want to apply to this one or madinah but I am not sure if it is a guaranteed acceptance. I want to learn the seen so bad. Akhi help

  28. Asslam u alaikum;i lived in pakistan and 23 years old and want to study ummul qura university ,can i apply with my brother to going abroad ? my next question is that is it a true that all my documents should be attasted by saudi embassy in my country before apply to university ,and plz also tell me that my documents through e mail or any other way.? if i were selected than can i consider for 2013-2014 or 2014-2015. pls reply me must,

      • I asked you this question before but please elaborate one more time brother. Let’s say I finished a phd program in sharia in the future will I be unemployed because I always wanted to become an Islamic professor will they accept me to teach there or will they tell me to leave please Akhi I want this to be my career. Will I have enough money to support a family or will I be mistreated help.

        • Assalaamu ‘Alaykum,

          I would personally advise you to first focus on getting accepted, studying well, and attaining your bachelors. Allah gives to whom He wills, if you apply for a teacher’s position, who knows?

          An Umm al Qura teacher told me, though, that Saudi teachers usually fill that position. But that’s just at the women’s side.. May Allah aid you.

          • may Allah reward you. I have another question. lets say there are about 1000 people are applying from one country how do they choose applicants. Do the ones who come for interviews get accepted.

            my last question is about the visas. once a student gets accepted will he get a student visa or a resident visa. how long can he stay

  29. asalamu alaikum warahmatullaah,

    dear admin, do you think it would be realistic to attain a teaching job (English) at Umm al-Qura and possibly through that gain some sort of access to studying at Umm al-Qura, at the Arabic institute?

  30. Do they allow foreigners to apply to the college of medicine or dentistry ? or the dentistry/bachelor of medicine and surgery programme is only reserved for saudis ?

    • Foreigners through government exchange programs are not limited to any specific college. Foreigners on scholarships from UQU come through the Arabic Language Program and then may study in Sharee’ah, Da’wah, or Arabic BA programs only (if they qualify).

  31. Salaam alaikum

    How they check if the documents right translated
    For example the documents translated from german to arabic language
    How they know the document is right translated ?
    They dont know the german language or english or whatever ?
    Some brother say me if the documents are attested thats enough
    But in this process they check only the signs !

  32. Salaamu Alaykum

    I’m 18 years of age and i’m currently in my final year of High-school in Australia and i wish to study at Al-Madeenah University.. though how long are the courses ?

    Thanks :)

  33. Assalamu alaykum
    I am 34 years of age, and I wish to pay for my own tuition and accommodation and my husband will be residing in Saudi Arabia also, will there be any chance of being accepted?

  34. Assalaamu Aleykum wa rahmat Allaahi wa baraktuh,

    May Allaah bless you for providing this information. I am an 18 year old female, who lives in the UK with my husband. And my husband is over 25 years old. If I were to apply to the university, would my husband be allowed to study with me? Because he is the only mahram I have,and he is willing to come with me to study. And if I were to apply, how long would it take for me to get accepted and what are the requirements?

    BarakAllaah feekum wa JazakAllaahu Khayran

  35. Asalamu Alykum wa rahmatulahi Wa barakatu
    Planning on applying with my younger brother but he has’nt completed
    all his exams and studies but insha’Allah he will complete his studies once he
    finishes this year.Is it possible to apply with him now or is it too early.



    • wa ‘alaykis-salaam. May Allah bless you and grant you and your brother success. The age limit is 23 for applying to Umm al-Qura’s Arabic Language Institute, sorry.

  37. Asalamu alaykum
    Do I have to authenticate my documents now or if Allah gives me acceptance. Please brothers I’ve been receiving many answers but they all contradict one another. Please give me a rich and thorough response

  38. AsSalamu alaikum brother. I would like to know if I study arabic and qualify for further courses, will it be funded by scholarship too?
    Jazakallahu khair.

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. Yes, the scholarship extends for as long as you continue your studies, potentially all the way through post-graduate studies.

  39. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu
    Please i only want to ask when is the application for this year closing and what are my main neccesary requirements as a non-saudi?
    Jazakumullahi khairan jaza.

  40. Asalaamu Alaykum,

    Is there any oppotrunites for those who live in Makka or close to it at the university? such as evening arabic classes which lead to awared a diploma etc? or even part time study for those who are residents.

    BarakAllahu feek

    • Wa ‘alaykas-salaam. It may be possible for you to attend as a “listener” (unofficial enregistered student) if your company or sponsor requests this on your behalf with an official letter to the university. Since it would be for morning classes, this does not match the interestes of most employers. When sponsors request it, the possibility depends on the approval of the unviersity, and their decision involves a number of factors, one of the most important – available seats in the classroom.

      • Asalaamu Alaykum May Allah bless u , is there anything in the evening for people who are residents instead of morning?

        BarakAllah feek

  41. One of my distant relatives (uncle) lives in makkah. would that fullfil the condition of a mahram for me to study in ummul qura in sha Allah? please clarify. JazakAllahu khairan.

  42. Asalamo Alaikum
    May ALLAH bless you . I wanted to know that

    1/ if a candidate is above 25 years of age so there is no chance of his acceptance at Umul Ul Qura ?

    2 / how will the university let you know about ones selction ?

    3/ When will the list of selected candidates of 2013-2014 of Makkah and Medina
    Universities come ?

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaamu wa rahmatullaah.
      1) no chance without government intervention, which has become very difficult in this case. We are unable to offer any further guidance or support regarding government intervention. You would need to know how the system in Saudi Arabia works, so ask a Saudi you know if he knows a way to help you. Most people have found this to be a waste of time, with very rare success.
      2) They send an acceptance letter to the address you applied with. They may also announce it at the school by publishing a list.
      3) We don’t know.

    • wa ‘alayk salaam wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh.
      1) No chance, without special government intervention.
      2) A letter of acceptance is sent to the accepted students, to the mailing address they provide on the application form.
      3) Join our mailing list to be among the first to know about the latest lists of accepted students.

  43. Asalamo Alaikum

    It is kindly stated that please tell me when is the exact date by which the classes in Makkah University get started ?

    What is tha maximum date by which students are informed about there admissions ?

  44. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh. Do they only need a High school transcript? Say you are done with university, can you submit that transcript instead of the high school one? Your answer will be highly appreciated. JazakaAllah Khairan

  45. Assalaamun Alaikum?Iama 22muslimat from Ghana and have the desire to study islam in ummul qurah university.when does the application comes on,i mean in what month does appllication starts and ends.?Wassalaamun Alaikum warahmatullah.

    • وعليك السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

      Our brother is asking about the list of accepted students. As I’ve posted before, I do not believe that UQU makes a list available publicly. As you have seen, some people took a quick picture of parts of the list, but an official list has not been published by the university to my knowledge. UQU sends acceptance letters directly to accepted students. Even if you see your name on a list, you may be a back-up, meaning: You would only receive an acceptance letter if another student did not come. Depending on the number of applicants, UQU may choose not to accept hundreds of applicants, and they do not inform applicants who are not accepted. You just sort of “give up waiting”. Any further questions or comments about their policy should be directed to them, not to us.

  46. Salaam, in regards to applying for the Arabic Institude, do i have to get a letter of approval from the Saudi embassy of my country then apply? And is it too late to apply for the 2014 school year?

  47. Asalamo alikum
    MY friend today contacted the Mahad and they said that the list has not come yet .

    Some one else posted the list over here .

    ALLAh Knows best

    • Wa ‘alaykas-salaam. About three weeks ago, one of the administrators at Arabic Language Institute told me directly that the names of this year’s accepted students had come from Riyadh. However, I was unable to access the list as the wakeel, Dr. Ahmad Mish’al al-Ghaamidee (may Allaah grant him success), was not there at the time. He is the institute’s official contact regarding anything connected to this year’s accepted students.

  48. As Salaamu Alaykum, Akhee Moosaa I will like to know if I apply now for which year I would be considered?
    Also as stated by Ukhtee Umm Sufyaan above that they only accepted 2-3 sisters and I had applied before so if I am not considered so if I apply again will the application be cancelled ( i.e. does applying more than once cancel the application as stated in one of the rules of Islamic university of Madeenah)?
    And with Allah lies all success.

    • wa ‘alaykas-salaam. Applications submitted now until the winter will be considered for the 1435-1436 school year (2014-2015). Applying more than once does not cancel any previous applications as far as I know.

  49. A/salam aleykum brother, I am a sister with mahram… I want to apply this year UMM AL Qura University For none arabic speakers. and my age is nw 25 years old, do you think I have a chance ?

    • wa ‘alaykis-salaamu wa rahmatullah. You do not qualify, because of the age limit. Please review the conditions for acceptance, as the age limit is 23. May Allaah bless you.

  50. Salaamu Alaykum waramatullah.

    I know this may not be related but I am planning to work in Saudi is there anyway of doing a degree in Shariah part time in the evenings? Any details if possible will really be beneficial.

    jazaakAllaah Khayran.

  51. Asalamu Alaikum.
    Akhi Admin,I think I can fill all of the requirements, but, if I want Faculty of Dawah, how many years it may take and how long will I stay in Makkah?
    Would they let me to finish my studies if I first get it Inshallah

    it,s my earnest wish to study Islamic knowledge and knowledge of science technology as well,
    just want ask some question that
    i am 17 and currently on intermediate or secondary education level and associate arabic language from an islamic institute .
    so i want t ask can i get scholarship for both islamic graduation and engineering graduation at the same time,
    because it would take a lot of time to study both and graduate at both fields so please can i have scholarship to study both fields at the same time.
    i will be very thankful for you
    and how an i submit my application?
    another question is that all universities in my country are based on co education, so what i the schedule of ummul qura university in islamic studies and especially in other fields
    studying in saudi arabia provides oppurunities to study knowledge of TECHNOLOGY in modest environment and HAJJ and umrah facility.
    please help me
    your brother

  53. I did not authenticate my documents I only got my
    no objection letter, my high school diploma and transcript certified by the State Government In America but I did not get it certified by the federal government.

    i submitted my documents do you think I have a chance.

  54. assalamu alaykum va rahmatullohi va barakatuhu…………. any of you send in university student visa now or even send? I am also waiting for reply I can `t know when they send

  55. Salam to you all,please i really need an answer fast,i have copies of m Passport,Health and Birth Certificate,Complete Application Form,Transcript of Records/Grades,High School Diploma, and 4 3×3 recent pictures of me all ready to be sent,but my question is do i need to bring this files to the Saudi Embassy in our Country (Philippines) or do i need to just send it thru Mail service? if i send it thru mail service how will i know or how will they contact me? Jazakallah Khair to anyone who will reply.

  56. BTW my plan for Umm Al-Qura is to study the “Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers” so do i need to pass 2 recommendation letters?

  57. Assalamu aleikum .
    1) i was born on the 30th May 1991. Can i apply in septmber of 2014 ? Is it possible for me to be accepted?
    2) Also,is it available Freezing Registration – Leave of Absence if i am accepted
    3) What is the difference in recommendation letter ? my country or another country ? suitable for both of two ?

    JazakAllahu khayran

  58. Assalam O Alaikum Ya Haibi
    I am from Pakistan. I want to get information about admissions in Ummul Qura University. I did my graduation from University of the Punjab. Arabic and Islamic Studies were my elective subjects. I secured 188 out 200 marks in Arabic in the year 2009. Thereafter i also completed my M. A. English with distinction. My age is 25 years and 6 months. Can i get admission in Ummul Qura in any discipline??

    Waiting anxiously,

    Irfan Khalid

  59. Someone posted this on Ummul qurra main blog
    I went uni and asked about it. . They
    said it has not came from the ministry

    Reply from a country mate who is currently studying at ummul qura…

  60. Asalamuálaykum warahmatullah. I have a question regarding the 3rd FAQ and would appreciate it if I got a response inshaállah.

    Ahamdulillah I’m a GCSE student currently residing in England and was hoping to study Áqeedah or Islamic Studies at Umm Al-Qura, and I got informationa that the tuition fees and living expenses are all paid for – that’s IF your under the age of 23. Alhamduillah I’m gettin married this coming June inshaállah, and because I’m taking up a responsibility, I cannot leave my wife, and so I wanted to get a detailed answer as to whether or not the university will allow me to bring my wife and whether or not they will pay for the expenses of my family inshaállah.

    P.S: I have no children, but the situation can change.

    Jazakumullahu khayr

  61. assalamualaikum,
    can you help me to guide something about expenses during Arabic language courses from ummal qura university?and also tell me please that may an student having 14 years of studies apply for this?and how much time this all procedure would take?
    waiting for urgent reply,

  62. assalamualaikum,
    what about programs of 2014? what would be the first step to do?and how much months this tudy will take?

  63. Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullah..

    Brother is there any scholarship program in Umm al qura university for international students?? I m studying here in Karachi doing Bsc in microbiology at University of Karachi..My family is in Makkah..I want to apply in any scholarship program through Umm al Qura university..Can u guide please?

  64. Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullah..

    Brother is there any scholarship program in Umm al qura university for international students?? I m studying here in India at kerala. I got b.com at University of Calicut..
    My father is in jedda..I want to apply in non native speakers arabic program through Umm al Qura university..Can u guide please?
    Pls send me admission process..
    my date of birth is 24/5/1991
    Can I get admission…

  65. Assalam o Alaikum sir, why letters are not send to pakistani students???? Although there names were on the list, still letters are not sent…..please reply us.

  66. Assalam o alikum.. Dear brother I am from PAkistan, Alhumdulillah I was selected for ummul qurra unv in 2013….but still I did not receive my accepting letter, kindly Inform me about letter, I am waiting since six months.. Jazaakullah..

      • Akhi, my friend is studied there, he told me about list and my name..he also send me list on my e mail adress..Please tell me about pakistani students”s acceptance letters , I am waiting for six months..jazakallah

        • Salaam alaikum
          Akhi mohammad is it possible for u friend to ask about the german accepted students please because i dont know someone there ?
          Jazaaka allahu cheiran

  67. Assalaam , I saw my name too on the accepted list came from umm al qura and sent to wizaarah (riyadh) but waiting for letter till now.
    when ?

  68. Assalaamu ‘alaikum. I understand that applicants will have to be 23 or younger at the time of application due to scholarship regulations. Can someone pay for their own studies and accommodation so that they are able to study there over the age of 23? JazakAllah Khair.

  69. السلام عليك ورحمة الله وبركاته

    For example if I live in the UK and I apply to Umm al qura can I put down as my mahram someone from a different country such as Kenya ???

    • وعليك السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
      I’m sorry but you don’t just write down the name of a mahram. You either (1) apply along with a brother or husband who has an acceptable application, or (2) you show documentation of a male relative already legally residing in Makkah.

  70. السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته
    i am kenyan student who completed both secondary (secular) and thanawi (islamic)….please do i have a chance to study medicine at umm al qura university?

  71. Baarak allaahu feek, may Allah aid and grant those who apply with sincere intentions, success and beneficial knowledge. and may Allah bless us with acceptance as He has blessed those before us, aameen.

    Im from Malaysia and I gonna ask you some question.

    1.How to sent the form to Umm Al Qura University ?
    2.How about the fees to study for the Arabic Languages for Non Native

    Thats all from me. I hope you will answer my questions.
    Thank you, may Allah bless you

  72. Asalam Alaikum ,

    I have been trying to contact umm al qura and the islamic university of madinah & have spoken to both but I could not understand them as I cannot speak arabic. I want to know if I apply now will I be accepted for 2014-2015 under any circumstances. I am even ready to go tomorrow & if I visit them personally will it help the chances for getting admission this year. REALLY URGENT reply Asap. JazakAllah

  73. Asalam Alaikum,

    Brother our admission still open for this year 2014-2015 .. and if i apply is their any chance that they may consider it for this year, I also have a recommendation letter from Dr. ##### #### will that improve the chance?


  75. Assalam Allykum.
    Can anyone tell me that how can we apply for Islamic Architecture at Umm Al Qura University. I’m Indian so is there any special requirements for non arabs or anything that sort. Do reply.

  76. Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters,
    My name is Rizwan-ur-Rahman Farooqui. I live in India. I want to do my Bachelor’s degree in Arts with Arabic language in Umm al-Qur’aa university. Can anybody please guide me for the admission?? I also want to know when does the academic year for Bachelor’s degree begin in the university?? Kindly reply at the earliest. Thank you.

  77. اسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    I am a 19 year old student from the UK currently studying in college and hope to finish by July inshaallah. I have come to know of Umm al Quraa University and wish to apply however I have no knowledge as to how to do so and where to get the applications from. This question may have been asked before so please have patience with me may Allah azza wa jal reward you with Jannah.

    Another question brother, are all the mashayikh that teach in the institute upon the methodology of the salfus saalih. I know this may be an obvious question may Allah forgive us but I want to clarify for my sister as the ‘ulamaa say ‘This matter is a matter of deen, so be careful who you take your deen from.’

    Wa jazakallahu khayr.

  78. Assalamu alaikum. I am 24 years old. I have my father in riyadh. But he is not educated at all. I want to come to study deen and i hold a bengali passport. Living in UK is fitna for me. I want to come to saudi and study deen but i dont have money neither can my father afford anymore for me. He has reach his old age alhamdulillah. Is there any chance for me and may allah help u coz u are helping this slave of ALLAH.

  79. my husband is living in Saudia Arabia.i am interested to get admission for PhD
    ( research assistant) is this possible for female that they can take admission in umm-al-qura university for PhD.

    • If you are living as a legal dependent on your husband’s iqaamah, then you may enquire at the university about women’s “intisaab” programs for graduate studies. I know men’s programs are held in the evenings. I do not know if ladies have the same opportunities, or when the classes would be.

  80. assalam alaikum
    i am a student in calicut university ,pg ma arabic
    and jamiathul hind al islami kerala, muqthasar
    can i join in ummul qura unviersity
    with full scholarship

  81. Assalmau’alykum!
    My name is Zukhruf Fatima. I’m from Pakistan. I’m 15 years old and Alhumdulillah I’ve memorized the Quran. I’m doing O levels these days. I want to take admission in Umm al Quran University in College of Arabic Language (for non-natives). I’ll take admission Insha’Allah when I’ll complete my High School. But the problem is that I’ve no brother and my father doesn’t live in Makkah. He can come to Makkah as a visiting person. So how can I take admission? Is there any special consideration of Mehram for those who doesn’t have any brother?
    Hoping for a positive reply.

    Jazak’Allah Khair

  82. I am a expatriate working for Saudi Binladin Group in Makkah. I have madrasah background from Philippines, can read and write arabic, but poor in Arabic Grammar and Language. Can I enroll in any program in Institute of Arabic Language, can I attend lectures?

    • Try to get in contact with a teacher at the university, to write a letter on your behalf to the Arabic Language Institute, requesting to be allowed as a “listener”. You would need an official letter from your company stating that they allow you to study. Its possible, but not likely.

  83. aselamu aleykum
    mr. moosaa
    I want to know when islamic university of madinah will accept the new applicant for the 2014/2015 accadamic year. I need your response. I am from ethiopia

  84. i am indian of age 14 i am a muslim female and i am planning to join umm al qura university in makkah if i can get admission to continue my high school i can come there with my family for my studies. alhamdulillah i have studied till middle school in an islamic school and know much about deeniyath and mashallah i am doing my tafseer and tajweed of quraan . But the problem is that I’ve no brother and my father doesn’t live in Makkah. He can come to Makkah as a visiting person. So how can I take admission? Is there any special consideration of Mehram for those who doesn’t have any brother?. can i get an opportunity to study in umm al qura university in makkah .
    Hoping for a positive reply.

    Jazak’Allah Khair

  85. Salaamualaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu,

    I’m not sure if you already answered this, but are female applicants who have a mahram living in Mecca required to live with them after admission or do they live on the college campus and simply need proof of their mahram living in the city

    JazakhAllah Khair

    • wa ‘alaykis-salaamu wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh. There is female student housing at the university, so it is not required to live with the male family member, he just needs to reside in the city, so that she has someone to take care of her in general.

  86. As Salam alaykum

    May Allah reward you for your efforts ! Does the age limit also apply on females?

    Baraka Lahu fikum.
    Umm Khadidja

  87. assalam aleykum
    Im now complete secondary education and I scored division 1,Im 18 years old I realy love to study in saud arabia and I ask If I can get a scholarship,and what procedure may I follow? is t possible to get with my wife If it is possible I want to marry and come there with my wife
    may ALLAH reward you

  88. Assalaamu ´alaykum brother,

    I am 22 years old at this moment and i would like to apply to study at Umm al Qura university.
    I´ve finished high school a time ago and i can read, write and speak the arabic language.
    My question is, i want to marry a sister and her age is 26.
    If i apply at this age (22), is it possible for her to apply with me whilst she is 26?
    Both of us would like to study the deen of Allah the Mighty and the Majestic so we could give da’wah in our country.

    JazaakAllahu khair.

  89. What are brothers to do that want to studying abroad but past the age. Limit for the universities. And din not speak Arabic?

  90. I completed my high school with 75% last year. I heard universities accept students secured 80% and above. I had been rejected in princess nora university but Im very keen in studying Arabic. Since one year, im going women institute learning Arabic and secured 90% in all the levels i have completed so far. What do i do to join university?

  91. I keep getting an email back that their mailbox is full and won’t receive emails. Do they ever check their emails? Also, are you sure they don’t accept you if you’re mahram is living in another city? Because I was informed otherwise and I’m not sure anymore. Jzk

  92. Assalam O Alaikum wa rehmatullah
    How can resident of Makkah (Mustamiaat) can take addmission in university for bachelors in kitab o sunnah etc. I did my Arabic language course from Umul qura with above 80% marks
    Where should we submit our applications and what is the procedure ?
    Jazakallahu kahiran

    • Wa ‘Alaykumus-Salaam Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Baraakatuhu,

      You have to apply for the Arabic language program as a muntathimah, because none of your marks as a mustami’ah count. So once you get accepted in shaa’ Allah, you re-do mustawa ar-raabi’ and then you enter al-jaami’ah. Submit your papers online and speak to Dr. Ameera (Wakeelah – if she’s still the wakeelah).

      May Allah grant you success.

  93. I am newly suni moslem ,once was shia and now al hamdolelah suni , seeking to study islam in ksa , arab and prefiecent in its literracy, hilding two masters in English an bussiness but over 34 years old what should i do

  94. Assalam o alaikum:
    brother kindly inform us when will Pakistani students receive their acceptance letters for 2013_2014..

  95. salam, the application says that female applicants must have a husband or brother either applying with them or accepted in the university already. but you said we can have a mahram in makkah. so which is more accurate?

  96. Assalamu aleykum.

    May Allah bless you for your help. I just wanted to ask couple of questions. I am 24 years old and living in Dubai, i was studying here in Economic University. And due to the fact that in December i will be 25 is it possible to be accepted ? 2) If it is not possible, can i pay for my studying by myself and if yes how much it will be?


    • Alaikumussalam wa rahmetullah, looks like you are from Azerbaijan like me. Yes, brother, you can apply and be accepted, however your age is a little bit above the set. And also there should be big dawah here at home as shiism (exactly rafidhism) imposed by Safawids in Azerbaijan in past makes this country one of three shiite-dominated countries in the world being different from Dubai where almost no problem. Because shirk is the biggest problem. May Allah guide these people!

      • May Allah be pleased with you and your answer. Can you please give me your contact details? Email or whatsapp? I lost my school certificate and now i am travelling to Baku to make a new one, and then to prepare all documents))

  97. Assalaam’alaikum
    I got scholarship from both Islamic university and Ummul Qura University..
    Some people are telling ummul Qura uni is not good so choose Islamic university. please enlighten me. Jaxakallah khairan

    • Assalamu alaykum,

      first and foremost, thank the One, Allah azza wajul, WHo granted you these scholarships for indeed He Decreed them ror you. Secondly, know that both unviersities have their upsides and downsides. For example, Umm al Qura has a GREAT Arabic department and is situated in the best place in the world, Makkah, where insha Allah you will be rewareded more for your Salah in Masjid al Haram. Umm al Qura also has other courses such as those for Dunya matters which are of course beneficial. Madinah University however is in Madinah which is of course a better and possibly more peaceful city. It is better with regards to Islamic studies.

      However, as with both universities, I would recommend you find out about the local facilities, jobs possibly, accommodation etc. If studying with family, complications may arise.

  98. Asalamu’alayk, Masters Programs are tuitioned based and are only available at night? Can a sister apply for it if she is currently working in saudi and has a bachelors not in islamic studies?

  99. Assalamu alaykum, is finishing highschool (in madrasah – arabic/islamic studies) required? Does this in any way affect your chance of being accepted? Jazakumullahu khayran

  100. Assalaamualaykum
    I am a female who would like to study at Umm Al Qura University and I have a brother who is currently at the Madinah University. Is it possible for me to study at Umm Al Quraa while my mahram is in Madinah?
    What would you advise?

  101. Assalamu Alaykum.

    Is it possible for someone who has Hepatitis B to get accepted in university of Madinah?

    Jazakumullahu khayran

  102. Jazak Allah Khair for this useful website. In reply to Qs 7 you used the word “unfortunately”. As I understand this word comes from the name “fortuna” which was the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion. Many people use this and simlar words in their conversations without actually believing in the original meaning of the word. So my query is that is it permissible to do this? Other examples are using the words “lucky”, “hard luck” etc.

  103. Assalomu alaikum va rahmtu Allah can a person who graduated the university in his country learn arabic language in Umm Alqura?

  104. Hi good day to you, i am Dr Amadu Salu please i wish to ask for more information about the school becaouse i want my wife to attend it.Please i will be waiting for your response.May allah be blesseds.Repl;y me threough my email address.

  105. Assalamu alaikum va rahmatu Allahi va barakatuh.Sorry can a person who has graduated the university but he is about 22-23 years old learn arabic language in Umm Al-Qura university?please answer it’s very necessary!

  106. Assalamu Alaykum.

    Is it a possible for someone who has Hepatitis B to get accepted in university of Madinah?

    please answer it’s very necessary!

    Jazakumullahu khayran

  107. Assalamu alaikum wa rahama tullah wabarakatuh…i am a 19 years pregnant woman . My delivery is Feb 2015 …i want to apply ummul qura now so that i enrol immediately when add mission is out . ..i want to apply now ..pls can you tell me is the application still on process ..and how many month doest it take for one to be admitted….and pls send me the application link. ..i will be glad if you reply my text …thanks Jazakallah khair

    • Wa ‘alaykas-salaam wa rahmatullaah…..
      A baby’s first education institute is mother’s company, remember it first. I think that after passing 3 year it will easy to maintain family and study for you. than your age 22. but last age 23….

  108. assalamualaikum, I think whilst studying abroad keeping in contact with family is important. and best way is through internet. do they have internet at Ummul Qura university in the accommodation , uni etc.?

  109. Assalam alaykum,
    My mahram lives in Jeddah, should I still try to apply even though I have no mahram in Makkah? I would really like to go to umm qura university,
    Jazak Allah Khayran

  110. As salamu alaykum.
    I have applied to umm ul qura from England by post.
    How will I know they have received my application?

  111. ASA, [Rather type “As-salaamu ‘alaykum” and do not truncate the thikr of Allaah or legislated supplications in speech or writing, may Allaah bless you]

    I will keep this short inshallah. I am from USA and I have 3 children ages (7,9,12). Someone told me there are several schools in Saudi that teach Islamic studies, etc. for the children with no tuition. Is that true? If so which school(s)?

  112. As salamu alaykoom wa rahmatuAllah.

    How does a student in High School signup to Madinah or um al Qura if his diploma comes out in May? Would this brother have to wait a full year out of school to apply the following year? If this is the case, is there a private business or center that teaches a similar Arabic curriculum so that the perspective student wouldn’t have to let one year go to waste?
    JaZakuAllah Khayr for all your efforts.

  113. Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    I am a student who passed 12th by English medium and would like to pursue with Islamic studies for next… My father has a job in Riyadh and I am a Indian…
    Is it possible for me to take the admission??

  114. Assalamu allykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,
    My father is working in mecca.I have competed my 12 and i want to pursue Islamic studies further. Can i apply to this university having my father as mahram?.When will the admission for the year 2015-2016 start and how long will the procedure take?.Is there any restrictions for indians?
    jazak Allahu khair.

  115. As-salaam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    Is it a possible for someone who has livening in Ethiopia get accepted in university of Madinah? and umm al Qura?
    first thanks to, Allah who granted you these scholarships for student learning the best place in the world, Makkah, where insha Allah you will be rewareded Umm al Qura also has other courses such as those for Dunya matters which are of course beneficial. Madinah University however is in Madinah which is of course a better and possibly more peaceful city. It is better with regards to Islamic studying with

    please answer it’s very necessary!
    I have applied to umm ul qura from Ethiopia by post.
    How will I know they have received my application?
    JaZakuAllah Khayr for all your efforts.

  116. aslam u alikum …. i am the student of 12 class and want to be the student of mbbs in umm al qura university to become a doctor. my mamo as my mahram already live in jadah and when i apply my father also come with me i have 80% marks in matric with medical so can i apply to this university?? and how i can apply?? i am from pakistan.

  117. Assalam alaikum.
    I am a student of Fsc in pre engineering in Pakistan. I want to study engineering in Makkah. is it possible?? If yes then tell me the procedures and merit.

  118. Asalaamu Alaykum

    Do you know anyting about the intisaab programme at Umm ul Qura? and the faculties that take part in it and is it open to non Saudis who are muqeem in Makkah?

    BarkaAllahu feekum

  119. Salaam,

    I’m having lots of trouble trying to contact Umm al Qura to ask about their application process. They don’t have much information on their site about how to actually go about applying, and their email address keeps saying that their email is full. Please can you give me contact details for them? Maybe Skype?

    I also want to know what the application deadlines are. Jazakallah khair.

  120. Asalam aleykum, I have two boys 8 and 11yrs, they are currently memorizing quran and I would like them
    to complete their memorization in makkah or madinah.please how do a poor family achieve that may Allah rectify your affairs

  121. sir, my name was on accepted list of session 2013-2014, but unfortunately i didn’t receive any acceptance letter from your side,,,kindly guide me. I am waiting my acceptance letter. Any hope???????????????

    • You did not receive an acceptance letter from us, because we did not accept you. We have no university to accept anyone into. Perhaps you should try contacting the university which you believe accepted you more than two years ago.

      • Sir, I am selected in ummul qurra university, my friend studied there he send me list of accepted student list, my name was also there,,, but still i did not receive acceptance letter. kindly tell me, I am much depress. I am from pakistan., Iwas acepted in 2013-2014.

  122. As Salam u Alaikum, What are the type of grades they are looking for in order for someone to get accepted? If have person has B and Cs would they still accept them?

  123. As salaamu alaykum, could you in sha allah tell us the deadline for submission for 2016/17? if you know.. PLEASE REPLY ASAP in sha allah
    Jazkumullahu khairan

  124. Salamu-alaykum. I really want to study Arabic and Islamic studies, and am above 23 due to lack of information, wallahi By Allah am worried over these each time I think of age limitations which is exactly what is depriving from acquiring this knowledge of Al_Islam.. Please I need your assistance to study Islam abroad insha Allah. Salamu-alaykum.

  125. As salaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh:I have to questions
    when is the application form open and when is it the deadline for submiision .i mean the actual date.
    the second question is
    I am a person who lives in Norway, I want to know how I can get recommondation (tazkiya.

  126. Hey
    I am currently residing in jeddah and I’m looking for my college options. I’ve heard ummul qura has no tuition fee but I’m a little doubtful. Can you guide me on a few things that I’d like to know. Firstly can non Arabs get an admission there in programs like architecture. Secondly are all the degree programs free, if not what Is the tuition fees per annum? Thirdly, is there any criteria for admission?

  127. I completed my BA Honors from Chittagong University at 2008 from Arabic dpt., may I eligible for admitted to Master’s program?

  128. Assalamualaikum wa rahmahtullah…I’m a Bangladeshi citizen.I have completed hon’s,master’s,mobile degree in Arabic.now I would like to enrich my arabic proficiency to acquire higher knowledge about islamic shariah..could you help me..??from your university?

  129. Assalamualykum wa rahmathullahi wa barakathuh

    May Allah increase your understanding and bless you.
    Can you please tell me what all courses are there in the ladies section of masjid ul nabawee……

  130. Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabra khatuhu
    My question is can a student who completed his secondary school in theirs country and now he’s living in Saudi Arabia, can he continues to study in this blessed school? that is ummal qura.
    May Allah guide you and assist you

  131. As Salamu-Alaikum
    With regards, i am seeking to study Medicine in Saudi Arabia at ummul qura. I have completed college in Britain. Do you know the grade requirements and the competition for medicine at this esteemed University.
    Walaykum salaam

  132. Asalaamwalakum,please can I be given detailed advice and best options what if near to. 35
    In. Age and want to do Islamic related stiudies and variouis aspects deen and what shouild people do who are example over 35 or over 40. 50 etc and want to do stiudies abroad inshaa Allaah and bi ithnillaah e.g. Saudi,and do they need to fund themselves.e.g.at universities or private stiudies. 2.what if people are well over Age limits and elder and non saudi alreadi in Saudi and working and want to do studies ?please do respond

  133. i want to edmissiom in college of medicin (kulliyatut tib) of {UQU} and i have done shariah course in my county. SO what i need to for edmission?

  134. Assalamu alaikum w rahmatullah !
    I want to edmission in college of aplied medical scidnce in umm alqura univercity,
    Is that possible to me as a non-saudian_____?
    (2) I just have done shariah course in my countary [musawi higher secondary]
    …..Do I need to do any course or diploma first…?
    pls. explain & keep me hopfull, may ALLAH bless youu !

  135. Assalaamualikkum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu….my daughter is studying in grade twelth at international indian school jubail…she wll finish her grade twelfth in the month of march.i want to whether i can her to umm al qura in makkah for her further studies in academics.can u pls send the criteria of percentage needed to apply n what wll b the annual fee? Is there any scholarship as i am a indian residing in jubail for 13yrs…pls rply to my question…too much worried go back to my country for my daughters higher studies…pls let me knw about medicine n engineering courses..she has taken physics,chemistry,math n biology as her subjects now…jakallahu khairan

  136. Am muslim from DRC CONGO ,, I am new muslim so I NEED TO KNOW MY RELIGION ISLAM ,, AM 22 years old,, please can help me.


  137. Assalamualium wr wb.
    After passing arabic program can a women study further in BA course with scholarship? And which courses she can enroll? Like CSE or Physics?

  138. Assalamu Alaykum………concerning the answers you gave above, I have a question which needs an immediate answer please…..
    Can I study in Umm Al-Qura without me understanding Arabic Language..

  139. Isn’t the mahram needed during the travel journey to Makkah?? or he is also supposed to be there till the completion of my studies from Umm-al Qurra??

  140. i have a question about mehram that i read in the question answer segment of website that mehram is only must during the journey and he can return back to home country..is this criteria is true?

  141. Assalam Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarkatuhu.
    I will appreciate if you can provide me the information for the admission of my daughter in islamic studies. She will be completing her 12th grade in March, 2017.
    from International Indian School, Jeddah. She is studying in the same school since 6 years. I am living in Jeddah since 33 years and working as an Architect.
    Your quick response will be appreciated. JazakAllah Khairan

  142. Assalaammu’alaikum…

    1. Is the graduate school of Islamic architecture are eligible for student outside Kingdom Saudi Arabia?

    2. when is the schedule of admission are open? (it because I don’t find any schedule for graduate admission)

  143. It’s means its impossible for me to get admission because my age is 24 since when I was 21 I was applying but they didn’t given any response even that my birth is from mamlaka saudia and Iam proud of that
    والله من ثلاثه سنوات اقدم بس ما ردو ولا شي

  144. Assalaamu alaikum. please do umm al qura university accept students with secondary school result? if yes please can you tell me the procedures and requirement?

  145. My name is moinuddin,I’m Indian ,I completed 4 semesters of B.A Arabic ,i would like to take admission in M.A after graduation, how can I take admission in Ummul-Qura university, plz signify me the easy way to admission ,

  146. Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
    I will be completing my high school in march 2017 from jeddah but my result will come in june or july.
    Also my certificate will come in august probably.
    I really wish to to study arabic and islam from Umm al Qura university and do not want to miss any chance.
    If I dont get admission this year I’ll have to study something else.
    Please tell me when do I apply. PLEASE…………

  147. Assalamu alaykum was rahmathullahi wa barkathahu,

    I’m from Bangalore India, Age is 23 as per records. I wish to study deep and gain much knowledge on Islam and to be perfect and to be among in right doers and to learn quran and arabic please help me if Allah wills insha allah.

  148. Assalamu alaikum
    My name is fathima and I am completing 12th now with 82% mark.I wish to do medicine with scholarship.what i want to do for that……


    PLEASE HELP ME ,,,,,,



  150. Please help to study Arabic language degree Madina islamic university while i’am Ethiopian Somali residents Ramadan karim

  151. ASSLAM O ALAIKUM I am from Pakistan I have a question that if a women have no Mahram then there is no other situation to get the admission in Ummah Al Qura…….please reply fast….

  152. Salam, I am from California, but I have learnt arabic since its my first language. I am 21, I have my cousins who live there. Do I have to apply with someone, also what are the admissions and tuition ?

  153. ASLAM O ALAIKUM I have a question that if a women have no Mahram then there is no other condition to get admission in Ummah Al Qura university?

  154. assalamualaikum
    i am from pakistan and i am in class 10 next year inshallah i will complete it.After its completetion i want to learn islamic studies and learning at umm al qura will be a great honour for me i am not studying in arabic institute and there are not arabic institutes yet so can i apply there.

  155. As Salaamu Alaikum,

    I wanted to study the deen but couldn’t because my family forced me to get a Bachelor’s in worldly education, so I am graduating now and I was very excited to be finally able to apply for Umm al Quran but now I found out that student over 23 aren’t accepted. I have lost my hope. I thought I will be able to go to Umm al Quran and continue my Islamic studies without the need of any support from family but that hope is lost. Can you suggest me some other university which has similar structure that they look after the student through the duration of Islamic studies?

    • Wa ‘alayk as-salaamu wa rahmatullaah. I’d recommend that at this stage, you use your qualifications to move to a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia, where you can earn a respectable living, and spend some of your free time attending the scholars’ classes. May Allaah give you success.

      • Jazak’Allahu Khairan for your response my brother. I will try my best but being a fresher it’s unrealistic that I’ll get a job in KSA, Allahu aalam. I have always wanted to move to KSA. Nothing feels better than being surrounded by Muslims good or bad it keeps Islam in check and this is the case specially with KSA. Please make dua for me akhi

    • The presence of a non-student mahram has to be documented at the time of the application. The university does not assist with this. They can only consider a brother or husband as possible students if they meet the requirements for application. Otherwise, a non-student mahram needs to already be established with legal residence in Saudi Arabia, and documentation of that is provided at the time of applying. For example, an uncle legally works and resides in Makkah, so he provides his documentation about his job.

  156. Assalamu Alaikum. Someome studying in Umm al qura told me that there are no dorms for females. I was just about to apply with my mahram

    • Walaikumusalaam wa rehmatullah, sister you should apply asap. All applications submitted now will be considered for next year and by then the university will have sorted out the housing issue. This should not deter you from applying and Allah SWT knows best.

  157. Assalam Alaikum.
    Please i need this answer please.
    For example if someone submitted his document online and he don’t have the money to flight to the the beloved country or process to submit the main photocopy documents, is it possible for him to get the admission?

  158. my husband and son working makkah.I want to enrol my daughter in law (22years) to ummul qura for Arabic language from sri lanka. give me eligibility and proceeding for Visa etc

  159. AsalamuAlaykum,

    For the people who applied this past year (it was around November time) when should we expect to hear back?

    Also, if anybody else did apply, lets make a whatsapp group! I’m dying to find out if I got in inshaAllah!

    (I’ll copy this message onto the Imam U page since I applied there too, so I’m not spamming)

  160. Assalamu alaikum..
    My biggest dream is to learn in ummul qura university but unfortunately now i got to know there’s a age limit that the applicant should not exceed 25 yrs but im 25 for this coming june 2018..so please tell me can i apply for it? Will they accept my application?
    Hoping for a good rep 4m u in sha allah!

  161. Assalamu alaykum, This is what My status application and Step Application shows In Arabic.‎حالة الطلب:مدخل.***** مرحلة الطلب:تمت جميع مراحيل الطلب”‏‎ ‎‏ ‏‎ Is That Means am accepted? And Pls Is there anyone who face what am Facing?? May Allah Granted Us admission In Ummul qura University am fron Nigeria.

  162. Assalamu Alaikum..I’m completing my graduation from a Public University in the dept. of Islamic Studies.So,i really dream to get an international scholarship and to study postgraduate further in abroad,specially in a Islamic Country so that i can maintain my religion easily & serve the whole Muslim Ummah.So,can i get any information or web link to apply for a postgraduate scholarship likely for me in your renowned University??It would be really helpful for me..Jazaak Allah Khayran.

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